Looking at the site, it looks like it's intended for packing an application into a single file, much like TCL could do. There's been other things to do the same as well. It virtualized the filesystem (and registry?), but it didn't claim to do anything to other API calls.

Reading the title I thought it would be running things in a disposable VM… alas, it doesn't look like this is it.

These seem to be a way to embed all files to one executeable binary.

Similar for Windows is https://github.com/sudachen/Molebox


- C/C++ has linker to link all to one binary

- CLI/webserver only https://github.com/jart/cosmopolitan like https://redbean.dev . Same exe works on many x64 OS like Windows/macOS/Linux/BSD, it embeds .zip file and can read/write to embedded .zip on the fly.

- AppImage https://appimage.org

- Tclkit https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/Tclkit , creator at http://kitcreator.rkeene.org/kitcreator

- Python Pop https://gitlab.com/saltstack/pop/pop

- Go has some code also to embed all to one binary, some is part of Buffalo web framework https://gobuffalo.io/en

-Godot Game engine https://godotengine.org can embed all to one executeable binary

Is there anything else similar, that embeds all to one executeable binary?

Is there any relation between this and Oracle's Virtual Box? Or is this more like a "light weight virtualization", like docker?
15 years ago we had Altiris SVS, which I believe did the same or very similar. Wonder whatever happened to that...