Great to see some playfulness and whimsy in this architecture. So many architects today only pursue minimalist grey boxes in everything they do.

It might be garish when it’s this bold, but I really wish a little more of this kind of thinking would make its way to western buildings

"His buildings are nicknamed cholets, a portmaneau of chalet (a Swiss mountain house) and cholo (derogatory slang for indigenous person)."

Just a small comment on the above paragraph from the article:

While in mexico the word "cholo" is used on a derogatory manner, in the andes (Peru and Bolivia) the word Cholo is used also as a pride term (like the N word can be used in the US) So people often claim "Cholo Power" for amazing endurance or Cholo Pink for a vivacious color on clothing or "100% Cholo" as a term of proud heritage.

In this particular case, I believe "Cholets" is used as a proud "originality" term.. but it certainly could be used as a demeaning term by the local equivalents of the infamous USA "Karen" type :)

It's creative and original. I like the style and would love to see these buildings in person. And if it kicks off a movement in the city, all the better for it. There's too much cookie cutter construction in the world. This colorful style seems like it would be right at home next to St. Basil's cathedral.
The Cartier Foundation for contemporary art had an exhibit on "geometric art" from South America some time ago, and there remains a 7-minute video (in French only, but the automatically-translated subtitles seem fine) on Youtube about Freddy Mamani, the architect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0odbR7FOZpU

Very beautiful images from these buildings.

I am a Peruvian Native. I think his designs are ok. They seem to be based on the Caporales dancer costumes and the typical Native garmets. If they have to be based on the traditional the buildings should be based on traditional architecture from Incan other Peruvian/Bolivian civilizations. And maybe, if possible, something that can be imagined by extrapolating what Incan/Other peruvian civs architecture would look like if the culture had been allowed to survive for another 500 years.
3962.4 metres
a lot of the interiors remind me of Super Mario 64 for some reason, I think it's all the pillars. Kind of like it but I think actually having to spend an entire day in it would be pretty taxing
I can't decide whether I love it or hate it.