> nullc is a C-like embeddable programming language with advanced features such as function overloading, operator overloading, class member functions and properties, automatic garbage collection, closures, coroutines, local functions, type inference, runtime type information, modules, list comprehension, enums, namespaces, generic functions and classes

Not exactly what I would call C-like in that it does a whole lot more. It is C-like in the way many popular languages are, that the syntax resembles C but that superficial similarity isn't really worth noting. It may be good marketing to get people to look at a new language though.

The README is mostly a changelog -- there is a "Language Reference" in the wiki: https://github.com/WheretIB/nullc/wiki/Language-Reference although it's still pretty terse and really just a catalog. Is there an introductory document anywhere?
> function overloading, operator overloading

I think Go took the right approach with calling those bugs to be avoided rather than features to be implemented.

Don't be clever. Be understandable to most readers.

I scanned the readme.md and found a few c++ style features listed in one of the earlier changsets. it would be helpful to have some kind of statement regarding the intent (i.e. c++ with less bloat, or novel type system, or whatever it is)
I'm curious how it implements GC but compiles to C source. Does it just emit the source for the entire VM as part of the output?
At the top of the first page of every “new language” link there should be some source code examples!
Garbage collection is the antithesisto C. Yuck! If you want to offer an operating system so do it
Not sure how I feel about this!
FYI: nullc is a long-time username of Gregory Maxwell (here on HN, on Reddit and elsewhere too).
Isn't this just a rebranded C++?
I always get curious about languages like this; but the only one that ever stuck with me was the Pike programming language (circa '94). Pawn seemed somewhat decent too.
Nitpick: break, return, import etc are statements, not expressions