There's a famous Pieter Bruegel painting from 1562 called "The Triumph of Death" that someone contrasted with a "typical scene in a US department store on Black Friday" here[1].

It might take a few seconds to tell apart the painting from the Black Friday store. ;-)

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The original painting[2] has a gem[3] in the corner of it (that's not visible in[1]): where death is wreaking havoc, and a pair of lovers, oblivious to it, are playing guitar and singing. In that frame, you'll see death also playing guitar right behind them, in a neat visual rhyme, implying that their fate is sealed too.

[1] https://www.devblog.no/sites/devblog.no/files/styles/800px_w...

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Triumph_of_Death

[3] You have to zoom into the lower right corner to see it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Triumph_of_Death#/media/Fi...

Having worked in the bowels of a major online retailers networking team during black Friday sales, I can say that a lot of the patterns you see in this UI are real. People do indeed get out of bed at ungodly hours of the morning to get two bucks knocked off a stereo.
Check out your console some easter eggs. Pretty cool!!!

Also that is a ton of data polled like every second. 68 deep array of objects. impressive would be cool to read about their backend

As everyone who ever worked in geo-based databases, I wasn't suprised at the dots at "Null Island" at 0°N 0°E. But funny nevertheless.
The bounding shape of Michigan is so fucked xD, https://elixi.re/i/mf4eb.png
Gosh I've really enjoyed using the Shop Pay checkout experience on an increasingly large number of ecommerce sites this past few months. It didn't really click until recently that this was all Shopify backed!

Makes me think it might not be too late to figure out a sensible valuation for NYSE:SHOP and invest.

Judging by the globe there's a similar amount of traffic in the west coast US as there is in UK, which is a bit odd considering its 0715 here in the UK right now. I didn't know my neighbors got up to shop so early.
Is the name "BFCM" a dark humor nod to the ICBM-like visualization?
This reminds me of the time I worked for an ecommerce firm, and one of our customers used the same backend for physical and online shopping. Systems went down due to some bug causing cpu load. People in the store couldnt pay for their goods. Many angry phone calls were had, whilst I frantically searched through the logs to find the bug.
Today is also Buy Nothing Day for those with different values.

Our mainstream culture generally says growing the GDP helps everyone, that "a rising tide lifts all boats." Some of us see the evidence pointing the other way and avoiding needless shopping helping people more.

The dashboard has a tracker for carbon removal. If shopify really wanted to do something about that they'd close shop for 4 days (BF-CM), that'll have a much bigger impact than compensating for shipping.
Never got an order confirmation email for an item I just bought. Not entirely surprised.
towels down 35%? are people dirtier since lockdown? xD

on serious note, pretty cool visualization!

No action in the Nordics, fascinating.
wow, now I want to see that for Amazon in real time globally!
Wait some people still have money to spend?
anyone know how that globe is made? which library ?
Slightly off topic but I am always surprised Shopify hasn't every created something akin to the amazon homepage that allows you to browse and find items at shopify stores more seamlessly.
As Retailer on Shopify I want to say:

It bugs me the Shopify engineering team are spending their time making gimmicks like this rather than improving their platform. (Which is lacking features, buggy and requires you to install about 15 different addons just to function…

When envrionmanetal alarmist cancel Black Friday?
This fills me with dread. The scale and glee with which we murder the planet is astonishing. We deserve everything that we get.
is it written in ruby?
This is a very clear illustration of the inequalities between the northern and southern hemisphere’s.
I'll never respect Shopify. I gave them my CV with decent experience and the recruiter never even spoke to me on the phone. They told me that I would need more of a social media presence or maybe open-source work. It was completely baffling but I'm glad I never encountered another company like them.
Perhaps this is off topic, but it's always strange to see writing thousands of kilometers. If we're gonna use the meric system let's commit to it: either write megameters or millions of meters.

It's a very cool visualization in any case.