Other ancient musicians: I have always been impressed by Sir Christopher Lee, who released his final metal album at age 91, and whose Christmas single Jingle Hell was a top-20 hit that year. But, as far as I know, he was not a child prodigy, having recorded his first at age 64. It inspires me that he added that new spice to his life at such a revered age, when so many are set in their ways at that age.


I was impressed by genius Pharoah Sanders, releasing the beautiful album "Promises" with Floating Points and The London Symphony Orchestra

81 years young :)


Reminds me of another Polish pianist (now past): Mieczysław Horszowski.

Horszowski, also a child prodigy, had his debut in Vienna in in 1902 at the age of 10. [1]

Horszowski's final performance took place in Philadelphia in October 1991 [age 99]. He died in that city a month before his 101st birthday. He gave his final lesson a week before his death. [2]


[1] Liner Notes: Horszowski- Mozart, Chopin, Schumann. Electra/Nonsuch E2 79202

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mieczys%C5%82aw_Horszowski

One old lady that I know is a pianist and also a piano teacher. Her playing, well into her 80's is still amazing, she still practices hours and hours per day and is remarkably spry and mentally sharp. She bikes everywhere and lives in an apartment without an elevator.

You'd almost think that music keeps you young when you see her and people like Mrs. Slenczynska. Of course that's pure survivor bias but at the same time you have to wonder, if you grow old with nothing to do that might affect your health.

> A Japanese master of <instrument> continues to practice for hours daily, at a very old age. When asked why he bothers, he answers: “I begin to hear some improvement”.
Watching the YouTube video in the article, I have to ask, does she hold the record for oldest video of a living person? That movie was taken 92 years ago...
> considered to be Rachmaninoff's last living pupil, often wearing a Faberge egg necklace that he gave to her.

Holy shit

Many musicians have extremely long careers. Yeah it really sucks at the beginning and the training is gruesome. but it feels like it all pays off through access to an infinitely rich landscape that touches the human soul across generations.

I doubt there are many dentists that are still practicing well past retirement age.

Could she be the performer with the longest (musical) career in human history so far, 93 years if she started at 4?
Recently I found the (Udo Dirkschneider born 1952) singer of former heavy metal band "Accept" with his current band UDO made a joined album together with the Bundeswehr Musikkorps - the Herman army orchestra. It's one of my favorites now, kudos to the army orchestra for experimenting like this and for Udo to still be active and even on tour at 70.



Gems like this are why I read HackerNews. Ms. Slenczynska really gets going there at the 55 second mark (in the second video on the page, Opus 110). As a middle aged former child prodigy myself with my septuagenerian genius mathematician father, we watched the 25 minute video of her recital together on my MBAir here at the breakfast table...just amazing.

Happy MLK day!

She's been at both ends of the achievement spectrum eh? Preternatural ability just out of toddlerhood, and still doing it well into ripe old age. Her love of playing is special because playing the piano never went away from her. It's been there all her life, it's always there for her and she will never have to grieve its loss.
Wow, her father was a genuine psychopath.
I’m not sure if I ever met a successful adult who also happened to be a child prodigy growing up.