The satellite imagery is incredible -- you can see atmospheric waves traveling hundreds of kilometers:

https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/goes/sector_band.php?sat=G1... (GOES-West)


https://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/ramsdis/online/loop.asp?dat... (Himawari-8)


Edited comment: originally linked to the wrong satellite imagery (from a separate eruption several hours ago). The discussion in this link is still informative, but not current:


FYI there is a tsunami advisory for the entire west coast at this point: https://tsunami.gov/ (specifically at [1], but tsunami.gov will contain the latest).

Expected arrival times in California (Pacific Time):

     * California
    Fort Bragg       0735  PST Jan 15
    Monterey         0735  PST Jan 15
    Port San Luis    0740  PST Jan 15
    Santa Barbara    0745  PST Jan 15
    La Jolla         0750  PST Jan 15
    Los Angeles Harb 0750  PST Jan 15
    Newport Beach    0755  PST Jan 15
    Oceanside        0755  PST Jan 15
    Crescent City    0800  PST Jan 15
    San Francisco    0810  PST Jan 15
1 = https://tsunami.gov/events/PAAQ/2022/01/15/r5qho6/3/WEAK51/W...
Here in Vanuatu we could also hear it. On facebook people from all the islands are talking about it and were trying to figure out if it was one of our own island volcanoes that erupted.
Does anyone with knowledge about volcanoes have context on how big this is? Clearly not small, but is this a once-in-a-decade or a once-in-a-lifetime size explosion? Are there any well-known eruptions to compare it to (e.g. Mount St. Helens)?
Not sure someone else shared this , but this looks scary


Man. This has got to count as the largest explosion on earth within any of our lifetimes. Anyone got a figure on how much pulverized rock would have been displaced into the atmosphere had this taken place on dry land? How long a nuclear winter we'd be in for? Or how this compares to Krakatoa? From the imagery it seems orders of magnitude larger as a single explosion than all the nuclear weapons we ever detonated combined. That shock wave goes over Tonga within the first couple frames.
My watch was able to pick up the pressure wave in Switzerland, on the other side of the earth. It's the little spike around 25% from the left. I wouldn't have believed it but the magnitude, timing and shape line up with what others have reported from stationary barometers on twitter.


I actually quite like the "zoomed-out" version, it really shows the scale of the event. Look at the bottom right quadrant of this video:


Big thanks to earth2day again!

Wikipedia's article on the topic should be a good onging / updated summary of the event:


I saw a thread on Twitter regarding the expected pressure spike that should be happening shortly in Southern Algeria as the pressure waves converge from opposite directions at the antipode of the volcano. Thought that was pretty interesting.
US Stormwatch has an incredible shot of the eruption- the largest ever captured by satellite: https://twitter.com/US_Stormwatch/status/1482229220415721475
Is there any website tracking how long the sound would take to reach various locations? I’m guessing I might be able to hear a gentle rumble in SF

Edit: some Googling tells me it's about 5300 miles from SF to this volcano. At 767mph, that's 6 hours and 54 minutes. The volcano erupted at 8:26pm Pacific, meaning at around 3:20am Pacific time the sound should reach SF.

You know it's bad when the tide gauge data stops suddenly. :/


Shockwave as seen from York, UK (both directions).


Thread collecting other amateur observations.


Seems my indoor Netatmo module also caught it - https://imgur.com/a/CNFvOco

Really, unbelievably cool satellite images. I don't know much about satellite imagery, is Himawari-8 always pointed to that area in the Pacific, or did we expect it to explode and was purposefully pointed towards the island?

Here's what I honestly worry about: queue the conspiracies, "New islands don't just explode like that! That's the Fauci-Gates COVID-5G nuclear testing site sheeple!"

...cause Krakatoa definitely never happened.

Recording of a (very loud) blast hitting Tonga, it says


Taumoefolau: tsunami landing video


Along southern Alaska, the shockwaves were audible a few hours ago. I slept through it, but my feed has people complaining of having been woken up. Our local subreddits have posts from people being confused about potential thunder or military exercises. It is incredible to think of the energy involved in these events.
Getting crazy tides sloshing in and out of the marina every couple minutes here on Oahu.
Amazing satellite crop here:


Top middle - eruption Left middle - cyclone Cody Bottom left - New Zealand 2000km/1200miles away

I live on a boat in Southern CA. Can someone here help me quantify how concerned I should be about this?
From https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/37334713/heres-the-diffe...

"Tsunami Advisory Alert color: Orange

When a Tsunami Advisory is posted, tsunami conditions in or near the water are expected. Under an advisory, strong ocean currents and/or waves with the potential to cause coastal damage are expected.

The public should stay out of the water and away from beaches and coastlines."

>Incredible footage has emerged of the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano erupting sending ash, steam and gas 20 kilometres into the air.


This short video from Independent is incredible as well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu8V_WADjCw

Edit: Shame, it's from the day before. Still interesting, so leaving it here.

> A tsunami advisory is in effect Saturday morning for the West Coast, including coastal California and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, after a large underwater volcanic eruption near the Tonga Islands Friday night.

The National Weather Service said peak waves of one to two feet are possible from the event.

[from sfgate] https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sfgate.com/bayarea/amp/Tsun...

Just in case anyone with family in sf was wondering.

the google maps location, incase anyone was curious:


I could hear these large thuds all the way from the top of the south island, NZ, in the hills and at around the same time others were reporting it. Definitely heard like 20+ of these sounds, just assumed it was some anti-pest thing going off at random intervals but it was pine forest so doubt it was that.
Normally Tsunami algorithms start calculating/warning when there is M7 or higher. As an "airquake" the registered magnitude is negligible.
Crap, I hope people are safe :(
Does Larry still live there?
Are there similar satellite imagery for the probably much bigger explosion that was krakatoa?? If no why..
https://mobile.twitter.com/FirstName__Last/status/1482259505... I am no expert but this looks huge, perhaps something the size of the Krakatoa eruption. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1883_eruption_of_Krakatoa