Boothbay is a nice area as well. When the Boothbay Harbor's beach gets too crowded, The nearby Pemaquid Point Lighthouse has a good park and pocket beach. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay are also nearby.

We've visited that area a few times since we moved to Maine.

The person the Steller's sea eagle is named for, Georg Wilhelm Steller [1], has quite the list of things named after him.

He's in the common name of several animals: Steller's eider, jay, sea eagle, sea cow, and sculpin.

He's also in the scientific name of some animals and plants: Crytopchiton stelleri, Artemisia stelleriana, and Stellera chamaejasme.

In addition to living things, there is also a mineral, Stellerite, named after him.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Wilhelm_Steller

The National Aviary in Pittsburgh actually lost one of these over the summer. It escaped its enclosure and was flying around the city for about a week.
The poor guy is lost on the wrong side of the planet.
Waiting for the inevitable Audubon society article on it
I'm in no way a "birder" nor nature enthusiast, but I'm always deeply fascinated by the size and lethality of these birds of prey. Death from above in the purest form.