I received mine recently, and I’ve been consistently impressed at both the build quality and overall attention to detail. I know many Kickstarter projects (and hardware startups in general) end up aggressively compromising on features and construction to meet deadlines and cut down on BOM costs, so I was very pleased to see no evidence of that with the Flipper Zero. It’s one of those products where you can immediately tell that a very passionate team invested a ton of time and took special care with the engineering and design process.
Been loving mine. Cloned my work and local makerspace ID cards, can control all my IR devices and even read the rfid chip I got in my hand.

Here is a collection of some of the bigger projects being built for it. https://github.com/djsime1/awesome-flipperzero

Well, those projects they showed really make me want to buy one even though I have no real use case for it. Seems like it'd be fun for hack projects or pen testing RF devices. In a more meta sense, I really like this new trend of gadgets with a personality, so to speak - makes me think of that game console the "playdate".
I've never wanted something so badly that I didn't even know existed until 5 minutes ago.
It's a very cool device. You can do everything they show off with other tools, somethings like cloning cards can be done with cheap $30 cloners from China. However there are few tools that allow you to do ALL the different sub-ghz for relatively cheap, and in a very user friendly package. Closest I know of is HackRF Portapack... and that's well into $500 - but also for different target tooling.
Is there ANY way to detect the presence of one of these devices, OR the use of a device when a tag ID is scanned?

The reason that I ask, is that I was on the design team for lockheed when we were selling RFID tags for shipping containers at a shitload per pop... (123 and 433 mhz)

and I brought up we had zero auth on any of our systems... and was just told to not speak about it.

Poked around the start guide and the site but couldn't find much about what the Flipper Zero does.
Can these clone passive RFID dongles? My building uses them and they charge $60 for a copy. Not needing to buy a copy from my building would almost cover the cost of this device.
It seems that every day we are getting closer and closer to a 'tricorder'. I used to laugh at fictional devices that could detect/emit any frequency and communicate with anything. Not laughing now.

Pair something like this with a smartphone(specially those with ML cores) and things could get... interesting.

I ordered two, and thy work great. However, note that they are not water resistant.

I took one out with a simple spill, and I now cover the ports on the working one with electrical tape. I use a usbc dust plug for the charging port.

I admit to mostly having bought mine to have an Amiibo emulator with a screen and a menu that I can pick things from, and it performs this function admirably. I tried to use it to clone a hotel room key but its emulation was unsuccessful at unlocking the door. There is a LOT of functionality available in the hardware that isn't yet fully exploited by the firmware, and development is proceeding at a rapid clip, so I expect the device to only get more interesting as time goes on.
One thing I'd love to do with this, but which I don't think is possible - clone my car key. My family has two cars and I just wish I could have one device that is able to unlock & start both of them so that I don't have to carry two bulky dongles on my keychain.
What a totally fascinating little device. Feels like this should be part of any embedded engineers toolbox.
Bought Flipper Zero for the entire security team for R&D. Good investment and also fun!
Not something I'd ever buy that I'm glad it exists. It's just so charming.

They even went the extra mile to use Qt for the client instead of Electron.

It takes a MICRO SD card! The documentation just says "SD Card" - don't buy the wrong one like I did lol
Who made your website. love it. Please let me know.. I want to hire the person/company.
I found this interesting - https://hackaday.io/project/170875/logs I hadn't realised that they initially prototyped with the pi zero.

It looks like the CC1101 supports quite a few modulation schemes, kind of curious though if you could build an SDR with a similar form factor to target things like lora too

Is there any hope that it will be available anytime soon?
You can make a very limited clone using the st25r3916 mikrobus click board and a sparkfun rp2040 carrier

Not the same but actually available to buy. Same NFC chip, no ui, no sub ghz sdr chip.

Very cool. Good luck with it.

I'll get one, but I'll wait for the dust to settle. My "early adopter" days are few, and carefully managed.

It's all fun and games until you shot your eye out.

I'm beginning to think all of our rf cards are insecure.

Have had one for about a month to fool around with. Very well designed product (both hardware and software-wise) that lives up to the hype. Haven't really had time to do more than scratch the surface of what it's capable of so far.
I've looked through the blog posts, and I don't see which contract manufacturers they are using. Anyone know who they use for the plastic molds?

It would be nice to know the pros and cons of the CMs people are using.

I've always wanted one of these kicking around. Just yesterday I realized I need to update my cats RFID tag and I could use a copy of a apartment key.
What’s a flipper zero?
People are flipping these things on ebay for $400+. lol

I think I'll wait for the second batch, but dang it, I want one.

First time I hear about this, and it looks really interesting. Subscribed to the waiting list!
I understand you can clone rfid security tags and nfc payment cards with this? Is it legal?
Oh neat I'll check it.... LOL $170 F that.

I still can't figure out WTF it It. Lotta hipster hype and brogrammer-speak.

Okay it's a little pwnigotchi or whatever that thing was called, except expensive. You can get little SDR kits that can do 90% of what this thing does for $50.

Looks polished, but way overpriced.

Out of stock :-( anyone know when they are suspected to be replenished?
The documentation and art for this project are unreal.
I’d have thought that using the name Flipper along with the image of a dolphin would be legally protected by the owners of the TV series
congrats Flipper Zero team!

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This seems gamechanging
Neat device
I know this is nitpicky but the logo on your blog should be linked to your home page, not back to the blog.

The purpose of the blog is to promote your company/product.

When I visit your blog, I am now curious about what your product/service is. I expect to be able to click on the logo and find out about your company/product/service.

Linking the logo back to the blog itself is a missed opportunity to increase sales/marketing.

I'm curious about your product, but at first my curiosity is very low - I am willing to spend enough effort to click on the logo, but I am probably not curious enough to then go hunting to find your home page after the link sends me back to the blog.

A potential customer being willing to click one link on your site has significant value - don't squander it.

Okay, let's talk about the Russian connection. I don't actually know that much, so I'm hoping someone here can shine some light. Back when this thing came up for crowdfunding, it felt like a good time to get a toy that was engineered in Russia, made in China, sold everywhere. Now it feels like less of a good idea.

I'm not well equipped to sandbox the PC app and watch its behavior or whatever (and I have no reason to suspect the dev is personally a bad guy), but even something as simple as the shipping list of everyone who bought this, is basically a who's-who of security researchers the world over. Since we've already seen attacks that tried to compromise security researchers, I figure this isn't hypothetical anymore. It was North Korea last time:



The dolphin reminds me of the one from that movie with Keanu where they are constantly doing a bunch of cheesy mind hacking!