It’s absolutely incredible that such a critical piece of infrastructure has to make such an announcement. Many companies that depend on Curl would spend $12K on a new rug for the office.
I couldn't support this more. Daniel has done a fantastic job and if the project has money it should pay for yhd hosting and admin.

I would say that as any small "business" matures it should start paying for all the stuff that others are paying (directly or indirectly).

Apart from anything else it encourages long-term sustainability that outlast individuals.

They should get whatever they ask for. There isn't a workday where I don't think to myself Man, we'd be so screwed if curl didn't exist. It runs more business than Excel. If there ever was a Log4j style CVE in curl I'd just become a fisherman or a blacksmith.
Their hosting and mailing lists appear to be donated, so is the $12K just for labor?