"Pay to have no ads" always seems great from a consumer perspective, but terrible from the ad buyer perspective. The people who would buy google premium are the people ad buyers most want to advertise to.

Widget Salesman: "I'd like to buy some ads for my widgets"

Google: "Cool. Some users won't see them."

Widget Salesman: "Which ones?"

Google: "Only the most-engaged ones with the most money."

Widget Salesman: "..."

Too expensive. Google makes, on average, smtg like $50/user/year or something (not an accurate number). Now obviously this varies, so some people are much more valuable, and some are less valuable. The value depends on many things, but one of the biggest factor is purchasing power.

Now -- if you're willing and able to pay eg. $10/month for Google Premium, then you likely worth much more than the average user. So the more you're willing to pay the more you worth as an advertisement target. I am not sure where those curves meet, but I presume it'd be a lot.

I'd rather have the ability to buy a Google Bond for $X that Google must return to me in the event they lock or terminate my account. That way, if their algorithmic classifiers on a whim decide that I'm a bad person and they should lock my account, Google would have a financial incentive to invest up to $X verify that I wasn't the victim of a false positive before pulling the rug out from under me.
Google has a custom search API that comes in two flavors — ad-supported or $5/thousand queries (beyond 100 free queries a day). You can either use their Search Element API (HTML, comes with standard Google Search UI, customizable) or build your own UI with the JSON API.

Obviously you’re talking about a consumer offering, but I just want to point out that paid, ad-free Google Search does exist and is pretty easy to set up.


My ad experience has changed dramatically after I leaned into multiple browser personas. In personal persona, I hate ads with passion and do everything to get rid of them (browser extensions, premium membership, etc). I value my personal time and the ads are totally useless.

In work persona, I suddenly have found ads are actually useful. Often find myself choosing to spend 30 seconds watching a YouTube ad because it is relevant to topics I need to be aware of as a CTO. It's clear my daily browsing history influences the ads I am seeing, and I see useful information. Been looking into SIEM tools lately, and via an ad I was just made aware of some data center appliances for security. I clicked to their website and browsed a while to learn what was available. When you have some real challenges to solve and the targeting is on point, ads can be a great news feed.

Clearly segmenting my browser history into one persona where I am actively looking for solutions vs my personal persona where I want to be left alone helped the feeds target me.

Still, surreal feeling to intentionally choose to watch an ad...

Google has tried this multiple times with Contributor. They tested a few different models but it never seemed to gain any traction.


Because if google offered it, people that are worried about tracking like myself wouldn't buy it.

Indeed, it would require a google account, and one that is always connected. Basically giving full view of my private life to google and trust that no matter how bad their track record is, from now on they are going to respect it.

I don't trust them to give them that data, and even if I did, I don't trust a gov won't abuse it eventually or something else down the line.

Hence I'd rather not have a google account, and use ad blockers so that the data is just not communicated to them. It should be a constitutional right to do so.

So many Google engineers have asked this question and run into the same answer: the org chart prevents real action towards unifying services across Alphabet’s holdings. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, but in many cases I would expect regulatory compliance in local areas to trump other kinds of safety concerns.

Note: I am a Xoogler and was far more concerned about the state of the organization in early 2016 than in any year since I was “hired” as an L3 Engineer in Network Software Engineering and Testing in Google’s Cloud division. While I do not expect that to mean anything, it does mean that politics and workplace safety matter more to me than most people. Google paid me less in total compensation over that time than anywhere else I have worked internationally. Alphabet Women decided to walk out separate from issues with Maven, Dragonfly, TCP, BBR, BBRv2, Stadia, and other “magic” features that clearly risked lives long before Waymo admitted that even DeepMind can’t “solve” self-diving cars any better than ReCaptcha’s success rate.

Because paying customers expect some modicum of support, and Google HATES providing support.
Well there is Kagi[0], a 'Premium search engine where everything on the page matters'

Haven't tried it, but it looks promising.

[0] https://kagi.com/

The people who would pay for premium are also the among the most desireable targets for ads because they have disposable income.
I'd pay for this, if it also applied to other google products. In particular, google maps has become unpleasant to use lately, with a lot of extra stuff drawn on top of the actual map. I've switched to apple maps, for this reason. I wonder how many others have done the same.
Because ads on Google Search are among the least intrusive/offensive, and most frequently relevant, ads in the entire advertising space, and most people using it aren't bothered by it. It won't make relevant revenue; it will in some degree harm their real customers; it's a distraction serving no purpose.
Because there would be much less demand. Scrolling past goog ads takes 1 mouse scroll. Skipping YT ads can take 30 seconds

Some Goog ads are also very useful since it’s intent based.

Undermines the psychological warfare google is waging to make a normal part of life IMHO, it would be tacit acknowledgment that search ads and widespread data collection are a messed up business model. Youtube ads are different to them bc they interrupt directly and are much more of a clear "nuisance" in an entertainment product
Heh, I’d Pay to get better search results like google was a couple of years ago. Maybe a like/dislike button for search results and some machine learning on top of that would do it.
Because it's class-ism. Any service that becomes essential to online functionality should be regulated to prevent that kind of opportunistic profiteering in my opinion.

Most of these companies already profit off of the ad revenue, then they turn around and want to tax people to opt out of increasingly obstructive and unbearable ads?

Asking if you can pay an already very profitable company to end their manipulation of you is rewarding bad behavior. Too many companies are hobbling their standard services as a cover for extra pocket change annually.

Ask yourself why standard gmail has been only trending towards reduced functionality and more ads every year without innovating useful new features? Because now they know it is profitable to hobble an essential and usually stable service, they are working to slowly convert it from a (previously promised) free service into a monthly fee-based service now that literally billions of people can't live without identity management integrated into it.

This trend in software-based services is upsetting in many ways people don't realize until it's too late... Netflix pushing ads on paying customers (as another example).

This is hackernews, is installing uBlock Origin not the first thing everyone does when they set up a browser?
Are you aware of Neeva? https://neeva.com/

I’ve tried it on a couple of demo searches, and the results seem good.

People love to say they’d pay for something until they have the opportunity to pay for it. Then the interest in paying suddenly dries up.
I think removing ads from Google Search is pointless for most users.

However, giving extra search features for paying costumers might work.

E.g. letting you write complex queries or using operator like AROUND or page types (e.g. querying "3d printing pagetype:academic" or "3d printing pagetype:tutorial") or all the other query features that they deprecated over the years (see https://ahrefs.com/blog/google-advanced-search-operators/) or reverse citations (e.g. querying "cites:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_Thing" and getting all pages that link to Crazy Thing on Wikipedia)

YouTube ads are way more disruptive because they have to interrupt the video you are playing for at least a few seconds.
Brave IS Google Premium. Sadly they tied it to crypto and made a mess of the payment / payout mechanism, but the product is live and works. Likely Google has noted Brave's uptake and is in no hurry to compete. I'd pay for Chrome Premium as I do for YT premium.
Kagi.com is my nee search engine of choice for this among other reasons
You might want to try Neeva - it’s exactly this idea and I believe started by a few x googlers… trying it out seems pretty good so far…
I'd pay for google premium, but since that's not offered I use ad blockers. Just like I used to torrent before streaming services came up.
Because 90% of people don't even know it exists despite Google flashing it in their face every now and then inside the YouTube's app. And the second thing is like other people said the price; $10 a month is just too much for the moderate income people taking in consideration they have other subscription/s plus costs of living are rising without signs of stopping.
It's about target platform and time spent.

Youtube Premium is a perfect proposition for an easy ad free streaming to TV and to mobile. On Desktop browser adblock extension is efficient enough to cut out the ads.

Google search on the other hand is primarily for desktop and is not a streaming platform that consumes your attention minutes, hence Google Premium has little market with effective adblockers.

Google has zero support even for paying users, so if you got locked out of your account, you're f*cked without recourse.
No one would pay for it. Why pay for somthing that uBlock Origin can give you for free?
One could be offered the opportunity to bid for ad slots on your own search results -- that way you would know that someone was paying oodles for your eyes....

I doubt there would be much of a market, especially when ad-blockers exist.

Because you will end up with no-result for mostly any search input, except of few situations when you are searching something like "hackernews" on input and getting "news.ycombinator.com" on output.
I guess Google don't want this. In the last years Google has been hiding ads making them looking like the normal results [1]. From an advertiser perspective, you want to have your ad as the best result for a search, "lying" to users to use your website or product because is the best for what you're looking for.

I think this is different with Youtube. I see those ads like TV ones. Everyone know it's an ad, so the advertiser has to use their ability to catch the costumer.

[1] - https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2020/1/23/21078343/google-ad-d...

This won't solve your issues imo. Go to almost any ad laden site. There is generally at most one ad by Google per page and 50 ads by other providers
On YouTube, the ads block the entire experience until they're done. Search ads are relatively unintrusive, even if some users take offence.
This would only make it even more obvious that all Google search results for anything that can be sold are advertisements at this point.
Because Google can sell you for a lot more money than you’d be willing to pay
Just install Adblock: ublock origin

And if you can't on your iPhone, get a better phone

Just my opinion/suspicion:

Google doesn’t want to give up its current model of operation. Google as a corporation likes being able to surveil the Earth. Google likes being able to control information. Google likes being (essentially) part of the US state department.

Because your data is more valuable than your money.
Would be too expensive
Adblock works wonders. I never see Google ads.
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Maybe they're hoping to find better ways to leverage your private information in the future.
You can buy queries tho.
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