Very useful and powerful technology. By using Landsat images you can even detect water leakages from buried water pipelines [1],[2]. Processing the satellites images with advanced techniques like AI can also reveal something that oblivious from the plain sight [1],[3].

[1]Satellite Leak detection:

[2]Leak Detection from the Buried Water Transmission Pipeline Using Landsat 8 Satellite Images:

[3]The powerful technologies making your future (better):

To me the most impressive detail about Landsat is that, on the first one, the main camera failed, predictably, and all its results came from a sort of "back-up" camera whose creator had to fight tooth and nail to get lofted.
That the USA essentially gives out free remote sensing data to the entire globe, is actually incredible.

Even with landsat as free competition, the cost of remote sensing data is exceptionally high.

Wow that article is about what my dad did at Purdue in the 1970s!