>Reportedly, one big reason used GPU prices are tanking is because crypto miners are flooding the market with cards that are no longer profitable due to the ongoing crypto crash, where the total market cap of all crypto assets has fallen by two-thirds since its peak of $3 trillion last November. (Miners have been switching away from GPUs for some time, though.)

What to do with all that computing power now. I guess AI.

Not mentioned in the article: Ethereum will be transitioning to proof of stake in the next few months and the large majority of GPU-based mining will go away entirely. Probably will be some great deals on video cards later this year.
If anyone does buy a mining-used 3060 or something I would strongly recommend learning how to re-paste the thermal interface between the heatsink and the chips mounted on the PCB. Some good youtube examples out there for people who've never done it before.

a decent syringe of heatsink paste is $7 on newegg or amazon

For over a month the local microcenter has had hundreds of RTX 3xxx series GPUs, and that's just from the public numbers, which are capped at quantity 25.

Nobody is buying these cards. One, inflation. Two, everyone who really wanted them already bought. Three, people have realized that they can just be careful about graphics quality settings and save themselves hundreds of dollars.

The newer cards are a shitty deal, frankly, at the low end. A new 3060 retail costs twice as much as a used 1070 ti that will perform nearly identically, even have nearly the same power draw (you really have to hand it to NVIDIA to have nearly the same performance per watt with a half decade spread.)

Is DLSS nice? Yeah. Is RTX pretty? Yeah. Is it twice the cost nice/pretty? Nope?

NVIDIA is going to have to trickle the 4000 series cards out so slowly if they want to have any hope of not severely boning their resellers. My guess is that we'll see 4080's first to get the whales, then 4090's to get the whales again...and then the lower cards announced but released from storage in very, very small quantities.

Just looked at prices in Germany... 3090ti is still more than 2k euros, same for Czech Republic (seen one for about 2700 eur few days ago), or Slovakia, very similar in France. So, no - I don't really see prices getting normal. Where are they? How can I get a new 3090ti for 1400 euros in Europe?
The GPU shortage is at the initial stages of being over, largely due to multiple facets of the cryptomining implosion that are right around the corner.

I still can't yet walk into a Best Buy or local electronics store and get one off the shelf, and online prices are still jacked above MSRP.

We'll see real action 6 months to a year from now.

Last time used mining cards were selling at 20-30% of msrp so just wait till prices go down to the bottom. Pandemic is over, nobody wants/can play games instead of life anymore.
Cards need to be $500 at the top end. That's when the real shortage is over.
Most of the comments seem focused on the risks of used GPUs.

I’m just loving buying an FE at Best Buy for MSRP.

The shortage is over, but the prices are still not justifiable. Why would anyone pay MSRP for how old these cards are with new product lines being announced this month?


Lets not forgot, its bad news for the Card Manuafacturers if consumers decide to buy the flood of used cards on the market and not new ones. Its really not in their interest for us to be buying them at all.
Nature is healing.
I'm not too worried about any "wear" a used card might have. Any used models I should look into buying? Or is it just recent AMD or Nvidia with lots of ram?
GPU prices, lumber prices, retail surplus and discounts are all indicators that the supply chain disruption contributions to inflation are coming to an end.
Let Nvidia and AMD stockpile these overpriced cards with the "ray tracing premium". Even the MSRPs are not justified
Wonderful, so soon I can finally find a new budget GPU that won’t be more expensive than my aging RX 470 (6 years in use now) that turns on the turbines to run Civ V on WQHD :D
I don't think I'd buy a card just yet, unless I could be confident it was new. Don't want to risk buying a card that is already clapped out from mining non stop.
Imagine someone comes with a new dumb idea. Like, let’s run DL on GPUs to generate some unique cool NFTs that could make you rich overnight. Just need to find morons who’d buy it. I don’t think there’s going to be a shortage of those though.
Just looked up the card I bought a year ago. Same price everywhere
Hardly. Fed is about to pump the market again.
What about buying a PS/5 without having to do nonsense?
Now the question is 3090 or 4090
I can buy a graphics cards = The CPU shortage is over.