"But wait… How do I know all that? That’s because Radxa did the right thing and publicly announced the issue on its forum, apologized to its users, and offered resolutions we’ll discuss below."

That's because they're selling to a market where knowledgeable people talk to each other. If they hadn't done that, they would have been faced with "Radxa products unreliable, not recommended". Since what they're selling is basically a me-too product, that could have killed them.

The QC test was bad...

A QC test should at least test every component on the board - including passive resistors. That lets it test for bad solder joints, DOA components, etc.

Clearly their test could pass if a bunch of components were missing. That's their main mistake.

The article is missing some clarifying words.

> Those are not pin-to-pin compatible chips, and two circuitry were made for the board requiring two BoMs as it’s not just possible to only replace IP2315 by CH224D [WITHOUT BUILDING THE WHOLE BOARD TO THE APPROPRIATE BOM].

Either chip would have worked if built to the correct BOM. But instead they used a BOM for one chip and placed the other chip, causing complete non-functioning for anything over 5V.

Yea. Be clear about your build and assembly process.

The title is misleading, and the blog conclusion is too:

"While there have been some mistakes along the way and lessons learned, this particular mass production mishap would not have happened without the current supply shortage that increased the complexity of the design, sourcing, and manufacturing."

This were internal communication errors on multiple counts, and those shortfalls had nothing to do with supply shortages. Internal communication didn't ensure QA knew what to test, and that a part manager knew what to order/source.

It doesn't matter why the board was designed the way it was, many boards are way more complex than the board in question! Many boards also have multiple revisions, and changes, through their lives.

Board complexity did not cause the issue here, communication issues did.

This just makes me more likely to buy their product.