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I use GoJira for this (https://github.com/go-jira/jira) and I'm mostly happy with it.

Gojira is the original name of Godzilla and the name of a heavy metal band so I always have to include "github" when I search for it.

Looks great, but do peoples IT security policy’s actually let you use tools like this? Unofficial clients for things like Jira and Slack are basically banned for me. I can sorta see why, realistically I’m not gonna audit this and see if it’s going to slurp all my Jiras when I’m not looking.
A great interface to Jira (one can dream) would be a few folders representing backlog, sprint and maybe some other views.

Each task is a yaml file and hooked up to your text editor is a language server that can talk to Jira and do autocomplete against @username, Jira ticket ids, etc.

Sync on save.

I’m sure there’ll be all sorts of problems I haven’t forseen, but one can dream of editing task as quickly as editing your personal markdown notes.

JiraCLI's functionality is limited right now because of limitations in the code. If you're a Go programmer and use Jira a lot, please consider donating your time to help clean it up. I had to write a patch to be able to query items in multiple projects (and I don't even know Go! :-)
Worth mentioning that Emacs has org-jira if you want text mode jira.


I've been happily using the Jira Assistant browser extension [0] to try to work around the myriad and manifest shortcomings of Jira. It addresses some of them (such as information density on the screen, much more customisable reports).

As others in this thread have alluded to -- corporate security policies can, right or wrong, bring down the banhammer on these types of tools, which can be doubleplusfrustrating given the native features are so user-hostile.

[0] https://github.com/shridhar-tl/jira-assistant

Nice, can this be connected with Bitbucket from Atlassian? I think that would be the real killer feature bc you could automate the clean up and managing of branches based on the state of a story, bug, task in Jira.
This brings back some memories. Long ago worked at BIGCORP which utilised JIRA for everything, including time logging in non-revenue generating teams. It was a time consuming activity everyone had to suffer. We spent around 30mins at the end of each day doing this, most of that time spent on selecting the right drop-downs.

It was some PTSD inducing work and I couldn't put up with it any longer so I wrote a CLI utility in python where I'd track my work throughout the day, a simple one-liner of the work I did with some hashtags for routing to the right project/client. At the end of the day I would "process" my entries by typing one command which ran chrome+selenium automation to do the work for me. [edit] From memory, API use wasn't allowed which is why I had to take this route - it was also a great conversation starter for anyone passing by while it ran.

I saved a tonne of time and aggravation, others noticed, so I set them up with the same. A nice byproduct of this: all the entries were also kept in a local sqlite database which allowed you to quickly search and find answers for follow-ups without touching JIRA, all with a few characters in the terminal.

Does this work with Jira cloud version or the on-prem one? Unfortunately there is a split set of features and thus different APIs for Atlassian products.
Interesting, I've been working on the same thing (with the same name)! Since I developed it at work, I had been waiting on corporate approval to open source it.

Edit: I wanted to say I definitely gained some inspiration by looking at yours.

I wan't happy with any of the existing tools so I started writing my own using https://github.com/andygrunwald/go-jira

JiraCLI seems to spend most of its code budget translating in between CLI args and JQL; that's the easy part.

Because every org uses Jira differently, it seems hard to write a generic tool that works well with your org.

I originally created a gist with a bunch of curl commands that were difficult to figure out due to poor documentation. So it’s good to see someone creating a cli.

My original curl commands: https://gist.github.com/TheMightyLlama/9427202

It would be nice if someone would pick up development on “Client for Jira”: https://almworks.com/jiraclient/overview.html
Nice! Does it work with Tempo?
JIRA one-liners I understand (e.g. `jira close issue ABC-123`).

A TUI always feels like terminal fetishism to me.

This redraws the entire screen when you do `jira issue list` - it's flickering so badly!
I see partial windows support, is that just running through docker?
I'd love to see command piping into JiraCLI,

So I can do `rm -rf / | jiracli`