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They don't mention it, but one of the reasons the mustard seeds are not available in the Dijon region is because EU has been heavily subsidizing bio-energy crops like rapeseed for the last decades (which coincidentally also looks a lot like mustardseed)

Good or bad, I don't know.

Vacationing in France as I write (but still reading HN). It was a surreal moment when our French family called before our departure asking if we could pack a jar or two for them!

I guess I won’t fully understand until a peanut butter shortage hits the States. We nonetheless took their request seriously :)

Last weekend the only mustard we find when visiting family in France was German brands.

So yeah, last years shortfalls in mustard yields in Canada, the current draught in Europe preventing France to increase local rpoduction and the war Ukraine preventing imports from either Russia or Ukraine hurts. Luckily we still have some stock, even mustard looses some taste over time even if kept in cold and dry storage and was never opened...

That hurts. My life would be substantially less rich without Dijon. I love mustard. Mustard is truly the king of condiments.
I live in France and we ran out of Mustard when the shortage came out. We don't eat that much, but it has been quite annoying. Especially with the barbecue season.

I suspect close relatives to hoard and run a "black market" mustard network. They got at least 3 sort of mustard last time we went to see them for dinner. I'm definitely jealous!

> France has been gripped by the mystery of the Dijon mustard shortage.

At least for me, I knew it was coming from supply issues with Canada's mustard seeds (however I was thinking it was caused by last year's fires, not a drought)

There is a shortage of Huy Fong Foods Sriracha too

I can see “non essential” food products like these will be effected more and more in the future

The mustard seed shortage due to the war in Ukraine also affects at least some of the German brands. Bautz’ner Mittelscharfer Senf - a staple in eastern Germany - is really hard to get.
And the Dijon mustard shortage led to a mustard shortage. Until a couple of weeks ago I could not find any mustard in any supermarket here (near Paris). It was a bit surreal the first time I was told.
No shortage at all here in Switzerland, 60 km away from France. I don't get it.
Dusseldorf mustard is better anyhow.
Supposedly a blight afflicting grapevines, leading to a collapse in wine (and therefore brandy) production contributed to the popularity of Scotch whisky outside Scotland. I wonder if the decline in Dijon mustard will turn the French on to English mustard :)
Excuse me, sir, do you have any Grey Poupon? The answer to this timeless question, experts say, is increasingly "no".

It all started in Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, in the spring of 1634, when, as luck (or Providence) would have it, ...

I'm in Britan and I'm not sure I've ever bought a hot dog here, let alone have it slathered in mustard. Every BBQ I've been to it's regular sausages and ketchup, maybe some un-opened mustard near by.
There always has been since farmers refuse to grow mustard seed due to government red tape. Dijon only has a small amount locally grown and almost none in France. As mentioned the majority of mustard seed for Dijon comes from Canada. Any Dijon from France grown in France is called Burgundy so really Dijon is pretty much the tourist version.
Meanwhile, here in Canada I worry about Sriracha shortages
"Dijon" mustard isn't really a thing. It's not a protected designation, it's generic; 80% of Dijon Mustard is made from Canadian seeds, and no Dijon mustard is produced in Dijon.
I wonder how many geographic food labels will be able to survive climate change (not sure whether that is the specific issue here but in general...).
In a limited world, all supplies are limited. So, aiming at everyone (~ 7B ppl) can have everything can easily hit such a simple limit.
I grew mustard for the first time this year simply because I love it. Was a very fun experience, going to do even better next year.
The real mustard disaster is just how hard it has become to get good Russian/Ukrainian mustard, Dijon simply doesn’t cut it.
Huh. I can buy a pound of mustard seeds on Amazon and make my own spicy brown. This changes everything.
Funny thing. We still have Dijon but lack with regional mustard like Bautzner.
Can you vertically farm mustard? It sounds perfect for it.
I guess you could say they don't have any Grey Poupon.

Pardon me.

Are there no brown mustard seeds grown in France?
I was yesterday at my shopping center (a Super U) and for some reason I had a look at the oil and mustard as I read about this earlier in the week.

Plenty of oils and plenty of mustards.

Time to jump to horseradish.
Does game theory has any clue about how a non centrally planned system can avoid creating SPOFs ?

Asking for friend living in a globalized economy that is going to traverse turbulences for a few decades.

This is the news I come to HN for
There are eight varieties of Dijon mustard available to me for 2-hour delivery by Amazon Fresh right now in Miami. Five of them are made in France. Fake news?