\cases is a nice syntax improvement

    \foo bar baz -> case (foo, bar, baz) of
      (Just 4, 3, False) -> 42
      _ -> 0
    -- becomes
      (Just 4) 3 False -> 42
      _ _ _ ->

    extremelyLengthyFunctionIdentifier (Just a) False = Just 42
    extremelyLengthyFunctionIdentifier (Just a) True  = Just (a / 2)
    extremelyLengthyFunctionIdentifier _        _     = Nothing

    -- becomes
    extremelyLengthyFunctionIdentifier = \cases
      (Just a) False -> Just 42
      (Just a) True  -> Just (a / 2)
      _        _     -> Nothing
Thanks to reintroduction of deep subsumption we could finally update IHP to the GHC 9 series. So really happy about the recent GHC releases :)

If you're curious about Haskell, IHP is a good starting point ( IHP is Haskell's version of Laravel/Rails/Django. It's really a superpower to have Haskell's type system combined with the rapid development approach of Rails :) (Disclaimer: I'm founder of the company that makes IHP)

Has there been a recent surge in Haskell popularity? I noticed Pragmatic Programmers and Manning are both working on new books about Haskell, which is the first time in ages I can recall a significant publisher announcing Haskell books, though I may have missed some in the meantime.
Maybe time to give haskell another try. Last time (5 years ago?), I got stuck on two issues:

1. Wasn't clear on environment/toolchain and ended up compiling for a long time just to install one package. Pretty sure I was doing it the wrong way but saw inconsistent information about what to do. I'm almost sure this is fixed by now, or at least enough for me to stop complaining about it.

2. The runtime seemed more annoying than I'm accustomed to. I remember trying to load some haskell code into another program, and it was modifying the signal handlers, which was totally unacceptable for my use case so I gave up. This is an area rust is much better.

3. It was difficult to use ghci-like functionality from another program (compile bits of haskell code). Maybe it's more library-like now and I can just use ghci now? Neither rust nor haskell is great here.

Shameless plug: are hiring Haskellers to roll out their provably secure lifetime income pensions which are now endorsed by the OECD.
> We would like to thank ... the Zw3rk stake pool

Interesting, is this a blockchain proof of stake/work system where the work done is running a CI for GHC?

Stackage should focus more on 9.x GHC, for now the latest LTS is 9.0.x-based version.
Not too long ago I tried getting Haskell Language Server, GHC, Cabal, Stack, etc. to play nice together in Neovim but didn't have much luck. Has anyone else here had luck with Neovim + Haskell?