Some of the choices are neither privacy nor security improvements. Take quarantine or integrity protection or signature validation for example. Those three alone limit drive-by binary malware rather effectively.

The only thing one could argue for in a privacy oriented manner is the signature validation with OCSP checks since it somewhat leaks what signature owners you're trying to check. But without it you'll never be able to find out if a signature was revoked, including self-signed signatures.

Depending on your field this could be a "yeah duh" comment for you, but there is a whole set of related tools and standards for this that's common when you're doing compliance-related cybersecurity, especially on server OSes.

There's SCAP then a popular set of tools that implements it, for example: However the rulesets "profiles" are flexible, one popular one is CIS.

I've found one of the easiest ways to enforce privacy on Windows is using the Local Group Policy Editor, which can then be backed up using LGPO.exe from the Security Compliance Toolkit and re-imported to other machines. Another option is PowerShell Desired State Configuration which you can then use to backup your local GPO into a MOF file, and reapplied to multiple machines or even added as part of an unattended setup:

I'm glad other people are working on tools, but you'll probably realize sooner or later that a few registry edits are not sufficient to maintain privacy, and policies are really the better approach.

Is this a scam?

How does disabling Gatekeeper, File Quarantine or automatic updates make a MacOS system safer? It looks like the opposite !

Looks like it handles a lot of items 'Shut Up 10' and 'Windows 10 cleaner' does. Great to have everything rolled into one spot, customizable, and easy to understand. Great work.
Interesting software, seems to have a lot of options, although I'm finding it difficult to read. The font is very large and an odd style.

I also can't figure out what the "REVER" option does on some entries.

Resizing the window doesn't seem to do anything, the program is fixed in the middle at a certain size.

I love the "build a script" interface, very clear and transparent.
I love it, but my work issued PC won't let me run any of the .bat files generated or install other FOSS apps such as I wish I knew a way around Windows Defender Smartscreen managed by my company.
edit: misunderstood the intention is not to install this tool/repo, but use the scripts it generates.
Using Windows or macOS in the first place already runs afoul of best practices for privacy and security.
.sexy is not an appropriate domain name for these things imho