Great work! If anyone’s planning to use AI generated artwork in their projects, I’ve added an image search API to Lexica, similar to Unsplash. All the images are licensed CC0 and millions more are being added every few weeks.

Docs here:

Show HN: I made 7k images with DALL-E 2 to create a reference/inspiration table

This is fantastic. A few days ago I was checking PromptBase [0] and thought it was a really good idea. Yours just took it to the next level being free with massive amount of data.

Great work.


This is wild to me. Now we have meta-ai that is surrounding other forms of ai, analyzing the user submitted input as well as the image output, using ai to infer intent, identify nouns etc... and yet all of this is stipulated on the initial datasets that these initial text->img robots were trained on which may or may not be a true representation of our actual culture. So we are lava/magma layering all of these approximations on top of each other and gluing them with scrambled eggs. I think this is all really cool, for the record, it's just something I have been thinking about. For art, I love it, for a self-driving vehicle, lmao.
This is fantastic, thanks for publishing it. I'm glad many players in the Stable Diffusion ecosystem is striving for openness (not only of the model itself but there are also open source frontends and related tooling)
Hi, just for you to know: The "" link in the readme gives a 404:
I want back to my ai creations on NightCafe which I did 5 months ago. Almost all of them now looked pretty ugly/stupid now.

It was same as when I saw game play of NFS most wanted it looked so realistic, now it absolutely does not.

This effect is amazing, don't know if it has a name though.

How does it compare with
Is there any effort being done in rating prompts in regard to the image the model output and/or what the user chose as being a satisfactory image?

I could (probably naively) imagine that this would be the next step in making these models even more pleasing to humans. Or at least in creating a GPT-based "companion" model that would suggest, from an initial subpar prompt, a prompt yielding better results.

someone should do a thing that lets strangers critique AI by allowing them to select:

A person has a glitchy face in this photo. A person has a glitchy body in this photo. etc..

and then train the AI to have a fixup pass.

Wish the back button could find my spot on the page.

Fun to explore the prompts getting results similar to what I want. Great project.

I'm curious, I've seen a few sites like this which grab from the Stability Discord. Is there a way to quickly scrape this amount of data from a Discord server?
Hey, was the specific Stable Diffusion version used to generate each image recorded anywhere in the dataset?

In, it doesn't say which version of the model was used to generate each image

It appears that later versions are better in generating faces or something. Like, Stable Diffusion 1.5 vs 1.4 (I'm not sure but there's a great variability nonetheless and I wanted to know if the version of the model accounted for this)

What’s interesting about datasets like this is that you can likely use it to distil an even more compressed SD generator from it.
Nice. Another meta thing I would like to do, is to generate a bunch of prompts around a topic, mashed up with related or unrelated other topics. So that I can get a bunch of images and just be able to review/curate them all in one go. Does anyone know of tooling in that direction?
I'm very much looking forward to how collections like this influence the second generation AI models, which will include data like this and tend to rank it highly on alt-text/clip embedding alignment.
When it comes to faces or people all photos default to horror.
Radical. I’m imagining randomly sampling images and identifying the text attributes associated with human ratings of image beauty.
There's also
That's amazing, thanks for sharing. For how long have you been gathering this data?