What a good read! I went back and started reading from the first of the series.

From the first entry in the series, we have this data on how the founders came up with their ideas:

> Pay attention to your own problems, and solve them (~30%)

> Pay attention to your curiosity, and tinker (~20%)

> Pay attention to what’s already working, and double down (~18%)

> Pay attention to paradigm shifts, and work backward (~15%)

> Brainstorm with friends, and pay attention to the four points above (~15%)

Those all (roughly) add up to 100% (2% is not accounted for). I'm curious about what is in that 2%. It might be me more self-aware if I can detect that I am going down a road less travelled.

I'm quite surprised that recently there are so many articles on HN that sound like postmortems, except that the person writing them never actually did any of it themselves.

That kinda reminds me of the TropicalMBA crowd from a few years ago who were selling a course on how to become an entrepreneur (by selling a course on entrepreneurship).