You know the scene in the 2014 Godzilla movie where the Japanese Godzilla expert says "Let them fight..."?

That's pretty much my reaction to recruiters and HR wasting time on linkedin bots.

I constantly have to contact LI to remove users from my company l, LI requires a 4 week window for the account to respond to the removal request. My company is less than 10 people and I’m marked as the founder on LI.

All I can say is good. The sooner LI put in actual usable controls, the better.

Back in the days before I got into SWDev, I was working as eventtech(sound/light), which is quite a shady buisness at time. Most companies only have minimum employees and hire freelancer when needed, for events obviously. Anyway since not all events are successfull, paying and agreements may not always be honoured, which results in lot of backtalk and rumour regarding liquidity and/or payment practice of said companies. Anyway of course this was also mirrored in online discussion of specific forums, for Germany especially in the PAForum. The answer from PAForum to counter fake accounts was actual proof of identity, by sending a copy of passport and a phone call. This made this forum no1. for jobs and feedback about companies, since people needed to add their reputation for it. Services are hard to scale and need a lot of moderation but for specific needs it may make sense.
I'm wondering how well Google is going to fare against the next wave of things like GPT-3, DALL-E, etc. The quality of content+link farms, comment spammers, etc, is going to continue to improve.
LinkedIn seemed useful at first (10+ years ago), now it really is just a source of spam and "recruiters" sending emails for totally irrelevant jobs.
I recently created a fake LinkedIn account, because I don't like the fact that some users are notified when I lookup their profile, and it's impossible to use LinkedIn without being logged in.

The fake profile is an ordinary tech worker, not esp. skilled in anything and with a short work experience; but it's a lot of fun to be fake... My alter ego has 50+ connections now. There are moments when it feels quite real...

As a hiring manager I’m encountering a tremendous amount of hiring fraud. One person interviews and another shows up.

I have seen most of this activity with an address out of the DC area and I suspect they do this systematically and collect 2-3 weeks pay until fired at multiple companies.

LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to avoid site integrity issues because there is an honest to god source of truth - HR itself. Federate the data custody and allow company and employee to publish who is working where.
"Hmm, https://virus.def.inite.ly looks shady, but all the Fortune 500 CISOs are posting I need to download this immediately or my computer will blow up"
I hope bots win. They will show more humanity than HR.
I'm also seeing these used to spam people with sales pitches.

Fake profiles seem incredibly easy to avoid because LinkedIn is one of the few "real identity" social networks.

I can only conclude that they don't care.

I don't understand. Why would someone create lots of fake profiles?
There's thousands of bots with obviously recognizable pictures from Thisdoesnotexist on both LinkedIn and Quora. Quora is arguably more insidious as these are ranked and spreading huge amounts of disinformation. Someone should really step in and create a neural network to recognize and flag artificially generated profiles
It's curious how every single fake profile is of a woman. Suggestive of honey trapping, perhaps, but then why so many accounts.
... but HR are bots.

90% of those on Linkedin at least.

AI bots vs HR bots, popcorn time.
LinkedIn is creating an excuse to purge people, not fake profiles. Like most of the corporate social media sites, it is heavily censoring people who speak out on subjects they are experts on. Covid and Ukraine being high on the list, but even disparaging Queen Elizabeth will get your account restricted.