In related news Google announced South Africa as the location for its first Cloud Region in Africa. Some arguments I saw against this in comments was possibly poor global connectivity. Also some commenters lamented that Nigeria would also be a good candidate for a region. This cable looks to address both of those points.

Looks like it passes close to null island, 0 long, 0 lat aka

I like to ask non-techies how they imagine their text messages go from the US to Europe. Most people think it is some form of wireless communication like satellite or cellular. They are quite surprised when they realize that it is just one really long string over the Atlantic.
$1 billion for an undersea cable that long seems almost ... cheap.
Any news of contributions to africa’s development make me happy. I dont know how to describe the feeling. I see the continent as a hidden gem. I am saddened that europe didnt take such initiative and doesnt promote more substantial investment. It’s literarily right next from us.
TIL the tightness of the cable affects latency.

>This advantage only increases over time, as tighter cables provide higher bandwidth – the 2012 generation of cables drop

>the transatlantic latency to under 60 milliseconds, according to Hibernia Atlantic, deploying such a cable that year.[

Are they able to achieve a direct, straight-line path between the two endpoints over thousands of miles?

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As someone who grew up in East Africa and remembers the days when there wasn't a single submarine cable connecting my country to the rest of the world. I'm happy for West Africa but hope that the East gets some more love soon too :)
What does 'launch' mean when it comes to these cables. It is ready for use? Already has data flowing through?
I'm not going to be using this cable, just for Google to cancel it at some point in the near future.
What are the economics of such a cable? Who are the customers? What do they pay and how are the contracts structured?
Google has a lot of failures of their own but they seem at least semi-committed to an open internet (with actual ethical standards), something I can't exactly say for Zuckerberg
For a company with such a competitive moat in global internet bandwidth, i often wonder why they simply don't undercut AWS and Azure on their egress fees and thus cloud bills?

Free unlimited egress would completely change cloud economics.

It's going to happen anyway, either wait to be disrupted by the likes of Cloudflare or do it now and disrupt the industry.

I often struggle to think of something decent from Google. May be when Gmail was spam free and Google Search was fast and accurate. But those didn't last long. If there is one thing I could commend Google, it would be their Datacenter infrastructure and Subsea Cable investment.
> and the islands of Saint Helena

Why? How can that possibly be profitable?

This is so cool! 1.6 million jobs in Africa (if that's where people will be hired!) are really needed.
What does it mean exactly? Is it Google's private cable or it serves general backbone Internet traffic?
There most be now many cables above other cables when you consider cable crossings in the ocean...
If this cable is ever attacked, we know it had to be Russia.
This one will be harder for Google to kill off but I’m sure someone that pushed for this will use it for a promotion and then it will be half forgotten about.
Such a brilliant project and imagine that some substantial part of its bandwidth will be taken to serve ads.
3-18 months from now: Google digs up Equiano subsea cable again and cuts it in half.
So huh, how many years before they're going to sunset it? :P
Cancelling this project in 5 years is going to be a b*tch
So... how long will it be operational before sent to the Google Graveyard?
Let's start a bet. How long do you think it will take Google to shut it down?
Who’s bright idea was it to give the Nigerian princes gigabit?
I wonder how long before they cut it without notice leaving anyone on the other end stranded.
Future timeline of this project:

September 12th 2023 - Google undersea fiber team is asked to find other opportunities at the company.

October 23rd 2023 - Google twitter account comments that the undersea cable to South Africa project will not be shut down.

November 12th 2023 - Google undersea cable project to SA officially shut down.