I often come back to this video of Kim's process, which is a delight, and now only adds weight to the loss:

“When I decide what to draw, I think about what. And then I create another me in my mind. Another me, a.k.a. mini-me, will be travelling through the space of what I want to draw. … Now, I send a bunch of my mini-mes all over the space to find the best suited location for me to draw. Which perspective should I use? Where is the coolest angle or composition with the most impact?”

Here's a sped-up video showing him in action:

Absurd to see that kind of detail emerge like that.

He did a live drawing session 3 days ago in Paris and apparently died flying out from Europe.

According to his Facebook:

> It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we inform you of the sudden passing of Kim Jung Gi. After finishing his last schedule in Europe, Jung Gi went to the airport to fly to New York, where he experienced chest pains and was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery, but sadly passed away. October 3, 2022 After having done so much for us, you can now put down your brushes. Thank you Jung Gi. October 5, 2022 Hun Jin Kim If you wish to send a note or a drawing to his family, please send it to [email protected]

Can someone point to some of his famous works? Frankly it is the first time I’ve heard of him.
I know several people that have died or almost died from Widowmaker heart attacks. Seeing a cardiologist and cardio in general is one of those things that a lot of men ignore because they feel healthy but it cannot be stressed enough, once you hit 30/40s, find a good cardiologist especially if you have a history of heart attacks in your family.
I read a great quote that conveys his talent:

> Like if you saw your favourite band improvise their next #1 hit song from scratch live on stage on their first try. Like an author sitting down and reciting an unwritten novel from start to finish. Absolute unthinkable skill.


Wiki entry for those, like me, unsure who Kim Jung GI is.

He was a master. Every human being should be aware of the raw talent he possessed and exercised. He was a true prodigy. It isn't wrong for people to compare him to Da Vinci, or Michelangelo as one of the greatest artists of all time. Different era's, etc, but it's just to show he was in a very rarified class of folks. Man, I'm going to really miss his art, and watching him dazzle the canvas live, straight from his mind.

He was everything I loved growing up - robots, samurai, mech all the anime I've watched. He was so talented at multiple genres, could draw architecture or portraits of people with equally refined and masterful skill.

He was the artist's artist, in a world full of artists, where people don't recognize individual artists anymore like back in the day with Da Vinci, Van Gogh, etc. Even though many of the artists in history were only celebrated well after their death. Glad, Kim Jung Gi, got the recognition he deserved while he was at his prime. He still had so much to offer, and I hate that he left the world too soon due to a stupid heart attack. I really want to discuss the solutions that we currently have and what people are working on to combat heart attacks in the future, and to be able to prevent them. It was so sad and devastating to have a loss of such proportions. His talent was immeasurable, but a genius or prodigy is apt. RIP Master Kim.

If inclined, please check out his sketchbooks, they are ~$100, and are worth every penny. 100's of amazing detailed sketches found. Also some are erotic, or NSFW for sure haha, as KJG was a tad crazy.

Also, people should know he was the nicest, most humble person ever. Always up for a photo with a fan or ready to sketch/sign for them. I was lucky to get a photo with him, and as always he is smiling pointing to me as if I'm "The Man" but Master Kim you are, and everyone knows it, and will cherish your art for ad infinitum. Rest easy Master Kim. Thoughts and Prayers for his family, and loved ones.

This is really sad, I used to see his drawings all the time on my Instagram and it was so sudden. He got me into drawing and really thinking about understanding perspective; I'm not good at drawing but man did it help my photography.

Absolute loss. I don't know if it was a heart attack or maybe a pulmonary embolism... he had covid before and I think the long flights might have been taking a toll.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to buy one of his limited prints with some extra money I was to earn. Then I pushed it off for a bit due to a few poor excuses, and eventually forgot about it.

And now his prints are of course ... out of print.

I'm not saying I need a numbered and signed limited print like The Tigers New Clothes [1] but it would be nice with maybe just a regularly, unsigned, unnumbered poster on my wall.

Are there any for sale?


Kim is quite famous in the art world. I remember a livestream where people sent it challenging ideas of things to draw, and he just casually draws them, entirely from memory, no references or googling of any images. Died way too young.
Heart attack at 47, and he looks reasonably fit too in that linked video from 2019 (age 44).

What to do with this information? I don't know. Maybe work on cardio, stop coffee?.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see his name on HN. He had a table at NYCC this week and people have been leaving him gifts and messages. It's so sad.

Edit: Photo Credit to @Leah617

This hit me hard. I just recently got his 2022 sketchbook and it really got me hooked. So sad to see such a talented artist pass so early
not having any art background I was captured by the mesmerizing technique he used to create instant universes, what a loss
I keep coming back to this performance. Always blows me away.

I’m glad it appears people were eventually able to talk about The Vax on this thread. The symptoms are real; ask a medical person.
Does he do any planning or prep behind the scenes. I can't tell if this is magic or well rehearse magic. Either way, incredible talent.
Can any expert here help me understand why his heart attack was not reversible by administering tPA to dissolve blood clots?
Oh, no, so sorry to hear it! He was incredible. What a loss. Best wishes to his family and those who loved him.
Amazing! I only just discovered his work. It's sad, yet inspiring to see how many were touched by his art.
Man that is heartbreaking, I hope his mind put on an absolute banger of a lightshow for his road out. RIP
I have one of his early sketchbooks and was taken back on his imagery, ideas and layouts.
Is it confirmed? I just recommended him to a friend yesterday. I can't believe it.
He was one of the best illustrators of our time. He will be missed.
Absolute master with a brush pen. A great loss for sure.
What a tremendous loss for the world. RIP Mr. Kim :(
Heart attack at just 47 years old. And not because of obesity. Maintaining his unbelieviable skill level must have been pretty stressful for him.
Such talent
Memento mori.


probably another covid vaccine death
Update post title to be more descriptive for those who may not know:

Kim Jung Gi, acclaimed comic book artist, has died


>no mention of Diabetes.

KJG had Type 2 Diabetes for some time now, due to bad nutrition - he mentioned that he would excessively drink coke and eat junk food as he drew, and he drew a lot.

This isn't some widowmaker heart attack stuff that people are pushing here. He was in danger zone for awhile. Watching an interview with him would be monumentally insightful.

@dang why is this comment flagged - it's pretty important people know the underlying mortality cause here?

KJG was diagnosed with T2D years ago.
For a second I thought it was Kim Jong-Un