It's somewhat frequently discussed in articles about UX here that Apple loves to hide useful functionality behind unintuitive and undiscoverable actions, and this is no exception. When Macs work, they work well. When they don't, it's a nightmare to figure out what's wrong through the (deliberate?) opaqueness. Here's a memorable example I encountered recently:

Try to guess what that... art is trying to say, and then go here to find the answer:

> When pressed briefly, it starts the Mac up in normal macOS mode; when pressed and held until the Mac reports that it’s loading Recovery Options, it engages Recovery mode, where you navigate startup and other options using buttons and menus. These invariably work fully with Apple’s wireless keyboards and mice/trackpads, so there’s no need to connect them with their charging leads.

I wish…with portable Macs I can never get this to work :/

How is a user supposed to discover long power button press?