Internet Archive | Data Engineer | Remote (US, CA) | Full-Time | archive.org

Internet Archive is a non-profit building a free library of all of the published works of humanity to share with the world. We're not there yet, but we've managed to accumulate some data along the way. Can you help us engineer it?

The Archiving and Data Services department provides services to mission-aligned organizations (primarily other libraries and cultural heritage institutions). These services include: web crawling SaaS, managed large-scale crawls, long-term digital preservation, and particularly relevant for this role: making use of these web archives and digital collections.

We're looking for a Data Engineer to help us with some of the following: - Turn researcher Jupyter notebooks into robust systems (these notebooks are mostly in Scala) - Develop data munging/wrangling/deriving workflows (we use Spark and Temporal.io) - Help administrate a 7.5 Petabyte Hadoop cluster - Potentially write jobs for our main, in-house long term storage cluster - There's always APIs that need work (these are mostly in Python) - ML experience is an interesting bonus

We're fully remote, employees can be based anywhere in US or Canada.

This is a new opening as of Dec 1, so new we're still working on getting it posted. If interested, please reach out to Alex at avdempsey [at] archive [dot] org.

Tangram | Rust/Linux Programmer | Remote (USA) | Full Time

At Tangram, we are making a programmable build system and package manager designed to rescue developers from "dependency hell" and make builds simple, reproducible, cacheable, and distributable.

Check out the code samples here: https://www.tangram.dev.

We are looking to work with programmers who have experience with systems programming, Linux, and Rust. As a founding engineer on a small team, you will have the opportunity to work on interesting technical problems, such as:

* Building a content-addressed distributed file system.

* Designing a custom binary format and dynamic linker.

* Making builds serverless with Nomad, V8, Wasmtime, and Firecracker.

We are well funded by investors including Kleiner Perkins and the founders of GitHub, Vercel, and Slack.

If you are interested in joining us on our mission to save programmers from suffering with slow, unreliable builds, please get in touch at [email protected]

Lurk Lab @ Protocol Labs | Multiple Positions | REMOTE | Full-time

Lurk Lab is building Lurk (https://github.com/lurk-lang), a Turing-complete programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs. Lurk implements a minimal Lisp whose program executions can be proved in zero-knowledge, yielding succinct proofs that are concretely small and fast to verify. Lurk uses a Rust implementation (https://github.com/lurk-lang/lurk-rs) for expression evaluation, proving, and verification, with Nova (https://github.com/microsoft/Nova/) as its proving backend. Because Lurk is Turing-complete, it can be used to make and prove arbitrary computational claims (within resource limits).

We are looking for strong cryptography engineers, researchers, functional programming language specialists, applications developers, and start-up leaders/web3 entrepreneurs who want to build next-generation SNARK technology.

Ideal candidates will be knowledgeable about the state of the art in zero-knowledge proofs and (if looking for an engineering position) strong in Rust.

We are specifically hiring for:

- Rust Cryptography Engineers

- zk-SNARK Researchers and Engineers

- Functional Programming Language Specialists

- Software Engineers for Lurk Applications

- Documentation Engineers

- A Business Lead and/or COO

If you are interested in any of these roles, email [email protected] with CV and a brief cover letter.

Zotero | Remote | Full-Time | https://www.zotero.org

Zotero is an open-source project that develops software to help people collect, organize, annotate, cite, and share their research. Our software is recommended by most universities and used by millions of students, scholars, scientists, and researchers worldwide.

We're currently hiring for the following roles:

- Backend/Cloud Developer (backend and AWS cloud ops, US only)

- Full-Stack Developer (remote, anywhere)

- UI Designer (remote, anywhere)

At Zotero, you'll be part of a small, all-remote team producing free and open-source software along with a passionate global community, and you'll make a huge difference in people's ability to manage their research effectively.


NASA ADS | Back-End Developer | REMOTE from US or Cambridge, MA (US) | Full-time | VISA Sponsorship Available

The NASA Astrophysics Data System (the world-leading scientific literature search engine in Astronomy & Astrophysics) is seeking two talented back-end developers to work on our back-office data pipelines (this requires Python knowledge) and/or to improve our custom Apache Solr search engine (this requires Java & search knowledge).

Job descriptions: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/about/careers/

Typical entry salary range of 75-115K with annual revisions + generous benefits.

We encourage applications from minorities, women, protected veterans, individuals with disabilities, and all other qualified applicants.

Your contribution will be open source and it will have a world-wide impact in the astronomy community!

NASA ADS: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

ARUP Labs | Remote (Salt Lake City) | aruplab.com

Hi everyone! ARUP is a medical testing company with a growing genomics / bioinformatics group, and we do a mix of both clinical and research projects. We offer fully remote positions, lots of PTO, and a pretty relaxed work schedule.

We have a couple open positions:

Bioinformatics Engineers (python, AWS, some genomics background): https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/ARU1000ARUP/JobBoard/62cc791...

Research Data Scientists (no genomics background required): https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/ARU1000ARUP/JobBoard/62cc791...

Sphinx Defense | Engineering, DevOps, & Product | Remote (US Only), DC, Colorado Springs, LA, Silicon Valley | https://www.sphinxdefense.com

Sphinx Defense builds software to solve complex national security problems in Space for America and its allies. Founded by engineers and technologists with deep experience across commercial and defense technology, we’re building a communication infrastructure to enable satellite operators to securely utilize antenna networks and maneuver satellites in real-time. We're bootstrapped, profitable, and aggressively growing an engineering focused team.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/sphinx-defense

If you have specific questions, or are interested and don't see a role that looks like a good fit, email me directly at hunter (at) sphinxdefense.com

Check out our open roles: https://www.sphinxdefense.com/#Careers

Tech Stack: Programming: Python, Flask, pipenv, JSON Data: PostgreSQL, Vault, ActiveMQ Infrastructure: Docker, Terraform, Ansible, AWS, Linux

Optimal | Full-stack and Backend engineers | Full-Time | London, UK | ONSITE but WFH 3 days per week | https://www.optimal.ag/

Optimal are building autonomous greenhouses to grow healthy, sustainable crops.

We've built and deployed software to control the environment within industrial greenhouses. By optimising the inputs to the system given the latest weather forecast and sensor data we are able to more accurately control the climate (temperature, humidity, CO2) of the greenhouse, and have shown that this leads to increased yields whilst reducing resource usage. Our goal long-term is to enable autonomous, sustainable greenhouses to be deployed outside every city on earth.

Open Roles:

Senior MLOps Engineer (£80k-100k + £40-50k of stock options)

Senior Software Engineer (£80k-100k + £40-50k of stock options)

Looking for: Strong engineers who want to work on a meaningful problem within a small, high quality team.

Tech stack: Python, React/TypeScript, GraphQL, Postgres and GCP.

For more details on these roles please see: https://angel.co/company/optimal-labs/jobs

Or feel free to get in touch with me at: richard [at] optimal [dot] ag

Sparrow | Remote (US) | Remote OK | https://trysparrow.com

Sparrow’s mission is to make it simple for companies to provide their employees with all types of leave (i.e. family, medical, etc.) nationwide. Our innovative software-based platform accommodates all of the related paperwork, coordination, calculations, and deadlines for each employee’s unique needs during their absence.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/sparrow

Here are our open roles:

* Engineering Manager: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sparrow/jobs/4699826004

* Senior Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sparrow/jobs/4247309004

* Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sparrow/jobs/4247045004

* Staff Software Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/sparrow/jobs/4247312004

Tech Stack: React, JS, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku

Credit Karma | Senior Data or Software Engineer | Charlotte, NC (onsite)

We're hiring a Senior Data Engineer, or a Senior Software Engineer who likes data!

Credit Karma is the largest consumer lending marketplace in the US. We work on a ton of interesting and massive data problems, including ingestion of credit bureau and third party data for over 100 million people.

Technologies: Scala, BigQuery, Apache Spark, and more

Our team is awesome and I mean that -- exceptional pay, great work-life balance, talented coworkers, diverse team, and much more.

If you're looking for a great, long-term opportunity with a ton of growth, this is for you.

Email me if you're interested, even if you just want to learn more about the role and Credit Karma: matt.hubert @ our domain name.

This role is for Charlotte, North Carolina. Actual days in office are flexible. Generous relo packages provided.

Two Six Technologies | Firmware Reverse Engineer | Arlington, VA | Onsite | Full Time |https://boards.greenhouse.io/twosixtechnologies/jobs/4494884........... Two Six Technologies is seeking a Firmware Reverse Engineer. We are looking to hire a number of Security Researchers with experience in the following categories: firmware reverse engineering, hardware reverse engineering, and kernel/UNIX C development. Additional opportunities are available for RF engineers, engineers with FPGA experience, and low-level developers looking to enter the security field. If you work in the embedded security domain, we would love to hear from you. Preference is for applicants who hold a S/TS clearance. We are also always looking for embedded penetration testers, RF Electronic Design Engineers, Hardware reverse engineers, and firmware reverse engineers for our commercial business! If interested, please reach out to our team @ [email protected]
Sunscreen | SWE, Product Engineer, Cryptography Engineer | Full-time | SF, Seattle, or REMOTE

Private computation, compilers, and post-quantum crypto…oh my!

At Sunscreen, we believe private computation is the future [0]. Since the cryptography needed to achieve this feat is currently inaccessible to engineers, we have built and open-sourced our (Rust-based) fully homomorphic encryption compiler [1]. Next, we’re focused on building out our zero-knowledge proof library and distributed file system.

We're looking to grow and have 2.5 - 3 years worth of runway in the bank (dependent on hiring). Join us and help make advanced cryptography easy to use for engineers [2].

You can reach me at ravital [at] sunscreen.tech

[0]: https://blog.sunscreen.tech/an-intro-to-fully-homomorphic-en... [1]: https://playground.sunscreen.tech [2]: https://sunscreen.tech

Canvas (The Spatial Computing Company) | Full-time | Onsite | Remote |

At Canvas, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real-world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well.

* Director, People Experience (Remote) * Computer Vision Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * Computer Vision Tech Lead (Portugal/Remote) * Head of Computer Vision (Portugal/Remote) * iOS Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * Junior iOS Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * SQA Full-Stack Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * Web Backend Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * Junior Web Backend Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * WebGL Engineer (Portugal/Remote) * WebGL Tech Lead (Portugal/Remote)

For detailed information check out https://canvas.io/jobs.

Keywords: photogrammetry, geomatics, SLAM, 3D

Valon | NYC, SF, US Remote | Senior SWE and SWE II Full Time |Base $155,000-$225,000 + Equity Python, React, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker https://boards.greenhouse.io/valon

Valon’s mission is to champion homeowners as the partner they trust with their home and future. Our ultimate goal is to guide homeowners through every step of their financial journey, no matter what life puts on their path.

Mortgage servicing is a counter-cyclical business (which is part of the reason we started this company!) and gets paid a recurring revenue based on mortgage loans outstanding (which doesn't really change even when mortgage originations slow).

We actually closed our Series B round this year! In addition, we've increased our loan count from 17K to 70K over the course of the past 12 months, and we hope to 5x that amount over the course of the next year. Given recent macroeconomic shifts, we're only hiring for business critical roles that will be directly beneficial to our growth.

Projects: Platform team - We’re building an internal CLI for engineers to use in their day-to-day workflows. Investor Reporting - Enabling automatic report generation and automate the draft reconciliation process. Experience - Marketplace platform for promoting new products to homeowners (like refinance options or insurance)

Reach out to me: [email protected] or shoot me a LinkedIn Message, happy to chat!

Cepheid | Staff Software Engineer | $150k+, benefits | Full Time | HYBRID, REMOTE, Sunnyvale CA | US Only

Cepheid is a leader in the In Vitro Diagnostics space, we had the first EUA PCR COVID test approved last year. We are vertically integrated: from building our own plastic molds and injection molding cartridges for our instruments to designing the software, hardware and wetware for our instruments, there are many opportunities to work on every level of this stack.

We’re looking for a Senior+ Software Engineer to join the team developing the software for our next-generation molecular diagnostics systems. This person will be a key contributor in the software engineering team that leads development efforts for software for commercial products as well as in-house research. The technology stack runs the gamut from Java and Windows, to Python, VueJS, Docker and Linux. Familiarity with some or all of these technologies would be nice, but we’re also open to a candidate that has a proven history of learning fast. We’re currently in the process of remediating tech debt and developing a new systems architecture, so you should enjoy solving the puzzles that come from constraints imposed by existing systems as well.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] if this sounds like it might be a good fit!

The Preptrack Foundation | Software Engineer Volunteer | Remote | https://preptrack.co.uk

The Preptrack Foundation is a healthtech charity (non-profit) building mobile apps to support HIV prevention.

Our first product, Preptrack, helps people to use PrEP, the medicine that eliminates the risk of HIV infection. It's live on the App Store, and has a strong and active community of users who love what we do. We're launching our Android app on the Play Store at the end of this month.

We're always looking to talk to software engineers (React Native), data scientists or UX designers who would like to do a little good in their spare time or as a side project. We are a totally flat, volunteer-only, part-time and async org. We strive to create the flexibility you need to be able to jump in efficiently, make an impact, and enjoy yourself while doing it!

Feel free to check out our website (https://preptrack.co.uk), our volunteers page (https://preptrack.co.uk/volunteering/engineer/) or shoot me an email (sam [at] preptrack [dot] co [dot] uk). I'd love to hear from you.

CourtDrive | Senior Perl Developer | REMOTE| Market | Full-time | CourtDrive.com & CourtAPI.com

At CourtDrive.com and our sister website, CourtAPI.com, we are building solutions that enable law firms and other power courthouse website users to become more efficient by automating daily tasks. We’re based in Los Angeles but have a remote team worldwide (Canada, Europe, Armenia to name a few). We’re looking for a senior Perl developer to help us advance our mission by: building new webservices to integrate with other SaaS solutions, building and supporting our CourtAPI solution, and helping keep our modern Perl codebase well oiled.

Testimonial from a team member: “Long story, but I worked there for maybe 6ish months part time a while back. They offered me full time, but I ended up going to a startup because I wanted to learn some specific technologies + up my skills in Data Science. That job was definitely good for some people, but it wasn’t as remote as they advertised it (had me fly in a lot), and the team was somewhat difficult to work with ;) I ended up starting my own consulting and at the same time CourtDrive reached back out to me (perfect timing). Point I was trying to make was that I went back to work with them because they were so nice to work with. Not super demanding and very open to listening to ideas/suggestions - just a pleasant environment.”

Full job listing and specific skills we are looking for: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zezDxt7FM59oInpS2kNhqEpn...

Census | Engineers (full stack, frontend, security, test) | San Francisco or Remote (Core Hours are Pacific Time) | Full-Time, REMOTE OK, Visa transfers OK | https://www.getcensus.com

Apply here: https://getcensus.com/careers?utm_source=hnhiring | Ask me anything: [email protected]

With Census, you can power every SaaS application you use from a single source of truth - your own data warehouse. Customers use Census to define one unified view over their entire business (their customers, assets, financials, application data, really anything at all) in SQL or dbt and then "publish" that view to every single SaaS application they use: Salesforce, Zendesk, Marketo, Stripe, and over 100 more.

In the process we have created a brand new category in the modern data stack, "Reverse ETL", and we are building a data engine that can sync "anything-to-anything" in a safe, durable, and high-throughput way. We're both proud and humbled to have the fastest growing software companies in the world as customers, and we are building a world-class team to serve them.

Shortwave | Sr. Software Engineer | Onsite in San Francisco | $150k-$225k base + generous equity

I previously cofounded Firebase (YC S11) and sold it to Google, and most of our team is ex-Google / ex-Firebase.

My new startup Shortwave is building a next-gen professional email client using modern tech & UX. We're borrowing concepts and features from messaging apps and productivity tools and are aiming to be the de-facto standard for productivity at tech companies.

We're well-funded and backed by Union Square Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. We launched in February, and The Verge called Shortwave "The Google Inbox successor I've been waiting for": https://www.theverge.com/22990303/shortwave-email-google-gma...

We're looking for a smart, ambitious senior software engineer to join us in-person in our SF office. We want the best and are willing to pay for it. We're especially interested in people with a combination of strong CS fundamentals and frontend experience. Our clients do a lot of heavy lifting.

Email me if interested: [email protected]

Grit | Senior Software Engineers / ML Engineers | New York, San Francisco, or Remote | Full-time | $150–250k + equity

We’re building software to automatically fix technical debt. We do this by combining expressive static analysis tooling (we’ve built a developer-friendly query language for code) with machine learning to automatically migrate code to new patterns and platforms. We’re still in private beta, but have deployed thousands of successful changes for initial customers and have raised a large seed round from top investors (Founders Fund, 8VC, Abstract Ventures).

We’ve got lots of fun challenges at the intersection of machine learning and programming languages. Our stack is Scala, Rust, TypeScript, Python, and Kubernetes. We’re hiring for both smart generalists and PL/ML experts who are interested in collaborating on problems like automatically inserting new types into codebases and using unit tests for reinforcement learning.

Here are a few reasons you might be interested in applying:

- We work fast and focus on shipping, with a single meeting per week.

- We’re working on the edge of the possible and doing deep technical work in parsers/language design and machine learning. This isn't your average SaaS.

- We mostly work in-person in New York and San Francisco, but remote is also possible for outstanding candidates who have proven success in a remote model.

- I’m personally committed to giving real feedback to everyone who applies.

Find out more at https://www.grit.io/careers or email [email protected]

Clearcover | Software Engineers, QE, Data, Product | Insurtech | Full-time | Chicago, Remote (US)

We’re a Chicago based Insurtech startup building powerful technology to solve interesting technical problems, allowing us to offer drivers better coverage for less money.

We build and maintain suites of services across our stack, including Java/Kotlin, TypeScript, .NET, Ruby, Kafka and Kubernetes – and we’re hiring for many roles.

Lead Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/284e5e9d2us

Senior Quality Engineer: https://grnh.se/de30533e2us

Senior Data Engineer: https://grnh.se/20020ab72us

Senior Data Scientist: https://grnh.se/6e8d928c2us

Product Manager: https://grnh.se/251a5d2e2us

Dozens of other roles, non-technical included: https://grnh.se/0eadce002us

The Signalling Company | Full-time | Devops Software Engineer | Belgium, Visa | https://www.thesignallingcompany.com

Founded in 2019, TSC is building the next generation of on-board train control systems. We are a growing team of 45 passionate experts in Brussels. If you are interested in safety critical software systems, electronics designed for harsh environments, autonomous vehicles that actually work, saving lives and doing something good for the planet, then contact us.

We are looking for a devop software engineer that is familiar with the following stack: Gitlab, Python, Sphinx documentation system, Docker, Azure and its managed products. You will play a key role on our R&D programs as configuration manager (this means coding, too). You will report directly to the CTO that is currently doing the job (me).

Look here for more details: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3378655629

We are also looking for software test engineers and systems engineers.

MethaneSAT | Sr. DevOps/SRE | $130k - 141k, benefits | Full-Time | Remote-First | US ONLY

MethaneSAT, part of the Environmental Defense Fund, is a non-profit launching a purpose-built methane-detection satellite in 2023. In partnership with scientists at Harvard and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, our goal is to measure methane emissions with unprecedented precision and deliver actionable data to organizations around the globe with the power to curb them. Today there exists a lack of space-based methane detection, yet reducing methane is the most significant lever we have to slow climate change in the coming decades. MethaneSAT will help fill that gap.

Who we're looking for: a Senior DevOps/SRE to help design and develop cloud infrastructure (GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes) for the satellite's mission systems, image processing pipeline, and more.

Who we are: an experienced team of engineers passionate about using cutting-edge technology to help mitigate anthropogenic climate change. We're generously funded by millions of donors from around the world, which gives us the freedom to focus on our mission. MethaneSAT's data will always be published free of charge.

Apply: https://www.edf.org/jobs/senior-devops-engineer-methanesat-l...

Questions: chairfield [at] gmail [dot] com (and mention HN! also, please no recruiter emails)

TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/fred_krupp_let_s_launch_a_satellit...

Citrine Informatics | Sr. Backend Engineer, Data Team / Sr. Frontend Engineer| Remote-First (US Only) | Full-Time | https://citrine.io/

We bring machine learning solutions to global materials science challenges. From green plastics to lighter more efficient cars, to better batteries, to less toxic dyes for clothing – the future of our planet hinges on how we create the next generation of materials and chemicals. We work directly with innovative companies in the $80Tn materials market, making the development tradeoffs that will impact our planet for generations to come.

We’re looking for talented software engineers interested in data and empirical science to build the ML platform the world uses to develop materials sustainably.

Tech Stack Includes: Java, Python, Scala, Typescript, React, Cucumber, Jest, Sketch, Storybook

Benefits Include: equity, $5k annual professional growth budget, paid medical/dental/vision, parental leave, flexible PTO.

Apply here: https://citrine.io/careers/

BuildBuddy (YC W20) | Engineering | Remote, Bay Area | Full-Time

BuildBuddy was founded to give anyone a "Google-style" development environment in minutes. Today we're solving a small piece of this problem with an open-core remote build execution platform for Bazel - but our ambitions are much larger. Our mission is to take the world-class engineering tools that are only available to employees of large companies and make them available to everyone. Check it out at: https://buildbuddy.io/

Come join us and shape the future of how engineers build and test software! You’ll write and ship open-source code, own production systems used every day by 1000s of engineers at big companies, and help us shape the future of the product. You'll work with and learn from a team that's built software at both successful startups and FAANG companies. Your skillset will grow and you'll join a team excited to solve problems in the developer tool space.

Our tech stack is simple, stable, scalable: Golang, Redis, MySQL, Protobuf, React, Typescript.

Sr. SWE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/senior-software-engineer

Sr. SRE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/senior-site-reliability-engin...

SE: https://www.buildbuddy.io/jobs/solutions-engineer

Don't see a perfect fit but still interested? Great, we still want to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]

Glo | Remote | Full Time | Non Profit | $100k+

Glo is building a stablecoin that lifts people out of extreme poverty by providing a basic income. We're a nonprofit startup. Our goal is zero extreme poverty.

Glo is a fully-backed stablecoin that invests its treasuries in short-term Treasury Bills -- just like Circle (USDC). The difference is we'll then give the proceeds from that investment away to GiveDirectly. We call it the anti-poverty version of the dollar.

We raised a $2m seed donation from Sid Sijbrandij (GitLab, YC W15) and are hiring broadly to help realize this vision:

- Head of Community

- Lead Writer

- Copywriter

- Communications and Social Media Manager

- Brand partnerships manager

- Operations manager

- Motivated individuals with a vision for how to grow GLO

Glo's first goal is to be the best stablecoin, and we'll then aim for mainstream adoption beyond the crypto world. Ultimately we strive for Glo to be widely used for payments just like the dollar or the euro.

Check out https://globalincomecoin.com for more!

If you're interested please do not hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]

NASA ADS | DevOps Engineer | Remote from US or Cambridge, MA (US) | Full-time | VISA Sponsorship Available

The NASA Astrophysics Data System (the world-leading scientific literature search engine in Astronomy & Astrophysics) is seeking a talented DevOps engineer to manage our infrastructure, which consists on-premise Linux servers and a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud (AWS).

Job description: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/about/careers/

Typical entry salary range of 75-115K with annual revisions + generous benefits.

We encourage applications from minorities, women, protected veterans, individuals with disabilities, and all other qualified applicants.

Your contribution will be open source and it will have a world-wide impact in the astronomy community!

NASA ADS: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/ Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

Twaice | Engineering, UX | Munich, Germany or Remote (Germany) | Full-time


At Twaice we're building technology to drive the global transformation to a cleaner & greener battery-powered world. Batteries are both the key and the achilles heel of this transition. Our mission is to enable efficient development and longer lifetime of stationary energy storage systems and electric vehicles. For this we're building a platform to deliver predictive battery analytics at scale across multiple industries.

We are a fast growing venture-capital-financed start-up of about 100 employees bringing together engineering disciplines from battery engineers over machine-learning engineers to cloud & front-end developers.

We're hiring for multiple roles across engineering and UX where you will have direct impact on our product and will help us drive the transition to a greener future.

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (m/f/d): https://twaice.jobs.personio.com/job/660982

Data Software Engineer (m/f/d) Fleet Solutions: https://twaice.jobs.personio.com/job/757211

Senior Battery Software Engineer (m/f/d): https://twaice.jobs.personio.com/job/848214

UX Team Lead (m/f/d): https://twaice.jobs.personio.com/job/847908

More openings at: https://www.twaice.com/careers

ev.energy | Senior Backend (Python/Django), Senior ReactNative, React Web, Platform Engineers, Lead Engineers and more | Remote | Full-time | https://ev.energy/careers

ev.energy is making electric vehicle charging greener, cheaper and simpler for everyone.

We’re a small team, but we already serve electricity companies and their customers across the world. Our users are across Europe, North America and Australia.

Since we started three years ago, we’ve grown to 100,000+ users, raised a funding round, collaborated with 15+ energy companies and saved many tonnes of CO2. We were part of Microsoft’s first AI for Good cohort, won the EDF Pulse Innovation Challenge, and were named “Best Energy Startup in the World” by Free Electrons 2019.

We are hiring across our technology stack which includes Django, Python3, React Native, React JS, TypeScript and AWS. If you are interested, see the full list of roles and apply at https://ev.energy/careers/ and mention that you saw this post on HN.

Mercury | Full Time | REMOTE OR SF/NYC/Toronto/Portland | Backend Engineer, Engineer Manager - Web Experience, Frontend Engineer, Full-Stack Engineer

Mercury (www.mercury.com) is building a banking stack for startups. Backed by a16z, CRV, and Coatue. Recently raised $120M Series B at $1.62B valuation.

Tech stack: - Haskell - Typescript - React - Postgres - Swift/Kotlin - Nix

We are hiring across technical and non-technical roles and are open to fully remote employees anywhere in the US or Canada. Please feel free to email me at veronica at mercury dot com with any questions, or apply directly at www.mercury.com/jobs.

Quantum Circuits Inc | Fullstack Eng | New Haven, CT | Hybrid/Remote | Full-time

At Quantum Circuits Inc. (QCI), our mission is to build the first truly useful quantum computers. Our full-stack quantum computing platform uses superconducting devices along with a modular, robust, and scalable architecture. Our unique approach is based on technology developed over a decade of research at Yale University's world-renowned quantum labs. Our quantum computers take advantage of built-in error correction, unique software features enabling lightning-fast algorithm execution, and multiple modes of operation in order to solve a multitude of algorithm types. We are looking for highly motivated software engineers who want to be at the forefront of quantum computing. Are you the type of person who enjoys solving challenging problems and wants to have major impact? Do you want to be part of a deep, fast-paced team of world-class engineers and scientists that are passionate about building the best quantum computers in the world? Join us at QCI and help build something new and truly revolutionary!

Here is more about the role we are currently hiring for: https://jobs.lever.co/quantumcircuits/266e812f-d349-4a21-bdc...

Motive | Backend Engineers, Fintech Engineers, Firmware, Dev Ops, AI | Remote |

Motive builds technology to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered applications to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance, maintenance, spend management, and more. Motive serves more than 120,000 businesses, across a wide range of industries including trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, field service, agriculture, passenger transit, and delivery.

Motive is proud to be a Forbes Cloud 100 company and a 2020 Career-Launching Company by Wealthfront.

We are looking to hire engineers that are passionate about building products that will have a massive impact on the lives of people. We seek and embrace diversity in all of its forms. We continuously push ourselves to think differently and take ownership wherever it's needed. This is a place for dreamers and doers to succeed. If you share our passion for achieving what some say is impossible, join us.


Visa Sponsorship: We can transfer H1b visas, we are also hiring in Bangalore, Canada, Taiwan, and Pakistan

Sample Tech Stack: Golang, Ruby, Java, AWS, PostgresSql, DynamoDB, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka, etc.

ClickHouse |100% Remote|Full time|ClickHouse.com|Various Roles

Get the performance you love from open source ClickHouse in a serverless offering that takes care of the details so you can spend more time getting insight out of the fastest database on earth. ClickHouse: We are the company behind the popular open-source, high performance columnar OLAP database management system for real-time analytics. ClickHouse works 100-1000x faster than traditional approaches.

Notable roles:

Cloud Performance Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/clickhouse/jobs/4608487004

C++ Core Team Engineer (NA timezone): https://boards.greenhouse.io/clickhouse/jobs/4139660004

Full Stack Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/clickhouse/jobs/4442319004

All of our open positions can be viewed here: https://clickhouse.com/company/careers For any questions or to get in touch, please reach out to [email protected]

We look forward to meeting you!

National Journal | Senior Front-End Web Developer | Washington, DC | Full-time | FULLY REMOTE, HYBRID OPTION (2 days/week onsite) | $130K+ | https://www.nationaljournal.com

National Journal gives government affairs professionals the journalism, tools, and in­tel­li­gence they need to stay informed about key movements in people, politics, and policy. Our digital platform is built around a rich set of election and campaign finance data, demographic information, profiles of policymakers, editable slides, government directories, event listings, and decades of journalism.

Tech Stack: We use a Vue.js/TypeScript front-end (for our newest tools) with a Python 3/Django back-end, and traditional Django views with Bootstrap for our more established resources. Our other developers are full-stack and focus mostly on back-end work in Python/Django, but this front-end hire won't need to be a Python/Django expert. Other technologies in our world include Elasticsearch, Docker, Azure, Postgres, Jenkins, Pandas, and Less. We follow a frequent release cycle that lets us bring enhancements to our users in a matter of days.

We're a small team with good people, an open time off policy, solid work-life balance, and interesting problems to solve. Apply or read more at:


Spot | 3D Framework Engineer | Seattle, WA (US-remote encouraged) | spotvirtual.com

Help build your ideal remote working experience and join our mission to make online interactions more meaningful. At Spot, we are building team chat 2.0: a streamlined work experience inside the browser that combines the efficiencies and utility of tools like slack and zoom with the cultural and human elements of a spatial experience. If you are interested in game dev, this is probably the closest thing that comes with a web dev salary. Our team is small, but experienced, and this would be a ground-level role that would provide an opportunity to help shape the technology and company in a really foundational way. Our founders are experienced and most recently founded a Seattle startup that has achieved unicorn status and we have raised a seed round from top-tier investors.

The current stack is Typescript, Babylon.js, React, Apollo/GraphQL, and Nest.js. Everything is built on top of AWS using modern tooling and automation (e.g. pushing a commit will trigger a deployment). We are looking for someone who loves to build frameworks. We currently have a custom framework built on top of Babylon.js and we are looking for someone to help evolve this as well as plan for the future to push the limits of what is possible on the web. This position will be remote, but the ideal candidate will be one who enjoys/misses many aspects of a physical workplace.

Email me directly at gordon at spotvirtual.com or check out https://www.spotvirtual.com/careers/

Obelisk AGI lab, Astera Institute | Full-time | engineering | hybrid ONSITE VISA Berkeley, CA | https://astera.org/obelisk/ Obelisk is an Artificial General Intelligence laboratory that draws on neuroscience and brain architecture to create new models of adaptive intelligence.

The Astera Institute is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to developing high leverage technologies that can lead to massive returns for humanity.

We're a "Focused Research Organization" or "non-profit start-up" as described here: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-00018-5

Visa: As a non-profit research institute, we are exempt from the H1B visa cap so we are willing and able to hire qualified applicants regardless of your nationality.

Compensation: We pay less than e.g., Meta. We pay more cash than the average early VC-backed startup, but there's no equity, since we're a non-profit.

Currently open roles:

- Machine Learning Engineer

- Software Engineer

- System Administrator / Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

- Office Manager

You can apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/astera/

Vantage | Software Engineers (Senior & Staff) | Full-time | NYC & Remote (US) www.vantage.sh

Vantage is a cloud cost platform that gives engineering and finance teams the ability to get visibility on and optimize their cloud infrastructure costs. Our founders are technical and formerly worked at AWS and DigitalOcean. We have hundreds of paying customers with a very fleshed out roadmap and are looking for engineers to help execute. If you love infrastructure, this could be a very interesting and fun job with a senior team. We have very meaty technical problems on data engineering and processing and could use some help! The company culture a kind, high emotional intelligence and high-execution environment.

A variety of technologies we use: Ruby, Rails, Typescript, AWS, Postgres, Fargate, Redshift. A full set of open positions are here: https://www.vantage.sh/careers/

The company is backed by Andreessen Horowitz with participation with a lot of great angel investors including Calvin French Owen (Co-Founder of Segment), Ben and Moisey Uretsky (Co-Founders of DigitalOcean) and Nat Friedman (former CEO of Github)

I'm Co-Founder and CEO - feel free to email me directly ben [at] vantage [dot] sh if you're interested.

Causal | Engineering | REMOTE (US, UK, Canada) | Full-time | https://causal.app

Causal is a tool for performing calculations, visualising data, and communicating with numbers. We take the good parts of spreadsheets and combine them with the good parts of programming, to make number-crunching fast, collaborative, and accessible to everyone.

We're a team of 25, raised $25m from top VCs (Coatue, Accel) and angels (Naval, Scott Belsky, and more), and are hiring for a bunch of engineering roles:

- Backend Engineer — Data (https://jobs.lever.co/causal-app/e696335f-c4d8-49ec-b264-c06...)

- Backend Engineer — Performance (https://jobs.lever.co/causal-app/6059574a-06f5-4635-99f6-536...)

- Full-stack Engineer — Product (https://jobs.lever.co/causal-app/4acaafbe-ef3d-45a6-bbe6-687...)

If this sounds interesting, then we'd love to hear from you: lukas [at] causal [dot] app. Thanks!

Good Pair Days | Software Engineer, Backend or Fullstack | REMOTE (AEST +- 3 hours - Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc.) | https://www.goodpairdays.com | AUD $100,000 to $170,000 + Stock Options

It's our mission at Good Pair Days to disrupt a powerful and entrenched industry and liberate the world of wine from the aloof, the exclusive, the confusing, and the pretentious. To open up the joy of wine discovery for the novices through to the aficionados, by reimagining what the wine retail experience can be for one of the oldest consumer products on earth.

To give you an idea, one of our first products is something we like to call "Spotify for Wine". We like to think of it as providing monthly wine adventures, customised to each member's unique tastes (powered by ML), delivered to their door. Where they can learn as much (or as little) about their wines each month as they like.

Our stack (not a must): Python/Django, React, React Native, GraphQL, Postgres, AWS.

You can email me directly ("beto" at our domain name specified above and the subject line as "From Hacker News | Remote | {your country}").

Please note, this is a full-time remote position within the AEST +- 3 hours limitation.

PlantingSpace | REMOTE | Full-time | https://planting.space

What we are currently hiring for:

* Senior Software Engineers: to build symbolic components of our core system

* NLP Engineers: For transformer models, to work on query parsing

We are a research and development startup, with an ambitious goal to build a system capable of understanding knowledge, to answer questions and get things done.

Our work leverages cutting-edge domains such as Probabilistic Programming and Applied Category Theory. Initially we’re focussed on building a system that can receive queries in natural or domain specific language, provide good answers and an insight into its reasoning. Our core is built in Julia, but we will also consider skills in other production languages, such as Haskell, Clojure, OCaml, Rust and C++.

If you want to learn more about our company, get some insights into what it’s like to work in our team and participate in our retreats, check our out Join Us page: https://planting.space/joinus

To see a full list of openings, and to apply, follow this link: https://jobs.lever.co/planting.space

The Mednet | Full Stack Engineer | New York, onsite | themednet.org Mednet is StackOverflow for doctors. We are a question and answer platform where doctors can get questions answered by leading practitioners in their field. This solves a huge problem in medicine: getting every doctor the best possible information on how to treat their patients.

We started with oncology, and are now the most used digital platform in the field: over 80% of oncologists use Mednet. Our business model is based on teaching doctors about newly developed drugs that can improve their patients' outcomes. Our users say we are the best online resource to get help with difficult cases and our revenue is growing at 3x YoY.

We’re planning to scale Mednet to 8 new medical fields this year, and building products to drive growth and engagement will play a key part in enabling that goal. As a full stack engineer, you will work closely with our CEO and engineering team. You will be responsible for using data such as claims data to build products that customize what doctors see on our platform.

More details: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/mednet/jobs/Oc4ZB2b-fu...

We are also hiring a senior front end engineer: https://bookface.ycombinator.com/company/1496/jobs/56154

I'm Leo, the head of engineering at the Mednet. Feel free to email me directly: leo (at) mednet.org

Generally Intelligent | Senior Software Engineer | Remote or San Francisco | Full-time

Generally Intelligent was founded with the vision of fostering a more abundant and equitable society through the deployment of safe, generally capable agents. We believe that practical methods, strategies, and policies for safety need to be part of the design process from the very beginning.

Much of the work we do at Generally Intelligent is effectively pure software engineering. Our perspective is that even machine learning research ends up being about 90% software engineering, so even without any prior machine learning knowledge, there is plenty to contribute as a normal software engineer. Even most of our machine learning research tends towards the software engineering side of the spectrum, as we prefer to automate the types of work that academic researchers typically do (ex: tuning hyperparameters, experimenting with small variations in network architectures, etc).

For more example projects and benefits, see the full job description: https://generallyintelligent.ai/careers

To apply, email: [email protected] or apply through the website above.

Squaredance (https://squaredance.io/) | Full-Time | Hybrid/Remote (Toronto, Canada)

We are hiring for:

Director of Engineering - Frontend Vue.js Developer - Backend PHP Developer - SRE - Jr Designer

Squaredance is a SaaS platform that enables Brands and Retailers to to discover, recruit, track and grow partnerships that drive customer acquisition in digital marketing channels. We combine a full suite tracking and attribution platform with a partner marketplace and vibrant community to form meaningful and profitable long term relationships.

We build analytics pipelines, recommendation engines, distributed systems, and killer frontends that have powered more than $500M in revenue over the past few years. Our team is small but mighty, and looking for a new addition who doesn’t shy away from challenges and has a relentless desire for self and team improvement. Everyone excels in different areas, and we’ll let you choose what those are for you – we only ask that you bring your best!

We're headquartered in Toronto, but have team members through out Canada and Chile.

Tech Stack: Vue.js, PHP, Python, MySQL, Redshift, TimescaleDB, Redis, AWS, Chef, Terraform, Cloudflare Enterprise, Docker

Contact: [email protected]

Centro | Senior Full-Stack Engineer | Toronto or Remote (Canada) | Canada | Full-time | https://www.centrocommerce.com/

Centro is hiring a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join on our engineering team. We're a venture backed startup building a next-generation data layer for e-commerce to help scaling merchants manage their inventory and orders. We are currently a small team and looking for a senior developer who wants the pace and ownership required for a fast growing startup.

We're looking for an experienced engineer to join our team, take on a ton of ownership & responsibly, and make a serious impact quickly. We write Python/Django on the backend and React/Javascript on the frontend. While we don't require either to apply, having experience in either will be an added bonus.

Full job post here: https://centrocommerce.notion.site/Full-Stack-Engineer-08ad7.... Please email andrew [at] centrocommerce [dot] com with your CV to apply directly!

Predictive Index | Boston or Remote (US) | Full Time

Our mission is “Better work, Better world,” and we take great pride in PI’s power to supercharge workplace relationships and culture to achieve the unthinkable. There’s a reason more than 8,000 companies—including The LA Clippers, Hugo Boss, Nissan, Docusign, Pendo, and Spartan Race—trust PI to help them hire top talent, design winning teams, and develop leaders at every level.

You can learn more about us and all our open roles here: https://www.predictiveindex.com/company/careers-at-pi/

Current technologies include .NET (Framework and Core), Python Angular, TypeScript, and Azure.

* Data Scientist: https://grnh.se/5f3c35322us

* Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/44d5f6902us

* Web Developer: https://grnh.se/5877ac442us

* Sr. Product Manager: https://grnh.se/f282454c2us

Stir | Backend Product Engineer | Full-time (SF) | https//usestir.com/ Stir is where creators earn together. We want to empower a world where anyone can make a living from their creativity. We do this by building powerful tools to help members of the creator economy collaborate together. We’re looking for an engineer who can do more than just write good code -- someone who cares about creators and wants to build something meaningful with a tight-knit team, enjoys talking to users and getting involved with other functions. We're looking for someone with 3+ years experience with backend development (GraphQL, Typescript, & Postgres)

We offer competitive compensation, health and family benefits, and invest in your development and creativity.

Find out more about the role & apply: https://careers.usestir.com/career-roles/backend-product-eng... For more about how we do engineering: https://careers.usestir.com/engineering

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com/) | Head of Search, Head of Ship, Technical Program Manager, Software Engineers, Product Designer | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph is 100% focused on code search and bringing it to every dev and company, and are hiring across the globe.

Sourcegraph enables you to find and fix things across all your code. Companies of all shapes and sizes use Sourcegraph every day to build software you rely on. Works across any code host, any repo, any language.

Code navigation and code exploration improve developer productivity, contextual code intelligence enables better code reviews and onboarding for new hires, and code change campaigns automate large-scale changes.

Sourcegraph Universal Code Search lets developers focus on solving problems, not struggle to find code, while managing rapidly changing and complex codebases.

At Sourcegraph, you will be a part of our foundational team to bring universal code search to every developer and company so they can stay in the flow. Come join us!


JustWatch - The Streaming Guide | Berlin, Germany | FULLTIME, REMOTE | VISA SUPPORT

If you share a strong passion for common sense and pragmatism in everything - you found the right place! JustWatch is the leading entertainment marketing platform that connects over 30 million people with their favorite content. We are looking for driven people who aim to build powerful yet simple software without a manager supervising them.

We don't do scrum and cancel meetings we don't need. Our leadership is deeply technical and leads by context and immediate communication. At the core of this are genuinely self-organized teams and people with a strong internal motivation to build the marketing platform of the future. We love solving challenging goals with ambitious deadlines by finding 20% of the work it takes to deliver 80% of the value.

You don't need to check all the boxes. We want to see the unique energy you can bring to the team!


-Lead Architect

-Lead Backend Engineer (Go)

-Senior Backend Engineer (Go)

-Senior Site Reliability Engineer

-Working Student IT Security and Compliance

Business Intelligence:

-Data Scientist

-Senior BI Developer


-Lead Frontend Engineer

-Senior SEO

We also offer many positions for working students! For a complete overview take a look at our talent page https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent

Appear (https://appear.space/) | Founding Engineer (Unity) | Oslo or REMOTE (CET +/- 2 hours) | Full Time | https://appear.homerun.co/founding-engineer-unity/en

Appear is on a mission to fix the broken product design process for rich AR experiences.

We’re starting an ambitious journey to create next-generation tools to design experiences for the metaverse. Our vision is to free the curiosity of designers from limitations of other platforms and static 2D frames and ultimately enable a design process that produces high quality and engaging XR experiences.

We are looking for a founding engineer that will grow the core product and assemble one of the main technical teams. Someone that is interested in prototyping as well as setting up a strong technical foundation.

As a founding engineer your expertise will be invaluable in shaping both the technology and experience of the tools we are developing.

In-depth understanding of Unity internals and examples of past XR experience are the key technical requirements. Unity’s flavor of C# will be the main programming language. Some examples of technical challenges that will be tackled are: a coherent user interface foundation, 3D environment simulation and logic systems.

For more details, and to apply take a look at: https://appear.homerun.co/founding-engineer-unity/en

If you have any questions feel free to reach out at: [email protected]

Joby Aviation | Bay Area or Remote (PST Working Hours) | Full Time | https://joby.aero

Located in Northern California, the Joby Aviation team is steadily working toward our goal of creating an affordable, all-electric air transportation system. Imagine an air taxi that takes off vertically, then quietly and quickly carries you over the traffic congestion below, giving you back the time that otherwise would have spent sitting in traffic. Since 2009, our team has been making this dream a reality, designing and flight testing a prototype aircraft capable of serving in a network of electric air taxis.

The Air Taxi team is growing and we need more engineers to help build our platform and apps to support day to day operations and rider engagement.

Why we like working here:

- Software engineering roles are mostly remote. We have an onsite for a week every 3 months where we gather to plan and hang out.

- We're full of aviation enthusiasts so if you're a pilot or want to be this is the place to be.

- The problems we're solving are difficult and fun.

Notable Roles:

- Senior Web/Frontend Engineer: https://careers-jobyaviation.icims.com/jobs/2168/senior-web-...


- Backend: Java, Federated GraphQL, MySQL

- Frontend: Typescript, React, Remix

- Mobile: Swift

Please reach out to [email protected] to apply or discuss.

SkySafe | Multiple Positions | San Diego and Remote (USA)

SkySafe is hiring multiple engineering positions to build out our airspace monitoring and forensics solutions for drones. We build radio sensors that feed a cloud platform to detect, identify, and track drone flights in real time. Moreover, we provide a complete solution for drone forensics to aid law enforcement and defense customers. Work on our web technologies (Vue.js, Python, Mapbox), improve our software defined radios (Python, C++, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth), reverse engineer drones (RF signals, binary and hardware analysis), and build the future of drone airspace management at SkySafe.

- Full Stack Engineer (remote/SD)

- Cloud DevOps Engineer (SD)

- Wireless Systems Engineer (Remote/SD)

- Reverse Engineer (Remote)

- Signals Reverse Engineer (Remote)

- Mechanical Engineer (San Diego)

- IT Support Engineer (San Diego)

Don't see your role but think you would be a good fit? Send us your resume and a brief cover letter.

Email: [email protected] (recruiting) and CC: [email protected] (engineering)



ReadWorks | Senior Back End Engineer (Python) | REMOTE from US | Full-time or Part-time

ReadWorks is an education technology nonprofit and is looking for a Senior Back End Engineer (Python) with a passion for education and literacy to join our engineering team. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to an established education platform that serves nearly thirteen million active students and teachers.

What you'll be doing: ReadWorks is looking for an engineer to help us build the next generation of literacy technology. This person will work across all the areas of our platform - Content Publishing, Web, and Data Analytics - to ensure that all our systems are communicating effectively and are well-maintained. They will work closely with our Teaching, Learning, & Content (TLC) and Product teams to build features and support our users.

Technology we use: Python, SQL (Postgres), Django, Linux, AWS (EC2, RDS, Lambda)

More info here: https://about.readworks.org/careers.html

Contact us: jobs at readworks dot org and mention you read the post on Hacker News!

OpenRegulatory | Person Who Builds Things and Ships Software | Remote | Full-time | Berlin | https://openregulatory.com

There are many things which we do differently at OpenRegulatory. We don't use Slack. We have a four-day workweek. Everyone gets access to the company bank account, and if you get your work done in 2 hours per day, that's fine with us.

But now over to you!

You love building things. You've discovered programming which enabled you to build many things fast.

You have a fair amount of experience in different programming languages. After cycling through many new, shiny tech stacks, you've arrived at the conclusion that productivity is at its highest when using old-school, proven technology. Like Rails, tailwindcss and Hotwire.

Read more on our own digital health job board (we ship side projects, too):


Apply by sending us your CV and a short explanation why you don't want to work at Google:

[email protected]

Baserow | Remote-only (Europe/UK) | Full-Time | Open Source | https://baserow.io

Baserow is on a mission to help everyone build applications faster, cheaper and easier. We want to give the power back to the users who understand best what is needed for their business. We are strong believers of open and extensible software.

Open positions:

Front-end Developer: https://baserow.io/jobs/front-end-developer

Product Marketing Manager: https://baserow.io/jobs/product-marketing-manager

Territory Account Manager Germany: https://baserow.io/jobs/territory-account-manager

Territory Account Manager US: https://baserow.io/jobs/territory-account-manager-us

Developer Advocate: https://baserow.io/jobs/developer-advocate

DevOps Engineer: https://baserow.io/jobs/devops-engineer

Senior Full Stack Developer: https://baserow.io/jobs/experienced-full-stack-developer

Tenzir | Remote - EU | Open-source | Full-time | https://tenzir.com

Tenzir is a seed-stage startup that builds an open-core SecOps data plane to enable evidence-driven detection, threat hunting, and investigation. Our stack consists of an indexed storage system and pipeline engine for dataflow processing on structured event data, VAST (https://vast.io). On top, we are building a Python app framework and a Svelte web frontend.

Our open positions include:

- Principal Product Designer: https://tenzir.jobs.personio.com/job/884074

- Security Engineer: https://tenzir.jobs.personio.com/job/870115

We are based out of Hamburg, Germany, and hire across EU time zones for engineering roles. For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

Glean | Founding Team Engineers, Designer | On-site* (NYC) | Full-time | https://glean.io/

Apply: [email protected] | https://glean.io/careers

Glean is building the most intuitive way for teams to visualize data and make it interactive.

We are a well-funded, ambitious Seed-stage New York City startup backed by top-tier product and data investors. Our team has experience as early employees of successful startups and in big tech. We have early product-market fit and a growing list of paying customers, and we’re looking to build a diverse and thriving team. And we might be a great fit for the next step in your career if you’re excited about having a lot of ownership over your work, learning from early-stage customers and investors, building a world-class engineering culture, and holding a lot of equity in a fast-growing startup.

For senior software engineering roles, open to remote candidates with US work authorization in some cases

Abine - the online privacy company | WFH REMOTE or BOSTON, MA | Full Time | Web application and Full Stack Developers. Product Manager. Growth. Marketing. Data Analytics. Sales. | https://www.abine.com/ and https://joindeleteme.com/

We are a growing profitable company focused on better, easier, online privacy.

Our flagship product is DELETEME, a service for removing private information from many data broker sites (and more places) that list and sell consumers personal profile data.

We're looking for strong talent across the board as we are growing over 100% y/y and expanding both B2C and B2B divisions. Developers, PM's, Growth Marketers and smart committed people who are interested in making a difference in the fight for privacy are encouraged to apply.

Please contact us at jobs at getabine dotcom. 1. no recruiters (please, really, please) 2. helpful if you can include both a full CV and desired comp range


Metabase | https://metabase.com | REMOTE | Full-time | Backend, Frontend, Full Stack, and DevOps engineers Metabase is open source analytics software that lets anyone in your company rummage around in the databases you have. It connects to a number of databases / data warehouses (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres, MySQL, etc).

People kinda like the product (metabase.com/love). We're a remote team full of people who care about user experience, making complicated things as simple as possible and building things. We have a deeply pragmatic engineering culture and value building things that people actually use vs whatever closes a deal or makes for a good press release.

Tech stack: Clojure, Typescript, React, Redux, AWS

Roles: Engineering Managers, Data Analysts, Frontend/DevOps/Backend Engineering, Success Engineers, and more.

See https://www.metabase.com/jobs/

Proof of Play | Lead Blockchain Engineer (Solidity) | Remote (NYC HQ) | Full-Time | proofofplay.gg

We are a small group of veteran game developers and entrepreneurs creating games using blockchain technology. Our vision is simple: to create generation-defining games that fundamentally grant power and ownership to the players who play them. Our team hails from Epic Games, Zynga, EA, Activision, and Riot Games, where we led $1b+ franchises like “FarmVille”, and “Mafia Wars”.

Technologies: Solidity, Typescript/JS, React, Unity

For this role we're looking for an engineer with a large breath of experience in technologies that are not just blockchain (Bonus points if you're familiar with Entity Component Systems!). We're a small team of polyglots who work on many different parts of the stack. You will be responsible for our on chain game systems.

A large portion of our dev team is based in NYC, If you are there we do team lunch every thursday and meet in person. We also do off-sites every 3 months, the last one being in Santa Monica!

Apply on our website at proofofplay.gg

ROCKSTAR GAMES | NYC-San Diego-New England| FULL-TIME | .NET SOFTWARE ENGINEERS | Existing Visa Transfers Welcome

A career at Rockstar Games is about being part of a team working on some of the most creatively rewarding and ambitious projects to be found in any entertainment medium. You would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment where you can learn, and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry.


Develop highly scalable server-side features for our online game console clients using object-oriented development in C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server.

Develop back-end services and APIs. Actively practice Test Driven Development (TDD) while developing new features and refactoring existing code.

Work in an AWS cloud-based, event-driven microservice architecture with a high priority on web performance optimization.

Collaborate with other Rockstar technology teams across our worldwide studios.

New York: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4187...

San Diego: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4110...

New England: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/openings/position/4161...

You can see our other openings here: https://www.rockstargames.com/careers/

Sleeper | Senior Software Engineers | Remote (US only) | Full-Time | https://sleeper.com/jobs

We connect people over sports.

Salaries for Senior-level talent starts at $200,000+

Competitive equity and benefits. At least 4 get-together outings a year.

Remote but we prefer you be located in one of our hubs - SF Bay Area, Seattle, LA, NYC

Grey Market Labs | Software Engineer | REMOTE / Arlington, VA | Full-time | greymarketlabs.com

Grey Market Labs® is a Certified B-Corp founded with the mission to protect life online, named one of Inc Magazine's fastest growing companies and Best Workplaces. Our patented Replica™ platform orchestrates, automates, and secures Environments-as-a-Service, making organizations more protected with a Zero Trust isolation architecture and more productive by increasing access to critical data, tools, and workflows on-demand, anywhere. Replica eliminates the cyber risks of old, establishes a resilient architecture that self-heals, and automates the complexity of cloud and orchestration, reducing IT burden by over 99.73%.



AllSpice | https://allspice.io/ | Boston, MA | Full time | Remote/Onsite | Mid-level - Principal, Intern | rust, golang, Vuejs

At AllSpice, we're building the future of hardware development and collaboration, applying modern software design principles to the hardware industry with revision control, design review, and automated test (think GitHub/Bitbucket for hardware). AllSpice is unlocking the next generation of smart vehicles, IOT devices, rockets, medical devices, robotics, and much more.


We have a highly-capable, tight-knit, remote-first team with a flex office in Somerville, MA and competitive benefits. We strongly value continuous communication and personal development. See more on our careers page [https://allspice.notion.site/AllSpice-Careers-3173d0cd518b42...]

We’re hiring primarily for:

Backend Engineer (data structures) [Rust] - Own the complex parsing and rendering of hardware design files and associated APIs using python and rust (all new development in rust). Build performance benchmarks to track runtime, and generated file size. See more: https://allspice.notion.site/Backend-Engineer-Data-Structure...

Software Intern [Rust] (paid) - Join our incredible engineering building our back-end code, and help develop some really forward-looking development tools.

Software Intern [TS/JS/Vue] (paid) - Help us improve our UI/UX, get mentorship from an amazing development team, and build up a great portfolio contributing to an open source project.

[Contract] On Premises Infrastructure Consultant - Support enterprise users with dedicated on-premises installations.

Tech Stack: Docker, GoLang, Rust, Python, Vue

Apply by emailing me ([email protected]) or [email protected] with [HN] in the title and a link to your GitHub/GitLab profile and/or resume.

Beacon Biosignals | Multiple Roles | Remote, NYC, Boston, SF | Full Time

Beacon is driving the next-generation development of precision therapies for brain disease by making EEG-based brain monitoring accessible, interpretable, and actionable at scale. Come help us accelerate the development of new treatments for millions of patients with severe neurological and psychiatric disease!

We're hiring for several roles across engineering and product. Our tech stack includes TypeScript, Julia, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Metabase, PostGraphile, React, React Native, Node.js, K8s, and AWS.

Want to work at a fast-paced startup that executes world-class neuroscience atop a strong engineering culture? Come join Beacon's Platform team to help us engineer the future of brain health analytics! https://beacon.bio/careers

Secureframe (https://www.secureframe.com) | Ruby / Rails / Typescript / React.js | REMOTE

Our mission is to help organizations build trust and stay secure but we are not just building incredible products, we are focused on building a great culture. A collaborative environment full of passionate people and meaningful benefits— this is a place for you to thrive and do your best work.

We are hiring for:

* Sr. Full Stack Engineer, Technical Product Manager, Sr. Designer, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, and more to work on the Secureframe product, which is built with Ruby on Rails and React.js

Our team is 100% remote across North America and the United Kingdom and all current openings are listed here (https://secureframe.com/careers)

VRM Switzerland | System Engineer | Zurich/Dübendorf | Onsite | Full Time

VRM Switzerland is a young, successful and rapidly growing company in Dübendorf (Zurich, Switzerland), which develops, produces and promotes next-generation training simulators and services for helicopters, applying leading-edge technologies. Our passion: to provide ambitious pilots a most-authentic learning experience in the virtual world to drastically improve safety of flight.

We are reinforcing our platform and infrastructure team, which oversees packaging applications and making them deployable. They then will be run as containers in our self managed datacentre or flight training solutions all over the world. Further, backend services like databases and object stores need to be configured and operated.

Ansible, Python, Gitlab, Kubernetes

If you are interested please email with CV and short letter: [email protected]

Untether AI | https://www.untether.ai/ | Software Engineer | Toronto, Canada | remote | full time

Hello from Untether AI! We're an AI chip company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a hybrid employee base located in Canada, the US, and Europe. Our team is passionate about at-memory inference acceleration. We presented at the Hot Chips Symposium this summer and you can see our presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8N9bG5YQ_g We are guided by an experienced leadership team and our mission to make AI workloads run faster and cooler is executed by our exceptionally talented engineering teams. We are looking for people who identify with this mission to join our team!

We are currently looking to hire for multiple roles:

- Senior Dev-Ex Infrastructure Engineer, https://jobs.lever.co/untether/96dcbf44-aeba-44d1-9786-e91ba...

- Compiler Engineer, https://jobs.lever.co/untether/f6a1d500-9db7-46ac-831f-ac4b7...

- Compiler Tech Lead, https://jobs.lever.co/untether/e8b235e1-9c13-43a3-a521-28dd4...

- Senior Firmware Engineer, https://jobs.lever.co/untether/093343d3-2a61-4625-a2a1-e3337...

You can apply at our website: https://jobs.lever.co/untether

Mattermost | Open source | REMOTE-FIRST | https://mattermost.com/ Mattermost is a flexible, open source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration. Try out Playbooks for Incident Collaboration and Boards for open source project management.

We are currently hiring:

- Data Analyst, Data Engineering team

- Senior Program Manager, Data Engineering team

- Product Manager, Playbooks Team

- Senior Product Security Engineer

Please submit your application here: https://mattermost.com/careers/ or send your resume to [email protected] To learn about all the ways to get involved with our community visit https://mattermost.com/contribute/

SourceFabric | Full stack developer | Open-source | REMOTE (Central European Timezone +/- 3h)

Sourcefabric is Europe's largest developer of open source tools for news media. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Sourcefabric z.ú. brings together minds from all corners of the globe to promote media development through the creation of open source software. All of our tools are open source and free to download: Superdesk, Live Blog and Airtime.

We are looking for a full stack developer(Python, TypeScript/JavaScript, React) with at least 4 years of experience in software development in general and significant experience with mentioned technologies. You will be joining a team of 7 developers to work on new features and maintenance of our Newshub and Superdesk web applications.

To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Ribbon | Remote or On-Site | Toronto, Canada | Full Time


Ribbon is rebuilding the world of professional social networks and employee recognition to be centred on one thing: ownership. We believe that everything you accomplish and achieve should be recognized and owned by you (not by a third party). When you move between organizations, your achievements and benefits should move with you.

We’re backed by top tier investors and operators from across the globe (to be announced soon - we're currently semi-stealth).

We’re hiring full stack developers for our founding team - join us!

More info here: http://ribbon.cool/careers To apply email arsham[at]ribbon[dot]cool

Fevo | New York City or Remote (NA/Europe) | Full time | https://fevo.com Fevo is an ecommerce platform specializing in social selling. We help people buy things and enjoy them together. Come build things with us! What we do: We've been changing the ticketing industry since 2016, and now we are expanding into hospitality, travel, insurance and luxury industries.

Things we love about Fevo

- We've been fully remote since before COVID, though we have an office in the meatpacking district.

- Excellent compensation; we work hard and Fevo takes good care of us financially. All employees have stock options.

- We welcome diversity, and are an inclusive workplace. We're excited to work with you.

- We create useful software using exciting technologies, with an established and talented global team.


- Backend: Golang (1.19), some modern Java (via Quarkus), some Scala

- Frontend: Typescript, React, Redux

- DB: Postgres

We are looking for enthusastic engineers with 3+ years of experience. We are open to candidates in North America and Europe, and we require that your workday has some overlap with core-east coast hours (9-5 EST).

Notable roles:

Back end engineer (Golang Focus): https://jobs.lever.co/fevo/23600611-c6b0-4645-a9b8-633b831ba...

Full stack developer (Scala Focus): https://jobs.lever.co/fevo/1ab8a8b4-8d7f-4d1e-900a-27fba91d8...

Please reach out to [email protected] to apply or discuss. A full list of roles we are hiring for is at https://jobs.lever.co/fevo

V7 | Remote or On-Site | London, UK | Full Time https://v7labs.com We're automating humanity’s most important visual tasks from early cancer screening, to alzheimer's research, to giving sight to autonomous robots. Dealroom's most promising breakout company of 2022, Forbes top 20 ML startup of 2021. Just raise a $33m Series A and backed by AI heavyweights, including the creators of Keras, Elixir and leaders at DeepMindaand OpenAI.

This month we're hiring for:

- Full Stack Developer

- Back-End Developer (Elixir)

- Front End Developer

- Head of Growth

- Python developer (Integrations, Python SDK)

All roles and applications here!: https://www.v7labs.com/working-at-v7

Superstruct | Jr Engineering Manager | REMOTE | Superstruct.tech

Want to help founders build out their SAAS products? At Superstruct we build and manage teams of software engineers. We are unconventional and not a good fit for everyone. Doing what you say you will is critical. Clear written communication is critical. We don't believe in hiring great people and getting out of the way. We think sprints and standups are stupid.

If want to learn more about our philosophy and how we help create productive senior engineers, check out https://manifesto.superstruct.tech

If any of this resonates with you drop me a line at [email protected] with the subject "HN EM" and we can chat.

BanffAdvisors | Founding Backend/Data Engineer | Remote (US)|US-based only |Full-Time | https://www.banffadvisors.com/

BanffAdvisors is an executive leaders career management platform. We are helping reshape the executive leadership landscape by unlocking doors and opportunities to our clients. Over 50% of our executive clients self-identify as underrepresented so we are serious about our commitment to diversity.

We have spent the last 3 years building a successful business and now we are embarking on our journey to scale our business. As a founding engineer you will help shape the engineering culture at Banff and set the technical direction. The founding team includes a senior machine learning researcher, full stack engineer and you.

As the founding backend/data engineer you'll help extend the current nascent data infrastructure to support use cases such as network based recommendation systems, web crawling systems and assist in redesigning our MVP production data pipelines to normalize and standardize unstructured data.

Tech Stack: Python, FastAPI, Heroku, Algolia, PostgresSQL.

We are fully remote and employees are based in the US.

For more about the job please see and apply: https://apply.workable.com/banff-advisors-llc/j/4D42D5D3DD/

Dynasty | Senior React/NextJS Engineer, Senior Python Engineer, | Remote (USA) | Contract (Full-time) | https://getdynasty.com

At Dynasty we believe every adult in the United States should have a Living Trust. The old way of creating a Trust involves lawyers, notaries, 3 ring binders, and safe deposit boxes. Dynasty fixes this by making Living Trust creation simple, digital, and free.

Frontend: Node / React / NextJS Backend: Postgres, Django, GraphQL

* We are looking for our first full-time Node and Python engineering hires. * Join a remote-first team founded by early employees from Carta.com with a proven track record of building financial software.

Contact: [email protected]

Link11 | Scrum Master, C/C++ Developer, Team Lead | Remote (EU) | Full-time | https://www.link11.com

We are building a new legion of code wizards to help us fight DDoS floods, malicious bots, and sophisticated web application attacks. Help us unlock the secrets of the digital realm and shape the future of cybersecurity with cutting-edge technologies!

As a Scrum Master, you will be the guiding hand that keeps our legion on track and moving in the right direction. You'll need to have some experience with agile methodologies and a good understanding of Scrum principles, but most importantly, you'll need to be a master of motivation and organization.

As a Developer, you'll have the chance to work with advanced low-level, network, and concurrent programming techniques. You'll need to be skilled in C/C++ and other programming languages, and you should have a deep understanding of computer science concepts.

And as a Team Lead, you'll be the one who helps us achieve greatness by inspiring and mentoring your fellow legion members.. You'll need to have experience leading and managing software development teams, and a strong technical background, but most importantly, you'll need to be a master of communication and leadership

If you're ready to embark on this quest with us, we want to hear from you! Apply now and start your journey into the depths of cybersecurity. Reach out at [email protected] for further information and questions of any kind.

Vivint | Home Automation - IoT, making cool stuff | Boston, MA | onsite

At our Boston Innovation Center, we're delivering an integrated platform, award-winning products and the industry's first artificial intelligence for the smart home. Check out our openings and join the #SmartHomeRevolution

We are looking for wicked smart designers and engineers across multiple functions, but here are just a few:

- Android principal and staff engineers

- Mobile UX designer

Check out all of our openings here: https://www.vivint.com/company/careers/team/technology

Technologies we touch: kotlin, swift, golang, python

Please email [email protected]

Follow Up Boss | Remote (US Based) | Full-time | https://www.followupboss.com/

We are a bootstrapped, profitable company started back in April of 2011. We are a fully remote company (since day one) with a mostly US-based team.

We are very customer-centric: https://www.facebook.com/followupboss/reviews and our customers love our product.

We are growing and looking to hire strong senior/mid level engineers.

Senior Application Security Engineer ($166k - 180k) - https://careers.followupboss.com/senior-security-engineer/en - PHP implementation, pen testing, best practice education, audits, etc.

Senior Full Stack Engineer ($166k - 180k) - https://careers.followupboss.com/senior-full-stack-engineer/... - PHP + React

Full Stack Engineer ($130k - $146k) - https://careers.followupboss.com/full-stack-engineer/en - PHP + React

Data Analyst ($107k - $117k) - https://careers.followupboss.com/data-analyst/en - We use Redshift + Metabase, looking for someone with strong SQL chops and stats/analytics understanding.

We solve for a lot of interesting problems for our customers and strive to make the product simple and easy to use. Behind the scenes we process billions of emails, millions of text messages and calls, sync with dozens of integrations, and more.

Please check out https://careers.followupboss.com/ for more info , thanks!

Elsewhere | Founding Engineer + Game Developer | San Francisco / Seattle

Ever wanted to build indie video games as a startup? Let's talk.

Elsewhere is a pre-launch startup recently funded by top investors. We're building a new kind of cooperative social multiplayer game that lives right in the web browser.

I previously co-founded Human Interest, a YC-backed fintech unicorn. My co-founder is a games industry vet, having spent 12 years working at Wizards of the Coast working on Magic: The Gathering.

Tech stack is Node/TypeScript + WebGL. It's fine if you haven't used these, as long as you have software engineering experience in at least one other role prior.

Reach out with a short introduction to [email protected]

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence | Multiple Research & Software Engineering Roles | REMOTE | https://allenai.org

AI2 is a non-profit research institute founded in 2014 with the mission of conducting high-impact AI research and engineering in service of the common good.

Our headquarters are in Seattle, WA. Employees are free to work remotely or on-site.

We have multiple roles open for both Researchers and Engineers. You can find a full list of open positions here:


US Citizenship and Immigration Services (Contractor) | Full Stack Engineers | $100k - 180k, benefits | Full-Time | Remote | US ONLY

US Citizenship and the ability to pass a government clearance (Public Trust) IS REQUIRED

We're a team in the US Government responsible for digitizing and enhancing all aspects of the workflows used to adjudicate refugees and asylees. We're an unusual government team in that we build iteratively without using a list of requirements. Our Product Managers use the Lean Agile methodology—their goal is to make small incremental changes quickly. Our Product Designers use Human Centered Design—they build interfaces and workflows based on direct input from users. Our developers use Extreme Programming—they practice pair programming and use test-driven development.

Many folks have been drawn to join our team out of a desire to work on something vividly mission-driven for a chapter of their career.

Our developers work with M1 MacBook Pros, Ruby on Rails, React, and TypeScript. Our designers use Sketch, Figma, and InVision. Our PMs use Jira, Miro, InVision and the Microsoft Suite. Structurally, our teams are given an atypically high degree of autonomy for the federal space.

Suitable candidates will be forwarded to our government contracting partners who will interview, hire, and place on our team.

We're hiring for all:

Full-stack Engineers (Rails experience is required) | Product Managers | Product Designers

Salary range (100k-180k)

If you're interested in joining the team, email [email protected] with your resume.

Vendia | Product & Engineering | Remote | Full-Time | https://www.vendia.com/careers

Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie? If you answered, Yippee Ki YES! you agree with 100% of Vendians who answered the same question. And you should probably work here. If you answered no, you’re wrong. However, we can likely overcome that and still want to talk to you.

We’re looking for senior candidates with 8 years experience in the SaaS / IaaS / B2B / Cloud / Distributed Compute / Database space, focusing on Software Engineering, Software Dev Management and Technical Product Management roles.

Vendia’s core value proposition centers around the fact that sharing business data is both critical and fundamentally difficult. We empower customers by enabling them to share data across silos (clouds, geographies, companies), enabling a single view (no more duplication), guaranteeing customers retain compliance, security, privacy and access control of their data. We tackle the challenges associated with distributed computing & storage, consensus, multi-party writes, immutable ledgers, multi cloud and much more, allowing our customers to focus on what matters most: their data.

Right now, we're ~45 folks strong. We’re a remote first company, with an office in Seattle and coworking spaces available. We’re willing to sponsor H1B eligible candidates on a case-by-case basis. And we differentiate ourselves from other tech companies with our Kind Humans Policy.

Learn more at https://www.vendia.com/careers

Bloomberg | Software Engineer - DevX | NYC | Full-Time

We are looking for someone that loves to build new things, code on a daily basis and enjoys problem solving across a large set of exciting computer science problems. Ideally you will be passionate about building cutting edge tooling to help us improve the ways we work. Salary information provided in link below in accordance with New York State law. https://careers.bloomberg.com/job/detail/107902?qe=Senior+So...

Flying Circus | Application Operations Engineer / Systems Engineer | Halle, Germany | REMOTE (DE) | Full-time, part-time, INTERNS | https://flyingcircus.io

Flying Circus is a German service provider doing “DevOps as a Service” for software developers and application owners. We take over the responsibility of technical operations and are a day-to-day partner to create and maintain business critical custom applications. Based on our real-life experience of simple and complex projects we provide a NixOS-based hosting platform with a flat-fee pricing model that makes operations a predictable and sustainable cost.

We are looking to grow our application operations and platform & infrastructure teams. We offer various junior/senior positions and students are also welcome!

Please note that we require German as a professional (not necessarily first) language, so here are our job offers and a description of the hiring process in German:


We use a lot of Open Source, contribute and also publish our own platform code: https://github.com/flyingcircusio/fc-nixos

Tech: NixOS, Python, Ceph, QEMU, our own data center hardware, Grafana, Prometheus, PostgreSQL, Redis, Varnish, nginx, HAProxy, ...

CodeSandbox here. We're looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our team. If you get energy working on the frontend of the frontend, thus are UI heavy, we'd love to hear from you. Tech stack: React, JS, TS, Next.JS, Radix. Depending on your location we compensate between EUR 68-100k. We have unlimited vacation days and it's 100% remote. Have a look: https://codesandbox.recruitee.com/o/senior-frontend-engineer
Valimail | Full-time opportunities within Engineering | Fully remote | https://valimail.com

We are seeking staff level engineers for application development and platform engineering. The Application Development and SRE teams at Valimail work on extremely interesting and challenging projects which form the backbone of our products servicing hundreds of customers.

About us: Founded in 2015, Valimail is a SF based Series C startup that focuses on DMARC authentication—a widely supported standard authentication method that stops email spoofing and email fraud by locking down your organization’s domains, so only authorized senders can send email from them.

At this time, we are actively hiring for the following positions:

Staff Software Engineer, Applications: https://grnh.se/43a16f513us

Staff Platform Engineer: https://grnh.se/43c421d93us

Tech stack: Golang, Ruby on Rails, React, Microservices, REST API, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, AWS

If you’re interested in learning about DMARC email authentication, feel free to check this out: https://www.valimail.com/email-security-best-practices/

Full Stack Software Engineer

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

* Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar

* Advanced programming experience with PHP Frameworks, either Laravel or Symfony

* Software Engineering skills including algorithm design and implementation, troubleshooting, deployment, documentation, and testing

* Understanding of web application (full-stack) development concepts; software tools, methods, platforms, and deployment technologies

* full time, remote, nuclear sciences

Apply here: https://careers.pnnl.gov/jobs/5979?lang=en-us

MassLight | Software Engineers | React / Node.js / iOS / Android | Remote, HQ is in Washington, DC

MassLight builds startups in exchange for equity. Most of our engineers are full-stack but some of our engineers prefer frontend or backend. https://masslight.com

You can check out our job postings on AngelList https://angel.co/company/masslight/jobs or email me at [email protected]

Ultra Mobile/Mint Mobile | Various Roles | Costa Mesa, CA | Full-Time | Remote Roles Available | Ultra Mobile and Mint Mobile. Our two brands are basically the Batman and Superman of the wireless industry, saving our customers from our overpriced competitors with incredible prices and premium wireless service. We are inventors and innovators who believe in owning the outcome of everything we do, being action-based, and embracing the journey we’re on as a team. Check out our careers page to learn more about us and see all open roles: https://www.ultramobile.com/careers/ and https://www.mintmobile.com/careers/ We are currently hiring for:

Data Architect (Remote in U.S.): https://grnh.se/6f9286de3us

Database Reliability Engineer (Remote in U.S.): https://grnh.se/8099ccf33us

If these positions don't appear to be a fit for you, refer a friend or colleague and get $1,000. Let your friend or colleague know to provide your full name and email when applying to the job. If we hire them and they stay for 90 days, you get $1000. For more details of restrictions and rules, please email [email protected]

Spectral (http://spectral.energy) | Multiple Positions | Full-Time | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | VISA Sponsorship Available | Primarily On-Site, with flexibility for some remote working days.

Spectral develops technical solutions that help propel the evolution of smart energy networks. We are involved across the whole grid, whether it's a community, building, energy farm, neighborhood, or all at the same time! Some areas we focus on include: improving asset efficiency, unlocking the value of energy storage, facilitating demand flexibility, and locally produced renewable energy.

We believe that one of the most urgent issues of our time is the challenge of providing for our energy needs in a sustainable way. We are looking for engineers that share our mission.

ABOUT THE TEAM: An awesome, multicultural and very ambitious entrepreneurial team and the chance to change the world for the better by creating innovative software! No unnecessary hierarchy, but a team of like-minded individuals that are committed to making a lasting change in the energy landscape. TECH: Python (with some golang and C#), Google Cloud, Postgres & TimescaleDB, gRPC, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, HTML, CSS, RabbitMQ, Vue.js, Reactjs, front-end, DevOps, Typescript, REST, Git, SCADA systems, .Net, Linux, CI/CD, IoT, Azure, AWS, Sass or less, Git, Three.js

WHERE DO I APPLY? https://jobs.spectral.energy/

Koddi | Currently seeking FT employees in the following locations: Ann Arbor, MI | Fort Worth, TX | Austin, TX | New York, NY, or Remote Open roles: Software Engineers (Go, Java, C, C++), Senior Data Scientist, Product Managers, UI Designer;Sr. DevOps Azure Engineer, Technical Program Management Lead, Lead Solutions (software) Engineer, Looking to become a major player on a diverse team? Want to make a big impact on an engineer-driven roadmap in your next career adventure? Koddi Engineers drive innovation by embracing challenges and deploying emerging technologies to solve complex problems in software development. Koddi is a technology company that was born in 2013 from an opportunity to innovate in the adtech space. Our award-winning SaaS platform provides a robust network for brands to connect with consumers and drive revenue through native sponsored placements, metasearch, and programmatic media campaigns. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, we’ve grown to become a diverse global team. Ranked by Forbes, Deloitte, and Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, we’re growing rapidly and looking for innovative problem solvers to join our team. Review all open roles at www.koddi.com/careers and apply directly, or send your resume to [email protected] Please reach out with any questions. We are not currently seeking external recruitment partnerships at this time. All candidates must be based in the US.
ChartMogul | Multiple Roles | Remote (EU) | Full-time

At ChartMogul, we're building the leading Subscription Analytics Platform for growing SaaS businesses. We're a remote-first company with 70 team members present in 25 different countries. Profitable and self-sustaining since our seed funding.

Our core product is a Ruby on Rails backend and Vue.js frontend, with services in Python and Go. Postgres serves most of our database needs, along with a Snowflake data warehouse.

- Senior Ruby Engineer, Pipeline Team: https://jobs.chartmogul.com/o/senior-ruby-engineer-pipeline-...

- Senior Database Engineer, Analytics Team: https://jobs.chartmogul.com/o/senior-database-data-engineer-...

- Backend Engineer, Integrations Team: https://jobs.chartmogul.com/o/backend-engineer-integrations-...

- QA Lead: https://jobs.chartmogul.com/o/qa-lead-remote-eu

Exnaton | Remote EU | Full-Time | https://www.exnaton.com

At Exnaton, we build software for renewable energy communities and energy sharing. Our software processes energy data from smart meters in households and does high resolution tariffing and billing of energy flows. We sell it in a SaaS model to utility companies, so they can offer their customers attractive products around distributed renewable energy generation. We are a seed stage company, spun off of ETH Zurich, are currently a team of 18, and are supported by great funds such as True Ventures, Global Founders Capital and Uebermorgen. We operate a stack with a backend built in a strict micro-services pattern with polyglot services, written mostly in TypeScript and some in Python. Technologies are chosen to fit the purpose (e.g. time series, relational, no-sql databases). All deployments rely on Helm and run on platform-agnostic Kubernetes clusters. If you're motivated to work with latest technologies, but in a really impactful sector and not just some unnecessary e-commerce or the next faster food delivery, you are the right fit for us. We're currently hiring for the following roles:

- Backend/Cloud Engineer (backend and AWS cloud ops, EU only)

- Front End Developer (remote)

- Business Development (EU only)


Pangea | SDET | SRE | Backend SWE | Developer Advocate | Full Time | Palo Alto & Remote

Apply today at https://pangea.cloud

We're Pangea - a well-funded startup whose leaders and investors rank among the most successful veterans of the security industry. We are a product-led company, whose mission is to deliver an amazing product built specifically for developers and we are hiring talented software engineers to build a collection of cloud-agnostic security services. Engineers who are passionate about innovating in the security space and driven to deliver exceptional product experiences for developers are an ideal fit for this role.

Recent PR about our Series B funding - https://pangea.cloud/news-events/press-release-series-b/

We're hiring experienced SRE's, Backend SWE's, and SDET's to join our growing team and help us deliver an amazing product that provides security services to application developers. We are using a modern tech stack of Golang/Python/Kubernetes and some of our backend is deployed on cloud serverless infrastructure as well.

We are also building our GTM team to engage with a growing App Developer Community.

Apply today at https://pangea.cloud

Sr. SDET Backend SWE SRE Developer Advocate Product Manager - Community

Customer-focused and core-values driven engineering company seeks talented developers to build unstoppable drilling products. Our products are used in 4 drilling industries and our technology stack spans from embedded to the cloud. Expect to take ownership of the development and quality of key product features that matter and ship products that impact the world for real people. Join motivated, high-performance co-workers in a work environment that will always feel like a start-up. Expect to sharpen your design skills on new, fun, and challenging projects. Why Erdos Miller? Our company exists to help our team members grow their skills every day. We believe that in a turbulent world the safest place to invest is oneself. Our company is structed around this belief and guided by our core values. Expect monthly guidance on growth from your manager, regular performance reviews including living to our core values. Expect uncommon transparency throughout the organization and regular, direct, meaningful feedback.

A passion for crafting great products, operation with principles, and excellent communication skills are required.

To apply:

Electrical/Production Engineer / Electron Shepherd | Full-time | On-site | Houston, TX https://erdosmiller.bamboohr.com/careers/40

Software Developer/Sourcerer | Full-time | On-site or Remote | Houston, TX https://erdosmiller.bamboohr.com/careers/41

CLEAR | Senior Software Engineers, Senior Android Engineers, Senior Engineering Managers, Senior Security Architects | NYC / Austin / DC | Onsite Hybrid | https://www.clearme.com/

With CLEAR, you are always you. CLEAR's mission is to enable frictionless and safe journeys using your identity. With millions of members and 100+ partners across North America, CLEAR's identity platform connects you to the cards in your wallet and more - transforming the way you live, work and travel. We use your face, eyes and fingerprints to verify you are you, giving you safe and easy access to what you love.

Senior Software Engineer, Full-stack (NYC): https://grnh.se/9a14a94d1us

Senior Software Engineer, Backend (NYC): https://grnh.se/abb210911us

Senior Android Engineer (AUS): https://grnh.se/453d2ba01us

Senior Engineering Manager (NYC): https://grnh.se/bdd33e441us

Senior Product Security Architect (NYC, AUS, DC): https://grnh.se/48bdf9791us

Viz.ai | Fully Remote | Full-time | US | No Visa | Solutions Engineer

Join a small US team and make a big, real world impact for patients! We’re a leading healthcare AI company that has proven outcomes using a mobile app and web technologies to get the right people looking at the right patients when urgent findings are found. Recent valuation and 1.2b and a recent 100m in funding. We have about 1600 hospitals around the US and Europe which use our various workflow, AI and communication tools to improve patient outcomes, mostly in acute diseases, and always more customers and products in the pipeline, with incredibly high customer retention.

This role is meant to be broad, as this small team manages and maintains all the customer facing infrastructure. This means it’s a combination of on-premesis virtual machines and cloud infrastructure that together, facilitates all data transfer to and from our customers. A lot of our products are for very time sensitive diseases, so performance is key! Think DevOps with some full stack thrown in here and there, while taking the “cattle not pets” mentality to heart.

As mentioned, we’re a small team trying to grow quickly and adopt newer technologies, so the world is your oyster.

Technologies: Linux, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Python

If you apply, be sure to mention HN!


Nobias Therapeutics | Northern California/Mountain View/Palo Alto/San Francisco; Philadelphia, PA; other locations welcome - particularly Boston, MA; Miami, FL; Austin, TX; REMOTE also acceptable (US, Canada, London/England, other countries considered on a case-by-case basis) | Full-Time | salary + equity

Nobias is a new pharma startup using a variety of AI tools to accelerate drug development and drive towards predictable discovery. We are an early stage biotech using large repositories of proprietary biological data, bleeding edge deep learning techniques, automated reasoning, and computational biochemistry to discover and develop new medicines, diagnostics, and insights for a variety of diseases, particularly pediatric rare diseases. If you have strong programming chops, a background in machine learning, and deep knowledge of biology or computational chemistry, we would love to speak with you.

Multiple roles available, particularly for Deep Learning/ML engineers, computational biologists with expertise in systems biology, and extremely strong programmers looking to move into the biotech space. We are also always on the lookout for exciting people with integrity, intelligence, and the desire to work in an AI pharma company, particularly people with other business skills (clinical operations, executive assistant, other business roles, etc).

[our domain is nobiastx.com - our website is in flux, so please excuse the lack of detail!]

Please contact us at hn_recruiting {@} [our domain].

MaxMind, Inc | Remote - US many states & Canada | Full - Time | https://www.maxmind.com/en/company/working-at-maxmind

MaxMind protects thousands of companies worldwide from fraud, screening over a billion online transactions each year, and we provide IP intelligence data to thousands more.

We are hiring for three roles. You can view the jobs, our hiring process, more about our company culture, benefits, compensation and apply via the below links.

Senior Software Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/maxmind/3952c88d-f96c-469e-a920-600adf...

Go Software Engineer in GeoIP Build - https://jobs.lever.co/maxmind/1cc200c6-d87f-44e7-95cb-9100ba...

Senior Web Developer / Software Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/maxmind/5c945d6e-a940-417d-a15e-6060ce...

Jangle | AOSP Engineer, Senior Flutter Engineer, and Backend Engineer | San Francisco or Remote | Full-time | jangleinc.com

At Jangle we want to reshape the relationship between people and technology, moving away from the extractive, attention-grabbing, and overwhelming experience of using our devices today and toward something we can feel comfortable giving to our children, using when we have to focus on a project, or taking along with us when we want to unplug.

We have a big mission: building a new computing environment (OS & hardware) for deep work, intentionality, and wellbeing. We believe the only way to make a dent in these is to start with the device itself, because these needs transcend the bounds of any app and require the kinds of constraints that 'everything products' like our smartphones, tablets, and laptops cannot achieve.

If you love reading or any other kind of knowledge work that requires deep focus, if you're interested in the relationship between operating systems and human psychology, if you want to make an impact, or if you're interested in working on combined hardware/OS/cloud problems, this is your chance to jump into something exciting and meaningful!


Mimoto | Remote (US Citizens Only) | Full-time | https://mimoto.ai

Mimoto identifies active cyberattacks so our customers can react in real-time BEFORE an attack impacts their business.

We hiring four engineering roles: https://jobs.lever.co/mimoto

Data Scientist: https://jobs.lever.co/mimoto/d46cb5bc-a6f5-45e9-9690-8bfe42d...

Frontend Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/mimoto/31d21f5f-eb89-4fdd-b85d-a43b5d9...

Full Stack Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/mimoto/a7730d91-4359-4d74-8f91-b327033...

Senior Software Engineer: https://jobs.lever.co/mimoto/fea0701d-c6b9-4d87-904c-66227a8...

Tetricus Labs | Founding Software Engineer | Backend, Frontend roles (Python/JS/React/ML) | Remote | Full-Time

Tetricus Labs is a precision mental health diagnostics company. We're building a category-defining platform that combines computational neuroscience with machine learning to precisely assess patients at the point of care and provide clear, data driven treatment recommendations for each individual. The Tetricus system guides users through a set of behavioral tasks and questions that quantitatively measure how users process information and make decisions, feeding our machine learning model that translates these features into precise predictions of mental health diagnosis and acuity. We have achieved leading diagnostic prediction in depression and paranoia, and differentiate across a broad range of conditions.

Tetricus is on a mission to create a new front door to mental healthcare. We've recruited a world-class team of established leaders in tech and healthcare, with the unique expertise and passion to make our vision a reality. We've gained early traction with multiple large organizations seeking to pilot our solutions.

We have a full-time team of 3 and are looking to hire our first founding engineers and ML practitioners. Ideal candidates have expert level experience in one or more of: JS / Python / AI/ML. We have a very tight, fun company culture and would love to bring you on board to help us shape it.

Please send a CV to [email protected] Thank you!

Turnstile | Engineering (multiple roles) | Full-Time | REMOTE (US/Canada) | https://www.tryturnstile.com


We're a small (14-person) team of repeat founders and seasoned operators building modern revenue infrastructure for usage-based software. This is a tight-knit and senior crew — almost everyone has 10-25 years' experience, much of it together.

The last company we started, Second Measure (YC S15), scaled to 70+ people and tens of millions in revenue, received multiple “best places to work” awards, and was ultimately acquired by Bloomberg in a landmark deal.

We're looking for extraordinary builders to play a foundational role in a company designed for scale:

  - Frontend Technical Lead
  - Frontend Engineer
  - Backend Technical Lead (data)
  - Backend Engineer (multiple roles)
  - others (opportunistic)
We're well-funded by top investors (led by First Round Capital), fully distributed, and known for building intentional, inclusive culture. We offer competitive global rates (SF salary + equity), equal pay by level, work flexibility (including a 4-day core schedule), and comprehensive, family-friendly benefits.

I'm a founder— if interested, apply directly (https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/turnstile) or shoot [email protected] and me ([email protected]) an email.

Factor @ factor.io

We are hiring engineers to build supply chain management that can identify issues in your projects faster, automatically, and before they occur.

I am looking for backend developers, specifically with Kafka experience. We are Java (quarkus), Event Driven (kafka), and need someone to help build and own our data platform. This is not a dev ops role, we want builders that enjoy creating critical customer application services

I am also looking for a ML/NLP engineer to help us process unstructured data into structured data

We are only hiring in GMT-8 to GMT-3

[email protected]

Resemble AI | Toronto or Remote | Full-Time | Full-Stack Developer, Marketing Manager

Resemble AI creates high-quality synthetic voices that capture human emotion. We're a venture-backed high-growth startup that's looking to shake up an entire industry with state of the art AI. Our product changes the way that thousands of brands, media companies, creative agencies, and game studios create speech content. We’re a remote-first team that thrives on flexibility and creativeness. We cover expenses for office space, equipment, and all of the other perks and benefits that make you productive. We also believe that to build an enticing product and solid team is by encouraging innovation is by enabling continuous education. That's why every Friday is a day that you can use to work on anything you want, Resemble-related or not.

We're hiring for three roles:

Full Stack Engineer - Can you break the entire stack? You're the right person for this job. Work on our Rails app, with sprinkles of React, and Python for the deep learning. Everything is dockerized, and we use Kubernetes to deploy.

Marketing Manager - Lead Marketing Initiatives. You’ll be responsible for creating a cohesive paid marketing strategy, helping build and manage campaigns across a variety of channels, and working with cross-functional teams to support our core product and business.

If interested, reach out directly to me: zohaib [at] resemble.ai

Clear Street (Clearstreet.io)| Multiple Roles | NYC, Tampa, Dallas, Chicago, San Diego, Onsite | VISA | Full time

Clear Street is building modern infrastructure for capital markets. Founded in 2018 by top Wall Street and Silicon Valley veterans, Clear Street is an independent, non-bank prime broker designed to solve the industry’s most neglected problem: legacy technology.

We have built a proprietary, cloud-native clearing and custody system from the ground floor to replace the outdated infrastructure used across capital markets. Our platform is fully integrated with central clearing houses and exchanges to support billions in trading volume per day. We’ve agonized about our data model abstractions, created horizontal scalability, and crafted thoughtful APIs. All so we can provide a best-in-class experience for our clients.

By combining highly-skilled product and engineering talent with seasoned finance professionals, we’re building the essentials to compete in today’s fast-paced markets.

We're excited to announce our recent Series B, valuing Clear Street at $1.7B! Check out more details here: https://medium.com/clear-street/this-is-only-the-beginning-b...

Our team here at Clear Street is growing! Check out open roles & apply here: https://grnh.se/3fe310411us

Nimble | Bangkok, Thailand | Fulltime | HYBRID OR REMOTE | Visa/Work Permit + Relocation assistance | https://nimblehq.co/ We are a team of designers, software developers and product owners building outstanding web and mobile applications for companies of all sizes, from 1-person startups to Fortune 500 companies. We take a product development approach, creating custom software that people will love to use and empowering our clients to do what they do best - better.

Web Developer: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/web-developer-hybrid-or-remote-9

Team Lead Web Developer: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/team-leader-web-development

UX/UI Designer: https://jobs.nimblehq.co/o/uxui-designer-hybrid-or-remote-10

Work from home (GMT +7 timezone with maximum 2 hours difference) or willing to relocate to Bangkok.

We keep our recruitment process practical and straightforward: https://nimblehq.co/compass/join/recruitment-process/

Brava Home, Inc. | Full-time | Remote

VP of Software Engineering

Come to Brava and take charge of our Software Engineering organization. To be specific, take over my job. I'm replacing myself and staying on as a Technical Advisor as I'm moving on to new startup adventures.

At Brava you’ll have the opportunity to work from home in concert with some of the industry’s leading chefs, scientists, designers, physicists, and engineers to deliver high end consumer products. We maintain a small company vibe as an independent division under the umbrella of a publicly traded Fortune 1000 parent. You’ll be on the front lines overseeing the engineering organization that ships code to our customers, ensures seamless internal operations, and integrates with our partners.

You will have a varied role with exposure to every one of our software systems including web, on-device, mobile, and the cloud platform. You’ll be expected to think in the large and hold the whole system in your head. You will communicate often across specialties and need to be able to convey complex topics in language understood by everyone. You’ll manage engineers, wrangle vendors, and have a seat at the table influencing product, marketing, and company direction in general, reporting directly to the CEO.


[email protected]

Sequin | Platform Engineer, Fullstack Engineer | Remote (US & Canada only) | https://sequin.io Sequin is the fastest way to build applications on top of APIs. At our core is a bidirectional sync between APIs (Salesforce, Stripe, etc) and databases. This makes it easy for developers to work with their third-party data. We eliminate HTTP requests, caching, polling, webhooks, etc.

We're early-stage but backed by amazing investors, like Kleiner Perkins. We're already working with some great customers, many of whom you'd recognize (see some on our landing page.)

We're building our founding team, growing to 8. This is a special time: you’ll play an instrumental role in shaping everything from our culture, to our engineering workflow, to our product's design and architecture.

Our platform engineers earn their stripes in distributed systems – we're solving some very hard and classic problems here. We primarily build in Elixir/Phoenix, but no prior experience with Elixir is required.

For our Fullstack position, you'll learn some Elixir but also work a lot on our React/Tailwind front-end.

Find out more about us on our jobs page: https://sequin.io/careers

If you have any questions or are curious to learn more, feel free to reach out to me directly. Email in bio.

Apple, Inc. | Remote | Cupertino | Full-time | Security Engineering & Architecture

We’re perfectionists. Idealists. Inventors. Forever tinkering with products and processes, always on the lookout for better. Whether you work at one of our global offices, offsite, or even at home, a job at Apple will be demanding. But it also rewards bright, original thinking and hard work. And none of us here would have it any other way.

Where do you see yourself at Apple?

-- SEAR Reverse Engineering + Platform Security — Security Engineering & Architecture is looking for engineers who can help make sense of complex hardware and software systems, analyzing their behavior and building upon them to create some of the most secure devices on the planet. We have a few open roles, related to secret storage, core operating system internals, secure infrastructure, and malware detection & remediation. We are looking for individuals able to build scalable distributed services, reverse engineer malware threats, and design operating system security mechanisms across our platforms. These roles are a unique opportunity to be part of the team that architects and delivers groundbreaking security to more than a billion devices.

View our open roles at https://jobs.apple.com/en-us/search?search=SEAR2022%2C%20SEA... and send a resume to [email protected] with [HN] in the email subject if interested.

Medra | Robotics Software Engineers & SWEs | Full-time | SF Bay Area (US) https://www.medra.ai

Medra is building robotics to accelerate scientific breakthroughs. We automate life science lab protocols with affordable and out-of-the-box robotics any scientist can use, by leveraging computer vision, AI, and state-of-the-art robotics. Just as machine learning engineers need great tools to advance the frontier of AI, scientists need great tools to accelerate their R&D.

Our engineering team of five (prev experiences at Neuralink, Tesla, Google X, Amazon, Markforged) are excited about accelerating scientific research for drug discovery, climate change, and longevity. I myself (founder and CEO) resigned from a tenure-track professor position in robotics and machine learning to start this company.

We’re looking for robotics software engineers and generalist software engineers who are excited about working on impactful projects.

A full set of open positions are here: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/medra

Robotics + Computer Vision Tech Stack includes Python, PyTorch, OpenCV, C++. Rest of tech stack includes Python, React, Typescript, AWS, Postgres, Redis

I'm the Founder and CEO - feel free to email me directly michellelee [at] medra [dot] ai if you're interested in learning more, with subject line “HackerNews Job December.”

MLabs is Hiring Project Managers and Delivery Managers!

We are one of the leading Haskell consultancies in the fintech and blockchain with a passion for Haskell and open source software. We’ve been around for 4 years and have grown to over 100 people!

We are now looking for a remote Project Managers and Delivery Managers to join our team, on a full time basis. For full job descriptions please visit: https://apply.workable.com/mlabs/j/12604820A9/

Requirements: - Knowledge of the Blockchain space, Cardano in particular - Understanding of current and upcoming industry developments - Experience in writing and good understanding of Haskell - Outstanding communication and leadership skills - Attention to detail - Team Leadership experience and project management experience are both beneficial

Benefits: - Fully remote work in your timezone at your schedule - Focus on learning and individual growth - Work with other great open source contributors and computer scientists - Interesting and challenging projects - Competitive salary - Employee token fund for bonuses, travel, conferences - Flexible working hours - 6 weeks of paid vacation

Please apply via: https://apply.workable.com/mlabs/j/12604820A9/

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Deepgram| Multiple Positions| Remote| Full Time| https://deepgram.com/company/careers/

Hey, we’re Deepgram! We’re an AI speech platform whose mission is to make every voice heard and understood. Our end-to-end deep neural network is revolutionizing the speech-to-text market and taking on the big guys. We’re redefining what companies can do with voice by offering a platform with AI architectural advantage, not legacy tech retrofitted with AI.

Deepgram delivers highly accurate, actually usable transcription, right out of the box – or you can train a model for even greater accuracy on the unique words that matter to you.

We’ve raised over $86 million and have been recognized as an Inc. Best Workplace (2021 and 2022), a Forbes Top 50 AI Company to Watch (2021), and a CB Insights Top 100 AI Startup (2021), among others.Come join our revolution to unlock the power of voice technology for everyone. We want to hear what you’ve got to say and we’re hiring for the following positions:

- ML Developer Advocate - Research Scientist - Research Engineer - Implementation Engineer - Backend Software Engineer - Senior Growth Product Manager - Head of Business Development & Partnerships

Please apply via the link in our careers website above, if you have any questions feel free to email tammy @ our domain name

Colony Networks Inc| Software Engineer (Full Stack)| REMOTE| Full-Time| https://www.colonynetworks.com/ Who you are?

A Full Stack Engineer with heavy reliance on “Backend Skills” excited to work with a dynamic team in a fast paced environment, solving real world problems that directly impact our Users. Eager to learn and grow as an engineer while being productive.

Skills and Capabilities - Excellent Python skills - Experience building scalable APIs - Kubernetes - Git and GitHub - JSON/YAML - PostgreSQL - Comfortable with CI/CD ecosystems - ReactJS

Preferred Qualifications -GitOps, GCP/GKE, Elasticsearch, Pub/Sub: Apache Pulsar (or knowledge of Kafka), GraphQL, Prometheus, Redis, GitHub actions, Static typed Languages

Apply here: https://apply.workable.com/colony-networks/j/CF0BB88FF6/

About Colony Networks: Colony Networks is a profitable PaaS/SaaS company that provides advanced network capabilities for fixed, wi-fi, and cellular applications. Offered as both white-labelled and direct-to-customer, Colony’s CloudOne platform is deployed at scale with multiple telecom/data carriers, national retailers and transportation companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Señor Wooly | Lead Backend Engineer | Remote | Full-Time

Señor Wooly is an eLearning company specializing in 2nd language acquisition of Spanish and French via story-based graphic novels and music videos. Students and teachers are incredibly passionate about our snarky and devilish stories and love acquiring language via our progression-based eLearning system.

We are looking for Lead Golang/Ops engineer. We are using a Go HTTP API hooked to Postgres,running on top of Google Cloud.


* 3-5 years of Go experience developing APIs

* 1-2 years of production Postgres experience

* Someone who follows the philosophy of choosing solid and boring technology

* Good non-technical communication skills

Nice to Haves:

* Experience with a cloud technology (ideally GCP/AWS)

* Terraform experience

A little more about us...

* Our content is used by over 20,000 language teachers around the world.

* We have been in business for over 10 years, and our size and revenue has grown every single year. In 2021, our revenue increased by 30%.

* We make some of the most original, exciting, and demented content in the world of education. We’re the people who made a horror story about a girl who is terrified to go to the dentist only to find out the dentist doesn’t have any teeth. Our customers are passionate because, quite simply, no one makes educational content quite like ours.

If you are interested, email jennifer at senorwooly dot com with your resume.

Spectrm | Berlin, DE / Remote | multiple positions | https://spectrm.io/careers/

Conversational marketing automation.

Spectrm is a fast-growing 50+ employee SaaS company, which has clients all over the globe, and strategic partnerships with Meta and Google. During the last 2 years, we have signed customers like Uber, Zalando, United Nations, Ford and Deichmann, and many more.

Senior Backend Engineer (Go) | https://spectrmcareers.recruitee.com/o/senior-backend-engine...

Senior Platform Engineer (DevOps & SRE) | https://spectrmcareers.recruitee.com/o/senior-platform-engin...

Senior Product Designer | https://spectrmcareers.recruitee.com/o/senior-product-design...

VP of Product | https://spectrmcareers.recruitee.com/o/vp-of-product?source=...

Full disclosure: there is a referral code at the end of each URL.

COMPASS Pathways | New York, London, San Francisco or Remote (UK/US) | Remote OK | Visa sponsorship available | https://compasspathways.com/ We are a mental health care company. Our first programme is researching how psilocybin therapy could help people with treatment-resistant depression. A great opportunity to make an impact from day zero and promote best practices.

We are a small (190 employees) yet public company. Also see HN discussions about us: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29169160

Tech Stack: Next.js/Chakra UI/GraphQL/Python/AWS/Terraform/Github

We are hiring in both UK and US (also, offering visas for EU citizens to the UK). Work is mostly from home, but we also have offices and meet regularly.

* Data Engineer (first hire) - https://compasspathways.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=109

* Senior Full Stack Engineer: https://compasspathways.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=99

If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]

Conductiv | Sr. Level (FTE) and Mid Level (Contract to Hire 7/1/23) UX/UI Designers | SF Bay Area| REMOTE or HYBRID

Conductiv (conductiv.com) powers supply chains by seamlessly integrating AI-driven analytics, marketplace insights, express contracting negotiation strategies, and proven category expertise supported by a market-leading analytics platform.

We’re in growth mode (3 yrs. post- acquisition by Premier Healthcare) and are looking for an experienced, and user-focused B2B * Sr. level (7 - 10 yr.) and a * Mid level (3 - 5 yr.) UX/UI designer to join our SaaS product team within in a 100 person collaborative org.

We’re looking for designers dedicated to user-focused design who have the following: -Portfolio of projects highlighting process as well as results -Experience in designing enterprise/B2B products -Good communication and organizational skills— essential with a distributed team -Track record of bringing new products successfully to market as well as iterating on legacy products -Experience closely working with engineering teams and product managers within an agile workflow -Aesthetic eye for design and the ability to think creatively while maintaining accuracy and attention to detail -Comfort dealing with fluid situations typical to a growing org -Proficiency with Figma and your wireframe app of choice

Reply with portfolio and LinkedIn links

Elastic Path | Engineers, Front-end Developers, Business Analysts, Customer Success, etc | Full-Time | US/Canada/UK | REMOTE

Read more about the positions and apply at https://www.elasticpath.com/company/ecommerce-jobs

Company description: Elastic Path powers mission-critical digital commerce for the world’s leading brands, such as Intuit, Pella, Deckers Brands, T-Mobile, and over 250 other leading enterprises. As relentless innovators, Elastic Path pioneered the API-Commerce space in 2011 and spearheaded [Composable Commerce](https://www.elasticpath.com/composable-commerce) in 2020. Elastic Path provides industry-leading commerce APIs to help developers rapidly build, deploy, and continuously optimize unique commerce solutions.

My take: Elastic Path is an amazing place to work. We have a very modern stack consisting of microservices written in Go, k8s on AWS, MongoDB, etc. Beyond working with great tech it's a wonderful company culture and has been growing steadily. You can play with the tech and APIs at https://elasticpath.dev/

Slab | Engineering | Remote (Worldwide) | Full-time

At Slab (https://slab.com), we believe that knowledge is the foundation of any organization's success. When a team's collective knowledge is more accessible, that team's potential is limitless.

Our product helps teams easily create, organize, and discover knowledge across the entire company, from non-technical to tech-savvy. Each day, thousands of customers rely on Slab across their entire workforces, including Asana, Benchling, and Fivetran.

You'd be joining a team of thoughtful and experienced engineers, distributed worldwide across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Stack: React, GraphQL, Elixir, Phoenix, Kubernetes

Take a look at our open roles:

  - Frontend Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/slab/287fe35f-9e9d-4d5a-a2d5-d1d7fc67c347?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=Hacker%20News
  - Backend Engineer - https://jobs.lever.co/slab/e97d694f-2ef9-47e7-8599-c6e624e4d084?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=Hacker%20News
A couple of technical posts from our engineering:

  - Upcoming CSS Features to Look Forward to: https://slab.com/blog/upcoming-css-features-to-look-forward-to/
  - Why we use Elixir: https://elixir-lang.org/blog/2020/11/17/real-time-collaboration-with-elixir-at-slab/
Genpax | Engineers (full stack, frontend/backend, product, devops) | London, UK | ONSITE (hybrid/flexible) | https://www.genpax.co/

Genpax is building a game-changing bacterial analysis platform. Using bioinformatics, we can help hospitals take early and effective action against outbreaks of MRSA and other pathogens. This is an opportunity to have a real-world impact on thousands of lives each year.

At Genpax our goal is to radically increase the utility, scalability, and speed with which whole genome sequencing (WGS) data delivers infection control solutions for human and animal healthcare worldwide. This will enable proactive control at early stages of outbreaks, and to respond appropriately to more dangerous or more antibiotic resistant strains. We have developed unique solutions to address the challenges and our goal is to provide access to these solutions in a fully scalable system.

There are really interesting engineering problems to be solved: scaling and optimising our analysis pipeline and the bioinformatics algorithms we use; building out our interactive graph-based user-facing product; developing cryptographic techniques for analysis of anonymised data. At the moment we're using Python, GraphQL, React/TypeScript, Postgres and AWS.

£45-95k + equity, based on experience.

[email protected]

Comm | engineering | NYC onsite | https://comm.app | https://comm.page

We're a privacy startup based in NYC working on scaling E2E encryption with personal, private servers. Our first application is a federated Discord alternative targeted at crypto communities.

Our biggest needs right now are for an Infrastructure Lead that's very experienced with Rust, as well as a Product Designer.

Infrastructure Lead - Rust - https://jobs.lever.co/comm-app/8008a38a-d616-4f48-8a63-e47c0...

Product Designer - https://jobs.lever.co/comm-app/a39daf53-7cf9-4e6d-97ad-e1cfa...

Our stack includes Rust, Nix, React, React Native, gRPC, AWS, and Flowtype.

Comm's long-term goal is to build an alternative to the centralized application server model that dominates Web2. Sophisticated apps (like Discord) need a backend, but today those backends are controlled by corporations. Our solution is to replace the cloud with a network of personal, private application servers (we call them “keyservers”).

If this sounds interesting please reach out to [email protected]!


Source Allies, Premier Software Development Consulting Firm

We're looking for a teammate with: A passion for development in multiple languages (C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, and other languages), 5+ years of experience contributing to Enterprise Applications, AWS, Azure cloud migration experience is a plus, Showcases positive leadership and influence on a team and codebase, Work efficiently in a collaborative environment with internal and external individuals, Be self-directed, Ability to demonstrate continued learning and practice, Write clean, testable code - Test-Driven Development (TDD), Practice in Extreme Programming, A team-based approach to developing software, Knowledge of Agile methodologies, Effective communication within and across teams

We offer our teammates: Competitive salary and benefits, Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Maternity & Paternity Leave Benefits, 401k match with immediate vesting, In-person and remote options, Training opportunities because continuous improvement matters, Security: We’ve never had a layoff. Craft: When surrounded by talented developers, you have the resources to grow your skills.

Source Allies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

[email protected] https://www.sourceallies.com/join

EfficientAI | Hardware Designers, Physical Designers (various levels)| Full-time, Interns | Remote or hybrid (San Francisco, Pittsburgh, other US cities considered)

Efficient is a computer chip company developing the world’s most energy-efficient programmable processor. The core technology is an ultra-low-power coarse-grained reconfigurable array (CGRA) that is programmable in high-level languages through Efficient’s fully-integrated software and compiler stack that provides an excellent software developer experience.

We are building a world-class team of hardware and software engineers including silicon implementation, digital hardware design, compiler engineering, and TinyML applications engineering. We have various levels open on both teams, including Director, Lead, Junior and Intern.

We have opportunities in Pittsburgh and the San Francisco Bay Area, and will consider other US cities. Hybrid is preferred, but remote is also possible. If interested, please email us: jobs [at] efficient [dot] computer.

TalkJS (https://talkjs.com) | REMOTE (Europe / Middle East / Africa)

TalkJS is a Chat API. Our product lets developers build a perfect chat feature in just a few hours. We power communication in online marketplaces, community sites, trading platforms and so on. We're product driven and we care tremendously about quality.

We're headquartered in the Netherlands and our team is spread across the Central European Timezone +/- 3h.

Currently in the market for:

    * Senior Frontend Developer
    * Senior Fullstack Developer
    * Senior Backend Developer
    * DevRel Engineer
    * Technical Writer
Our stack is mainly React, TypeScript, Elixir and PostgreSQL. 80% of the company is product people, founders are a designer and a programmer.

TalkJS touches millions of people and is growing quickly. We want to be the tool that every developer thinks of for building communication features, a bit like what Stripe is for payments.

To accomplish this, we give great engineers the maximum amount of freedom, so they can ship fantastic SDKs, APIs and features. This means a healthy work/life balance, no meetings, no red tape and a lot of responsibility. We're growing, profitable, and not dependent on venture funding. Sound good?

More info on all positions + how to apply: https://talkjs.com/jobs/

Reviewable | Bay Area, CA, USA or Remote | Full Time | Generalist / Backend Developers | Typescript | https://reviewable.io/ https://github.com/Reviewable/Reviewable/tree/master/careers

Reviewable is a very small, bootstrapped business that sells our code review software to some of the largest companies around. We've been around long enough to be much more stable than your average startup, yet stayed small enough to avoid crippling bureaucracy — everybody reports directly to the founder/CEO. We're engineer-centric and fully remote. However, we prefer hiring US residents and offer the usual benefits: health and dental insurance, 401(k) plans with company contributions, unlimited vacation, etc. We've built a company and a codebase where we enjoy working day-to-day and hope that you will too!

Apply at https://github.com/Reviewable/Reviewable/tree/master/careers

Toko | Founding Product Engineer | Brooklyn, NY | ONSITE / HYBRID | https://tokotutor.com/en

Toko (YC W22) is on a mission to help the world's 1.5B English learners become fluent. With our app, learners talk with an AI like it's a real person, and get feedback on their grammar/pronunciation.

We have > 1k paying subscribers in Taiwan & Hong Kong – many have reported landing new jobs and confidently moving overseas since using Toko.

Founders have 10+ years of ed-tech experience at MIT, Quizlet, Codecademy (+ Google, Palantir experience).

As Founding Product Engineer, you’ll have an outsized equity stake and impact on the product, team culture & future of language learning.

JD: https://www.ycombinator.com/companies/toko/jobs/hXNmmpi-foun...

Get in touch: [email protected]

Principle Studios | Remote | Senior Software Engineer, Mid-level Software Engineer, Engineering Manager | https://principlestudios.com/careers/

Principle was created as a lifestyle design and technology consultancy. Its goal is to prove that caring for our customer’s needs, caring for our community and caring for our team’s well-being are not mutually exclusive.

I'm the Director of Engineering at Principle, and we're looking to hire a number of senior and mid-level engineers to join our team! We have the opportunity to work with a variety of technologies, and right now we are hiring people with a depth of experience in React, C#, and/or managing engineers. This is the best, most talented, and friendliest team I've worked with - we're growing, and I'm excited to bring more people into our culture of excellence without the exhaustion and burnout so prevalent in our industry.

Excellent benefits include: 401k matching, unlimited PTO, profit sharing, company-covered insurance, and stipends for home office, training, and fitness.

We're fully remote - if you're a US citizen/permanent resident and can do US timezone hours, you can work wherever you want!

Contact me to apply or for more info: [email protected]

SatSense | Leeds, UK | Full Time | UK-based Hybrid, Full remote (UK) considered | Full stack dev

Our technology focuses on taking raw satellite images and processing them to produce ground movement data and insight for a broad range of industries. Our dataset holds a large amount of information for infrastructure, property conveyancing, insurance and lending, asset management and construction applications. To get this data to our clients and partners, we have a set of web-based client facing tools that we are keen to develop further, and we’re looking for an experienced Developer to help us do that. You will be working on:

• The full software development life cycle of new and existing geospatial web applications and APIs.

• Creating and improving tools to automate in-house processes.

• Streamlining the release and configuration of our applications.

We're looking for a mid-level to senior level Dev, at least 3 years of experience in full stack software development, an understanding of database migrations, experience using an MVC framework and an ability to work independently. Experience working with Geo datasets would be a plus.

Our tech stack

Flask microframework, NumPy GDAL, Vanilla JS, jQuery, D3.js, Pytest, Selenium, Leaflet, chart.js, Mapnik, PostGIS (+ Postgres), Redit, Gitlab CI, Linux.

Our website is www.satsense.com. For enquires, send an email to the contact address on our website. To apply, send a CV and short motivation email to the same place. Please mention the Full stack role, and HN.

Almond | Lead Frontend Software Engineer & Backend Software Engineer | REMOTE (US based) or sometimes ONSITE in LA, SF, Chicago | Full-time

At Almond we are making it easy to get great ObGyn care, in person and over telehealth. We do that by rebuilding the technology that runs the medical practice, better using doctor time and improving healthcare outcomes.

We're a small team that comes from Apple, One Medical, Carbon Health, McKinsey, and Berkeley. We are well-funded by top investors including YCombinator, True Ventures, and others. We’re growing fast, seeing patients, and building out our team with people that are passionate about making healthcare experiences not terrible.

Read about us on TechCrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2022/11/22/almond-launches-full-servi...

**The Roles**

- Lead Frontend Software Engineer (minimum 5 years experience)

- Backend Software Engineer (minimum 3 years experience, it's a plus to have experience with database technologies and other caching mechanisms (redis, memcache), supporting numerous integrations and keeping data in sync, or Python)

Please email me at team (at) almondobgyn (dot) com with your resume or LinkedIn profile if you're interested.

- Tara, Founder & CEO


Picovoice is a deep tech startup founded by engineers and driven by engineers. We are accelerating the transition of voice AI from the cloud to the edge. Why? Privacy, reliability, and the environment. Numerous enterprises, including NASA and Stanford University, are leveraging Picovoice technology in their products.

In this role, you get to work on

Applied research to improve the accuracy and runtime efficiency of on-device voice recognition (https://picovoice.ai/blog/local-speech-to-text-with-cloud-le..., https://picovoice.ai/blog/end-to-end-intent-inference-from-s..., https://picovoice.ai/blog/direct-speech-indexing/)

Build Voice AI models from scratch for upcoming products

Improve existing Voice AI models: Leopard & Cheetah Speech-to-Text, Octopus Speech-to-Index, Rhino Speech-to-Intent, Porcupine Wake Word Detection, and Cobra Voice Activity Detection

Develop algorithms for automated data gathering and generation

Canada - Vancouver | On-site

JOON | Remote (US Timezones) | Full-stack Engineer | Full Time | https://joon.io JOON is the must-have benefit that workforces actually use and appreciate. Employers use JOON’s card-connected experience to automatically make any category or popular merchant from Peloton to Udemy into a reimbursable employee benefit. Unlike other benefits platforms, employees can use their own credit cards to make purchases which are automatically tracked, reported, and reimbursed via our integrations with Plaid and Stripe. The end result is that employees can get reimbursed by their employers at whatever [gym, health food shop, learning platform, etc] they prefer. Other benefits platforms might see only 20% utilization by employees; we routinely see utilization of JOON at >70%. Our customers are eliminating the typical administrative burden while achieving higher benefits utilization, employee satisfaction, and workforce retention.

Our core tech stack is straightforward: - Ruby on Rails - React - Typescript - PostgreSQL

A few sample projects you might work on: - Improving our purchase classification algorithms - Building and improving deep integrations with our financial partners (e.g. Stripe, Plaid) with their latest APIs, and with HRIS platforms and identity providers - Migration of our frontend application fully to TypeScript

Our team is tiny (<5 engineers!) but rapidly growing; currently we're looking for full-stack engineers who identify with our mission and want to make a huge impact. To find out more (and apply) check out the full post here: https://angel.co/l/2wkn8P

Budgie Health | Python Engineer | Full-time | Remote (US - EST or CST) or NY Join us to make healthcare benefits less confusing. Backed by top VCs (Greycroft and Pear VC), we built a platform to help employees pick the right health insurance through a personalized recommendation. Following successful initial clients, we are growing the team to scale the platform and build more features.

Why Budgie: People shouldn’t need a PhD to understand their healthcare. At Budgie, we are reinventing how Americans interact with their healthcare benefits. We believe that by translating complex healthcare data into simple financial experiences, we can empower people to make better decisions while saving time, money and stress. We are starting by modernizing how employees choose their health insurance plan. Ask your friends if they need help picking their health insurance and you will understand how big the opportunity is.

Our tech: Python, Django, Pandas, Tailwind, AWS Lambdas, S3, Postgres on RDS Full job descriptions: https://www.notion.so/budgie-health/Python-Engineer-8bc18786... If that sounds interesting, apply using the link above or email us at [email protected]!

Bastien & George

Otonomi | Lead Full-stack Engineer | NYC/Boston | Full-time | Flex-remote | VC-backed

Otonomi (https://otonomi.ai) is a seed-stage insurtech startup tackling the global and persistent issue of supply chain delays and disruptions. Our solution transforms cargo insurance policies into fast, cost-effective, and transparent digital products. Powered by data-activated triggers, smart contracts, and integrated digital wallets, we reduce claim resolution times from 45 days to 45 minutes, lowering admin costs by 75%. Our algorithmic underwriting model and advanced risk scenario capabilities unleash new markets while achieving unparalleled profitability.

We recently raised $3.5M seed round and are backed by leading global insurance agencies Lloyd's of London and GreenlightRe.

We're looking for full-stack software engineer to be one of our first internal engineering hires and anchor our engineering team we iterate quickly to find our product-market fit. Ideal candidates are those with a high risk appetite, desire to make a large impact in an enormous and under-serviced industry, and ability to take initiative.

Top skills we seek are:

- Typescript

- Node.js / backend JS / React

- Cloud orchestration, distributed systems

- Solidity

This position comes with market-rate salary plus significant equity.

If you're interested, please send your resume to [email protected]

Striga | Senior TypeScript Backend Engineer | Full-Time | Bangalore, IN | ONSITE | https://striga.com

Striga is building infrastructure for digital assets and financial services as a single set of APIs doing the heavy lifting of security and regulatory compliance. Striga's customers include early stage FinTech's, Web3 innovators, Banking Institutions and Crypto Exchanges utilizing services spanning the range of Crypto Custody, Trading, Card Issuing and Banking. Building a crypto business today is a highly regulated space unlike a few years ago and maintaining a compliance program and building technology presents a huge barrier to entry for startups and mid-size businesses alike and the Striga platform solves the problem with a single set of APIs and a single contract to deliver services to 30 countries today. Striga is the first company to be licensed to operate under the new law across Europe and is backed by YCombinator, Berkeley SkyDeck, Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Juan Benet (IPFS) and several others.

Open Roles:

Senior TypeScript Engineer (pre-series A stock options + industry standard compensation)

Looking for: Strong engineers who want to work on a meaningful problem within a small, high quality team.

Tech stack: TypeScript, MongoDB, Redis

For more details on these roles please see: https://angel.co/l/2xUVz8

Or feel free to get in touch with me at: sd [at] striga [dot] com

Rygen | Multiple Roles | Greenville, SC | Onsite | jobs.rygen.com

Rygen designs and builds technology solutions to empower the logistics industry. Shippers, carriers, vendors, 3PLs that join Rygen are able to eliminate painful tasks like shipment tracking, contract management, invoice payments, and other tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on the core parts of their business. We have a high output team with hundreds of years in the logistics industry.

We already have customers but we're still pre-launch, so we don't really have an online presence yet. And I know the website it shit, it's just a placeholder... don't judge our tech skills based on that ;) We're actively working on it.

We're hiring multiple roles spanning engineering, analytics, and product design.

Open Roles:

Software Engineer - https://jobs.rygen.com/positions/rygen_sse.pdf

Technical Writer - https://jobs.rygen.com/positions/rygen_technical_writer.pdf

Product Design - https://jobs.rygen.com/positions/rygen_product_designer/

Tech stack: java (spring), vuejs, postgres, k8s, rabbitmq

Send resumes to: [email protected]

Guilds | Boston, Massachusetts | Hybrid, 2X week in office | Full-time | Full Stack Senior Software Engineer

Guilds is building a better way to monetize games, by making it easy for gamers to stream payments as they play. We’re building an internet native model for playing games, and we support internet native currencies, like bitcoin, as well as fiat. We’re focused on a specific niche of games with two games on our platform already. Our investors have backed companies like Supercell and Doordash, and we have enough runway for two years.

Working at Guilds: We’re creating a high momentum environment for engineers to do their best work, and if you’re passionate about building something unique and fun, this is the best time to join.

About the role: You’ll be the first engineering hire outside of the CTO, so you’ll have a lot of autonomy and directly contribute to the product’s success. The ideal candidate is frontend-focused, but comfortable jumping in anywhere in the stack. We’re using Reactive Native, TypeScript, & Elixir/Phoenix. You’ll help build out a rich, responsive & engaging frontend interface for our gamer wallet. You’ll spend most of your time on the frontend, but should be comfortable building and integrating with backend APIs to implement features end-to-end. We’re looking to push the limits on our React frontend and build an ultra-responsive and highly engaging experience for gamers.

To learn more about working at Guilds, see http://guilds.finance/careers To apply, email us [email protected]

Akava (akava.io) - Technology Consultancy | Senior Software Engineer (Go, JS) | USA - Remote | Full-Time or Contract

About You?

- You have 7+ years of professional software development experience building scalable, highly performant front-end, backend and/or full stack applications - You have loads of experience building web applications, solutions and/or systems using Go, JavaScript (Typescript, Node & React) and Python - Bonus: You have experience working on/building a Terraform Provider - You have experience driving technical projects, prioritizing work, identifying dependencies, facilitating technical decisions and cross-functional team discussions. - You have strong experience working on cross-functional teams with ability to communicate effectively and timely through written and verbal communications, including synchronous interactions with others.

What You'll Do....

- Your primary charter will be working on one of our enterprise programs where we are maintaining their Terraform Provider which includes building new features in Go, implementing customer requests, trouble shooting/fixing bugs and adding product enhancements

- Your secondary charter (as time permits) is you’ll lead or contribute to an array of client projects by supporting the ongoing development, delivery and maintenance of software products by writing high quality code using Go, JavaScript (React, Typescript, Node) and Python (at times)


If you are a US based senior software engineer who has strong Go and JS chops, we'd love to hear from you as we're looking to add this FTE or full-time consultant ASAP!

Please reach out to Brandon at [email protected]

Beacon AI | https://beaconai.co | Offices in SF and SF Peninsula | Full-Time | SF Bay Area Hybrid

Beacon AI is building the aviation platform for the future of flight. Our team has expert relevant industry expertise in aviation and autonomy. We are building systems that improve flight safety and efficiency in a progressive approach. We earned three new contracts recently and have runway through 2025.

Join a founding team of two ex-Cruise AI engineers and three former fighter pilots, with a world-class advisor team, talented developers, and amazing investors including Sam Altman, Zach Perret, JetBlue Technology Ventures, and Countdown Capital. Learn (a little bit) more at https://www.beaconai.co

We have the following openings with many more opening later this year: https://www.beaconai.co/careers (some roles listed below are not yet posted, email [email protected] if the role you are interested in is not yet posted)

* SWE Infra IoT (Experience in delivery robots, self-driving car, etc.) * Robotics (Sensor integration, computer vision, C++) * Path Planning/Routing (Route optimization, RL development) * Software EM (Robotics/AI/DS)

Email [email protected] for any questions or apply directly at https://beaconai.co/careers and mention that you found this post on HN!

Security Risk Advisors | Full-time | Philadelphia, PA | Kilkenny, Ireland | Kailua-Kona, Hawaii | https://sra.io/ I'm the Lead DevOps engineer on the team and we have a position open in our organization. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the company or role available. I truly think it's an amazing place to work! [email protected]

SRA is a 250-person, full-service cybersecurity consulting firm. Our clients are Fortune 500 companies across industries. The services we offer fall into three main buckets – Advisory Red (offensive security, pen testing, web app testing, etc.); Advisory Blue (defensive toolset engineering, risk assessments, etc.), and CyberSOC (enterprise SOC and XDR). You can see more about what we do here: https://sra.io/.

We are currently hiring an SDE III with remote flexibility. Our tech stack is mostly Java, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS, VueJS, MongoDB, and Docker. Find out more here: https://apply.workable.com/securityriskadvisors/j/F5EED2239A...

1/2 Lloyds Banking Group | Bristol, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester, Halifax, United Kingdom | Full-time UK (currently UK-hybrid) | https://bit.ly/LBGCareersSite

At Lloyds Banking Group we’re driven by a clear purpose: to help Britain prosper. As part of our diverse team you’ll impact the lives of more than 26 million customers through our brands, including Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Scottish Widows. With your help we'll continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ongoing digital needs of our customers. Join us and you can make a real difference.

Some of our current openings are listed below. For other opportunities visit our careers site: https://bit.ly/LBGTechTransformation For Graduate Placements and Apprenticeships check out our ET site: https://bit.ly/LGB_ET

All have similar benefits: | Performance Bonus | 4% Cash Sum | Private Medical Insurance | Pension (we contribute up to 15%) | Share Plans | 30 days holiday (plus bank holidays)

Please be aware that these role are live at the time of posting, however they may expire after that date.

Gruntwork | Software Engineers (Principal, Staff) | 100% Remote/US time zones | Full-time | https://gruntwork.io/

We aim to improve humanity's most important invention: Software. Our product packages DevOps and AWS best practices and makes them available for easy use by devs. Ultimately, we enable teams to launch and manage production-grade cloud infrastructure in days, not months, all backed by IaC the customer controls.

Tech stack: Go, Typescript, React/Next, Bash, Python, AWS, K8s, Terraform. We’re a small team (~20 people), but our clients include Toyota, Adobe, TicketMaster, Verizon, and lots of startups.

We are profitable, self-funded (no investors, no debt), pay salaries, equity, and bonuses according to transparent formulas, and are very focused on building a company we're proud of. We are 100% remote, with 2/3 of our team in the USA and 1/3 in Europe. We have company-wide in-person meetups every few months. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

We're looking for principal-level engineers to help us execute on an ambitious set of next-generation products.

- Principal Software Engineer

- Staff Software Engineer

Learn more at https://gruntwork.io/careers/

Ramp | Full-Time | Front-End Engineer (All Levels) | Remote Anywhere (NYC offices) | $250k+ TC

Ramp is looking for talented front-end folks who live and breathe UX Our front-end stack is React, TypeScript, and a shiny component library.

Email your resume to [email protected]

See the job posting at https://boards.greenhouse.io/ramp/jobs/5646274002?t=660e10d8...

We're also hiring for other roles, see all openings at https://grnh.se/660e10d82us. Particularly interested in Android (Kotlin), iOS (SwiftUI), and Backend (Python) engineers as well.


Ramp is building the world's first finance automation platform designed to save businesses time and money. Ramp offers 5-in-1 software that consolidates corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, accounting, and reporting into one simple and free solution. We're a young hypergrowth startup building top tier product in the B2B fintech space (3y old, $8.1B valuation, Series C, ~500 employees, ~100 engineers)

Cool breakdown of our business: https://www.notboring.co/p/ramping-up

More recent article on the economy: https://ramp.com/blog/ramp-july-2022-update

EGDL|Front end engineer / full stack engineer | London, UK | Remote & Hybrid |Gaming programming experience | Immediate availability

If interested, please send your CV and LinkedIn profile to: [email protected]

We are transforming and creating a new medium for learning by using the best attributes of the gaming industry (engagement and fun) neuroscience, and technology. Our solution allows our users to get a deep understanding of the best principles and frameworks that best seller authors propose. It can be accessed on the go, as our users care a lot about efficiency and time.

You will form part of a team of outstanding professionals with previous experience in companies like Epic Games, Amazon, Subway Surfers, etc. The primary focus will be to implement new user interfaces and features together with automated unit and integration tests.

Some of the responsibilities but not limited to are:

• Writing clean, readable, and testable code • Build, validate, and maintain app solutions from supplied wireframe layouts • Use mobile first strategy to determine code structure and functionality • Developing new features and user interfaces from wireframe models • Ensuring the best performance and user experience of the application

If interested, please send your CV and LinkedIn profile to: [email protected]

New York Mets | Sr Software Engineer, Computer Vision Analyst | Citi Field, Queens | Full-time | HYBRID (some WFH, some office time) | VISA

The Mets are looking to build the next generation of tools to bolster our baseball decision-making. Our goal is to unify data from the front-office to our minor league backfields. The technical work ahead of us requires leaders who can help tackle green-field projects that leverage modern tech processes and UX principles to make the most of analytical advancement. We are looking for senior technologists who can help grow our team through mentorship, guide the design of user-centric tools, and ultimately help the Mets win more baseball games. We are also looking toward the future to build out cutting-edge nascent technology around computer vision - super exciting time to be a Met! Please inquire for more details. Thanks and LGM!

Computer Vision Analyst, Baseball Analytics ($100-130k) - https://sterlingmets.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Mets/job/Ci...

Sr Software Engineer, Baseball Systems ($130-175k) - https://sterlingmets.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Mets/job/Ci...

Our tech stack: Javascript, Google Cloud (BigQuery, GKE, etc), Postgres, React, Node.js

OneSignal | California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, London | Onsite or Remote | Full Time | https://onesignal.com/careers

Tech stack includes Go, Rust, Ruby on Rails, Kafka, Postgres, Redis, InfluxDB, Typescript, React

OneSignal is building the best platform for businesses to intelligently engage with customers across every channel. We provide a simple interface to push notifications, email, and in-app messages, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.

When you pick up your smartphone, the first thing you see is a push notification - maybe there’s a breaking news alert, a message from a dating site, or football scores… Whatever it is, chances are it came from us.

We recently announced that we raised a $50M round: https://techcrunch.com/2022/09/01/onesignal-lands-50m-to-aut...

We're hiring for roles including:

* Product Engineer / Full Stack Developer

* Head of Developer Relations

* Site Reliability Engineer

* Head of Analytics

More information and apply at https://onesignal.com/careers

Jane | Remote (North America) | Remote | https://www.iheartjane.com

Jane Technologies, Inc. has developed the cannabis industry's first real-time marketplace, where consumers can discover and order cannabis online. We believe in the cannabis industry's ability to bring well-being, health, and love into this world, and it is our mission to bring confidence to the cannabis shopping experience.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/jane

Here are our open roles:

* Senior Product Designer POS: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/615808600...

* Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/612855000...

* Software Engineer, Full Stack: https://boards.greenhouse.io/janetechnologies/jobs/616151000...

Tech Stack: Backend: Ruby on Rails. Frontend: ReactJS + Typescript.

OpenRent | London, UK | Full-Time | ONSITE+PART REMOTE | https://www.openrent.co.uk

What sucked the last time you rented a house or flat? Come and fix it.

OpenRent is a force for good in an industry tarnished by rip-off agencies. Enabled by an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any agency in the UK. In the last 12m we let over £45 billion worth of property, to over 5 million registered users, without ever charging any admin fees.

You'll be working on things that vary from machine learning models to predict the right price of a property, to the future of property management, all to help tenants find their dream home, and landlords their ideal tenant.

We're VC backed, profitable, and have plenty of ambition to maintain our fast growth in this absolutely massive market.

We have a bunch of roles available at the moment and keen to find great people like you!

- Senior DevOps Engineer | Equity | 75k-100k+ (based on experience) + Quarterly Bonus

- Project Manager | Experienced | Equity | £40k-£70k (based on experience) + Quarterly Bonus

- Customer Experience and Product Development | Graduate/Junior | Equity | £30k + Quarterly Bonus

All roles visible here: https://www.openrent.co.uk/jobs

OpenRent is already impacting millions of tenants and landlords each year, join us and make every tenancy better than the last.

Aclima | Front End Engineering Lead | Remote in US | Full-time | Climate Tech | https://www.aclima.io/ Aclima is hiring a front end engineer to lead a small team of experienced front end engineers. This role has three main parts: a senior front end engineer, a technical lead, and a people manager. It is a highly collaborative team, and this role has potential to shape process and engineering culture. A little bit about Aclima, we measure air pollution and greenhouse gases with block-by-block resolution working to catalyze climate action that protects public health, reduces emissions and delivers clean air for all. View the job posting: https://jobs.lever.co/aclima/a61afe51-c0eb-43b9-af98-bb46a84...

Tech stack is primarily, React, Next.js, TypeScript, with use of Mapbox, Redux & Mobx.

The team is split between San Francisco and Portland, OR.

We have other positions available, including a Senior Director of Product Management and VP of Engineering. Learn more at https://www.aclima.io/careers

Dexory | Engineering roles in frontend, backend, sales, and leadership | London, UK

Dexory builds autonomous robots and to help optimise the supply chain. We scan warehouses using cameras and LiDARs to locate and track items in real-time, then present exceptions, insights and analysis in an interactive, searchable digital twin of the warehouse. This allows our customers to reduce the overhead of manual stocktaking, exception handling, and inventory management.

We are tackling several exciting technical challenges, from building our own autonomous robot hardware through to implementing real-time 3D visualisation tools in the browser. We've recently closed a $13m funding round from some of Europe's best VC funds, and we're seeking to fill a number of engineering roles across hardware, software, and leadership to help take our products and services to the next level.

We're based in London but have a variety of onsite, remote, and hybrid opportunities.

Find out more about our roles at https://www.dexory.com/join-us – or reach out to me at [email protected] if you've got any questions. And please don't hesitate to reach out even if you don't think you have exactly the experience or fit.

EGDL / Front-End-Engineer - Full stack engineer / London / Remote & Onsite

We are transforming and creating a new medium for learning by using the best attributes of the gaming industry (engagement and fun) neuroscience, and technology. Our solution allows our users to get a deep understanding of the best principles and frameworks that best seller authors propose. It can be accessed on the go, as our users care a lot about efficiency and time.

You will form part of a team of outstanding professionals with previous experience in companies like Epic Games, Amazon, Subway Surfers, etc. The primary focus will be to implement new user interfaces and features together with automated unit and integration tests.

• Build, validate, and maintain app solutions from supplied wireframe layouts • Use mobile first strategy to determine code structure and functionality • Support and implement best practices for layouts, navigation, architecture, and site speed. • Developing new features and user interfaces from wireframe models • Ensuring the best performance and user experience of the application

We are well funded by investors including Kleiner Perkins and the founders of GitHub, Vercel, and Slack.

If you are interested in joining us on our mission please get in touch ASAP at [email protected]

https://QuitCarbon.com | Software Lead / Technical Co-Founder | (ONSITE partially) San Francisco | Full-Time

QuitCarbon, our climate startup / nascent public-benefit company based in San Francisco, helps homeowners electrify (upgrade from fossil gas appliances to heat pumps, induction stoves, etc), and helps small business contractors flourish by being part of the clean energy transition.

We are growing fast, generating revenue, helping many folks quit, raising our first funding round, and seeking our co-founding or lead software person.

* Full-time, long-term role * Ideally you have both senior individual contributor experience and early-stage startup experience * Salary/equity mix is up for discussion, but will be competitive * We’d strongly prefer at least 1 day/week in-person in SF - this role is not full-time remote * Especially welcoming of non-white-dude folks - but don’t let that stop you if you are a white dude - we take all sorts

Reach me at [email protected] if this gets you excited. We are moving fast here, so don’t delay.

PS. My background is here https://www.linkedin.com/in/coopermarcus/

Sock Club (and Banner Goods) | Senior Software Engineer | Austin, TX | FULL-TIME, REMOTE, https://custom.sockclub.com and https://sockclub.com and http://bannergoods.com

How we buy goods is shifting it's reorganizing from around the automobile to around the smartphone and desktop. Sock Club has grown organically from a D2C e-commerce brand to a custom socks manufacturer and now to a service and design focused e-commerce experience. We are targeting the huge dinosaur industry of corporate gifts and promotional products. It’s an industry where service and design can separate us from other companies and where behemoths like Amazon can’t compete. We already have a service and design team that delivers a high quality experience to our clients. We are building a development core to build a web experience and software tools to make it so that team (staying the same size) can deliver the same experience to 10x the number of clients. If you're interested in this opportunity contact me at [email protected]

- Machine Learning Research Scientist | Fully Remote | Full-time

- Machine Learning Research Engineer| Fully Remote | Full-time

- MLOps Engineer| Fully Remote | Full-time

## About us d-MATRiX is developing a novel hardware system and a full-stack software solution to accelerate large-scale modern deep neural network compute workloads for the cloud. Leveraging a unique combination of in-memory computing and digital signal processing system design, in-memory compute array design, and on-chip and chip to chip interconnect fabric, d-MATRiX's AI compute engine holds the promise of drastically improving power-efficiency and compute latency of cloud inference workloads, by orders of magnitude compared to competition. ## The team and the role The Machine Learning Team is responsible for the R&D of core algorithm-hardware co-design capabilities in d-MATRiX's end-to-end solution. You will be joining a team of exceptional people enthusiastic about researching and developing state-of-the-art efficient deep learning techniques tailored for d-MATRiX's AI compute engine. You will also have the opportunity of collaboration with top academic labs, and help customers to optimize and deploy workloads for real-world applications on our systems.

For questions, please reach out at [email protected]

Eriksson Alt | FullStack or Backend Engineer - Typescript/React/AWS | Full Time - Contract - C2C

We're hiring a for a fulltime contract role. Candidate must be US Based and able to work in US. No Sponsorships.

Great company with diverse team. Long term 1yr contract with renewals. Stack is AWS Lambda microservices and event-driven architecture.

- Minimum 5+ relevant work experience - Strong practical experience in NodeJS/Typescript and working in a Cloud based environment - Demonstrated experience with React - Demonstrated deep experience with AWS Lambda, SNS/SQS, S3, RDS/DynamoDB/Neptune, CloudWatch, AWS CLI - Possess technical skills and experience in the virtual infrastructure domain, specifically Amazon Web Services. - Design and development experience in building and monitoring microservices - Fundamentals in OO and computer science foundation principles. - Working knowledge of distributed architectural design patterns - Working knowledge of automated testing - Experience working on Agile teams with the scrum team member attitude willingness to support the Team

- Ability to use: KMS, ALB/ELB, Route 53, VPC - Experience building infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, CDK or similar

Rate is hourly $85/hr

email resume to: michael [at] eacapgroup.com

Songtrust | Senior Software Engineer | Anywhere in US | Remote | Full-time | https://www.songtrust.com/

Songtrust’s mission is to build a better music publishing industry. We do that by empowering individual creators to build healthy and sustainable careers on their own terms - with the world’s biggest and most accessible publishing administration network, with easy-to-understand royalty reporting, and with educational resources that are free to everyone. Join us, and you’ll be changing the lives of musicians around the world from day one.

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will be a key contributor to our internal business technology and product portfolio. This role offers a great opportunity for an ambitious and self-directed software engineer to build vanguard music rights products and tools that support the rights of our songwriters and artists around the world.

To review job description and apply: https://grnh.se/5013492f2us

GUTS Tickets/GET Protocol | Frontend/Backend/DevOps | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Onsite/Remote, part-time/full-time, SARS plan available. EU Visa sponsorship possible

GET Protocol is a Ticketing SaaS with NFT integration that puts an end to disgraceful secondary ticket prices and ticket fraud. GUTS Tickets is one of the whitelabels that uses this protocol to sell NFT powered tickets to hundreds of thousands real users for real events.

We have several open positions for:

- Medior/Senior Frontend Developers (Vue3, React Native, Typescript)

- Medior/Senior Backend Go Developers (Golang, CouchDB, NFT, kubernetes, AWS)

- Medior/Senior Backend Python Developers (Django, DRF, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, rabbitmq)

- Senior DevOps/SRE (kubernetes, EKS, AWS, grafana, newrelic, pulumi, ArgoCD)

Competitive salary based on experience: part-time or full-time is negotiable. ESOP (SARS) or token plan are negotiable. Employee-based conference, hardware and training budget is available.

Fully remote is possible, with timezone constraints.

Perks: Hackdays, Playstation gaming-battles, ping-pong, dart tournaments, Friday-afternoon bbq/drinks on roof terrace (looking over Amsterdam), committed team-members from all over the world (all on-site), meetups & lightning talks, access to "fill in whatever you want" events & conferences.

Check out https://careers.get-protocol.io/ (soliciting is NOT appreciated)

University of Hertfordshire, greater London area, UK, Research Fellow, data science/machine learning, tinkering with electronics and robots encouraged, part-remote possible if working from within the UK. International applicants welcome.


Qualified | San Francisco, CA or Remote (US/Canada) | Remote OK | https://www.qualified.com

Qualified is the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce. To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/qualified

Here are our open roles:

- Full-Stack Software Engineer (All Levels): https://jobs.lever.co/qualified/1f7e660d-5c37-4dce-a36f-7441...

- Staff Software Engineer - Product: https://jobs.lever.co/qualified/349c7798-b137-4922-adef-b6ab...

- Senior Product Manager: https://jobs.lever.co/qualified/34478ff3-8afd-476f-9350-ebc3...

Tech Stack: Qualified is a modern web app with a React UI interfacing over GraphQL, REST, and WebSockets with a Ruby on Rails backend. The data and messaging layers are built on PostgreSQL, Redis, and ClickHouse.

Darkhive | United States | REMOTE | Darkhive.com

Public safety and military robotics systems are unintegrated with existing equipment and applications. They require too much specialized training on, making them incredibly niche and significantly inhibiting broad adoption.

Darkhive is creating an autonomy software stack that will enable military and public safety users to intuitively interact with robotics platforms in order to more rapidly understand their common environment and make decisions together when it matters most. In addition to our core software suite, Darkhive is creating a palm-sized, autonomous drone optimized to demonstrate the capabilities of our software stack. The integrated software and hardware solution are key to realizing the full potential of the product in our target markets.

We're looking for an early hire to build out our SLAM stack. Our robots are designed and built in the USA. Let's make drones more affordable and accessible to public safety, humanitarian, and defense applications.

- Position can be 100% remote (US Only). - We do in person meetings for fun/coordination when needed. Still a very small team!

- We're a startup, but we have funding and contracts. We're all mid-career so we want a sustainable, mature, diverse working environment.

- This position will involve defense work. However, we will never build drones that can harm people.

For more details on available positions check out: https://apply.workable.com/darkhive/

Fortune Electric | Onsite | Taiwan - Taipei | Full-time | https://www.fortune.com.tw

Fortune Electric is a Taiwanese company working on Electrical Equipment.

I am the lead engineer of the newly formed Battery Systems Research Lab in Fortune Electric.

We are working on creating a new battery system making use of heterogeneous second hand batteries.

We are searching for Mandarin and English speaking, respectful, passionate and motivated people, willing to learn and collaborate with other team members.

We have 3 opened positions:

- Software engineer (embedded, RTOS, C, Rust, ...) https://www.104.com.tw/job/7s3st?jobsource=company_job

- Electrical Engineer https://www.104.com.tw/job/7s3ro?jobsource=company_job

- FullStack Engineer (Rust, WASM, YEW, PostgreSQL, ...) https://www.104.com.tw/job/7s3s6?jobsource=company_job

Please read the job descriptions for further information and do not hesitate to contact me (I am French but friendly no worries). > [email protected] <

Its my first time posting here even though I read HN everyday. Its my pleasure to be part of this wonderful community.

IDT | Remote, with overlap with European timezone | Full-time

We at IDT develop communications and money applications in small, independent international teams. Our flagship BOSS Revolution Calling, Money mobile apps and website help millions of customers to communicate with and send money to friends and loved ones around the world. For more info on our apps and services please visit: https://www.bossrevolution.com/

We are currently looking for the following new team members:

1) Data Engineer (Spark, Python, Data Lake and DWH (Redshift), Terraform): https://idtmessaging.com/data-engineer/

2) Flutter developer: https://idtmessaging.com/senior-mobile-developer-flutter-or-...

3) Cloud developers (Go, NoSQL, AWS): https://idtmessaging.com/backend-developer-go-kotlin/

What we have to offer:

1) Work on applications which really make a difference in people’s lives

2) An international company with many exciting products to work on

3) Work with the latest technologies and learn new things as we go

4) Talented and friendly colleagues working as a global team

5) Competitive compensation

Turf | Digital & Physical Art | Remote | Bootstrapped | Part Time

Turf creates cartographic art of every place you love.

We split the earth in squares of 2x2 kilometer and sell autogenerated art of each square only once.

When you buy a Turf piece you get:

- 3D interactive file

- HQ file perfect for fine art printing

- License to sell prints of your square of earth

We keep track of ownership using NFTs, but are increasingly moving away from emphasizing this as we work on entering non-crypto markets.

That said, we recently partnered with the Cardano Summit to facilitate the free NFTs that attendees could claim as part of their swag bag. We distributed over 20 000 NFTs between the 52 locations that the Cardano Summit took place.

We’re planning to collaborate with 10 more events like the Cardano Summit in 2023 and are hiring to achieve this goal:

1. Business Development Manager - to reach out to and negotiate partnerships

2. Communications Manager - to make sure we stay present everywhere

3. Project Manager - to run the actual event partnerships

Ultimately our goal is to become market leader of relationship gifts in the digital world.

Interested? Check https://turfnft.com/jobs Please send your CV + a short note to [email protected]

Clerk | Many Roles (see below) | Remote US, Remote EU, SF, Denver | Full-time




Clerk is building developer tools for the next generation of applications. We're looking for engineers and builders who enjoy having a lot of ownership and autonomy and strive for DX perfection and pixel perfection in everything they do. Attention to detail is paramount.

Well funded and backed by a16z, s28 capital, south park commons, and many others.



Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior Backend Engineer

Content Marketing

Marketing Design / Brand Manager

UI/UX Designer


Email me directly at: [email protected]

Slope | Product Manager | Full-time | Remote | https://www.slope.io

Slope's mission is to make clinical trials boring. Boring clinical trials are better clinical trials. They have fewer surprises, faster outcomes, and stronger data integrity. They’re more likely to finish on time and on budget.

Slope makes clinical trials boring by using real-time data to orchestrate operational complexity. We help teams bring order, trust, and predictability to protocol execution and automation, ensuring every patient always have what they need and every job gets done.

Slope is hiring for our first Product Manager, reporting to the VP, Product. This role will lead the tactical planning and execution of high-quality product initiatives that make the Slope platform better, faster, and stronger. This position will closely collaborate with cross-functional teams of developers, researchers & designers, and stakeholders & domain experts to help ensure that the platform truly meets the needs of customers in support of our business objectives.

Apply here: https://www.slope.io/jobs/product-manager

Airtable | San Francisco/Mountain View CA; New York, NY; Austin TX; Seattle WA | Onsite | Software Engineer (many roles), SRE, DevOps/IT Engineer, Salesforce Engineer, Engineering Manager, Product Design Manager

Airtable's mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build tools that meet their unique needs. Unlike single-purpose apps, we think of Airtable as a toolkit of building blocks that people repurpose to create their own applications. The best-known part of our product is a real-time, collaborative database, but we have layered automations and user-defined interfaces on top of that foundation, enabling our users to create full-fledged applications on top of our platform.

We're hiring software engineers for web (JavaScript + TypeScript, Node, React), Android (Java, Kotlin), infrastructure (data engineering, DevOps/SRE, storage), and many other roles.

We're a team with diverse backgrounds. We believe in the power of highly motivated and capable individuals to accomplish great things in small teams, with end-to-end ownership of projects and rapid iteration.

Read about open positions and apply here: https://airtable.com/careers

[COVID-19: Our offices are open, with safety protocols in place. We are encouraging teams to choose one in-office day per week for face-to-face collaboration. We also provide dedicated desks for employees who prefer to work in the office more frequently. However, we also permit employees to continue working out-of-office full-time for any reason. Employee safety is our top priority.]

Apollo Agriculture | https://www.apolloagriculture.com/team | Full-time | Engineering, Data Warehousing | Amsterdam, Nairobi, or Remote (Similar Timezone)

Apollo Agriculture is bringing modern farming to the worlds poorest farmers. Millions of farmers globally don't have access to the basic farm tools the rest of the world depends on for food production (good seed and fertiliser.) We sell these proven agricultural tools on credit, use ML to figure out who we can lend to profitably, and are growing rapidly (two countries and growing.) We are looking for multiple engineering roles:

- Android Engineering: Our product is rapidly evolving from being phone, SMS, USSD to Android. We ship multiple android apps, including our app for field agents which serves 5000 field agent partners working directly with our customers. (We like modern tools, Kotlin, Jetpack-Compose etc. We do support very old versions of Android, our customers aren’t on Samsung Galaxy 22’s)

To apply, send me an email at [email protected] – I’m the CTO and happy to chat.

Vodafone | Dresden, Germany | Multiple Positions | Hybrid (Onsite + Remote) | Full-time

In Vodafone, our diverse team is accountable for the design, development, deployment, and operations of a device and network analytics solution including a Big Data platform, a rich web frontend, and mobile smartphone-based client software. The solution is a key element of Vodafone’s customer care and network performance and optimization strategy and operated in about 20 markets across the Vodafone international footprint.

We are hiring in mobile and backend domain.

* Developer - Device Agents (Android, ...): https://jobs.vodafone.com/careers/job?pid=563018675564090

* Backend Developer/Data Engineer (Hadoop, GCP, ...): https://jobs.vodafone.com/careers/job?pid=563018675563863

More jobs in preparation, i.e. Senior Backend Architect.

Note: Vodafone has implemented a "full-flex" working model. Still, regular onsite communication is highly preferred.

Hit the apply button or message me if you're interested! bjoern [dot] almeroth2 [at] vodafone [dot] com

IHI Terrasun Solutions | Data Engineer | REMOTE from (US) or Chicago, IL | Full-Time | https://www.ihiterrasun.com/

At IHI Terrasun, we are at the forefront of changing the world with green energy solutions. IHI Terrasun Solutions is a solar + storage systems integration and lifecycle services provider with highly integrated hardware and software capabilities. Our portfolio of projects has 2.1 GWh of installed, contracted, and in-construction energy storage.

Our data team is expanding and adding several new roles to support and develop reporting and analytics software at our project sites:

Senior Software Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/ihiterrasun/jobs/4144831005?gh_...)

Senior Full Stack Developer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/ihiterrasun/jobs/4117312005?gh_...)

Senior Data Engineer (https://boards.greenhouse.io/ihiterrasun/jobs/4144824005?gh_...)

Our pipeline uses Mosquitto, Prometheus, Grafana, and other open-source tools to collect device and system's data and convert it into Prometheus metrics for use by Python services, Grafana, and custom reporting.

Browse the other job listings at: https://www.ihiterrasun.com/careers/

10x Genomics | Pleasanton, CA & San Francisco, CA | Remote (US Only), Hybrid, or Onsite

We're a biotech company that creates powerful scientific tools that enable key biological discoveries and drive exponential progress in the study of human health. Our team has a distinguished record of creating innovative instruments, reagents, and software that analyze biological systems at a resolution that matches the complexity of biology. Scientists have used our tools to discover the mechanisms behind Alzheimer's disease, cystic fibrosis, autism, stem cell differentiation, COVID-19, and more.

I'm looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will be focused on building modern React-powered applications that are at the cutting edge of biology. While the role has a frontend focus, there are opportunities to deliver other areas of the stack depending on your interest. If you are the kind of person who is an avid fan of technology in all fields, not just your own, and want to apply your talent alongside a diverse team of experts every day, join us at 10x Genomics.

You can reach me directly at [email protected] or view the job description here: https://careers.10xgenomics.com/careers?pid=171812168443. I'm happy to chat about the role and tell you about how you can use your engineering prowess to impact human health.

You can read more about some of the software that we work on and additional software roles here: https://www.10xgenomics.com/careers/software.

Cohere Health| Boston, MA | ONSITE OR REMOTE

Cohere Health is simplifying healthcare for patients, their doctors, and all those who are important in a patient’s healthcare experience, both in and out of the doctors office. We build software that is expressly designed to ensure the appropriate plan of care is understood and expeditiously approved, so that patients and doctors can focus on health, rather than payment or administrative hassles.

This is a unique opportunity to join a rapidly growing engineering team with great ambition. You will have an outsized influence on the future direction and technology decisions.

Our application stack:

    - React
    - Groovy Grails/Springboot
    - Elasticsearch
    - Spark/EMR
    - Kafka
    - MongoDB
    - AWS
Throughout the interview process you can expect the following during your time with us:

    - A coding test
    - Phone call to review with hiring manager
    - Virtual pairing interview (system architecture and design)
    - Hopefully a quick decision and offer!
Software Engineer - https://grnh.se/d56e23313us

Senior Data Scientist - https://grnh.se/fa6c12173us

Senior Machine Learning Engineer - https://grnh.se/d6bc14c73us

ML Ops - https://grnh.se/d6bc14c73us

Noteable | Remote US | Senior Software Engineer (Python) + Senior Software Engineer (Javascript) | https://noteable.io

Noteable is a collaborative data notebook that enables data-driven teams to use and visualize data, together. We build a collaborative data science platform built on Jupyter notebooks using technology like Kubernetes, CockroachDB, and AWS.

We offer:

- Freedom to work remotely anywhere in the US; we are a remote-only company.

- Competitive compensation, including both salary and stock options.

- Medical, dental, and vision insurance, including a top-tier HSA plan, and FSA plans.

- Generous parental leave; flexible time off.

- Home office setup stipend.

- 401(k) retirement plan.


- Senior Software Engineer (Python): https://noteable.io/blog/career/senior-software-engineer-pyt...

- Senior Software Engineer (Javascript): https://noteable.io/blog/career/senior-software-engineer-ui/


Noteable was founded in 2020 by former Netflix, Amazon, and Apple technology leaders, and our team includes contributors and leaders within the Jupyter and Python communities. We are supported by Wing, Costanoa Ventures, and Bain Capital.

Canonical | https://canonical.com/careers | Fully Remote (Global)

If you would like to be part of the future of open-source software, then please take a look at the positions we have available. In the SaaS Engineering organization alone (which I lead), we have six positions:

Engineering Manager - Platform Services, Launchpad - https://canonical.com/careers/2290636

Engineering Manager - Ubuntu Systems Management - https://canonical.com/careers/4283003

Senior Software Engineer - App Stores Backend - https://canonical.com/careers/3159992

Software Engineer - Launchpad - https://canonical.com/careers/3142044

Software Engineer - Systems Management - https://canonical.com/careers/4647417

Engineering Director, App Stores - https://canonical.com/careers/4581001

Please consider coming to be part of our team and share these postings with others you think might be interested!


FusionAuth | Software Eng and more | Full-time | Denver CO or Remote (in USA only) | https://fusionauth.io

FusionAuth is the authentication and authorization platform built for devs, by devs. Our software solves the problem of integrating essential user security without adding risk or distracting from the primary application.

Ya know, the one with the features your users want to pay you for.

FusionAuth comes without the risk and complexity that typical identity systems have. With self-hosted or cloud installation, extensive documentation, free options, fast deployment and a no-hassle process, we eliminates hurdles that make it hard for developers to meet their authentication and authorization requirements.

We aren't VC funded, but we are profitable, growing fast, and need your help. We are currently hiring for the following roles:

Senior Software Engineer (Denver area only), Staff Software Engineer (Denver area only), Documentation Leader, Community Developer Advocate

Learn more about these positions, including salary info, what makes us tick at FusionAuth, and role expectations, here: https://fusionauth.io/jobs

Redwood Materials | REMOTE (USA), or Carson City NV | Machine Learning, Backend, Devops https://www.redwoodmaterials.com/join/

Redwood Materials was created by JB Straubel (co-founder and long time CTO of Tesla) to create a circular supply chain for electric vehicles and clean energy products, making them more sustainable and driving down the cost of batteries. Redwood Materials recycles batteries at scale and is on track to become the first company to manufacture critical battery components at gigafactory scale.

We have a small, highly talented group of folks on the software team who are building front-end business applications, standing up cloud infrastructure and backend functionality, and developing machine learning/computer vision/algorithmic models which drive the functionality of industrial processes and custom machines/robots.

If you're an excellent engineer who wants to work on real/meaningful/fun projects with great people, Redwood is an awesome place to be.

We're hiring:

--> Machine learning / data science | Python, classical and deep learning, custom algorithms, modeling, and hardware interaction a plus (3 - 9 years experience) --> Backend | Python, AWS, data architecture a plus (2-9 years experience) --> Devops | Cloud based, AWS, CDK a plus (2-8 years experience)

Please feel welcome to reach out to me at [email protected] or apply at https://www.redwoodmaterials.com/join/

Flux.ai | Platform Eng & Graphics Eng's | Remote | Full-time

Flux is a seed-funded $12M+ startup backed by Bain, 8VC, and Outsiders Fund. We're building a realtime HW design platform and programmable simulator that runs on any browser, with a massive list of forkable, community projects. We're a small team building primarily in React and Typescript. We've always been 100% remote, and have teammates now in 10 countries!

Platform Engineer: come work on our realtime data fetching, search, ML infra, and scalability efforts. Typescript, Firebase, GCP, React - https://boards.greenhouse.io/fluxai/jobs/4132178004

Graphics Engineer: we have to render massive scenes in 3D and optimize GPU performance, React-three-fiber, Three.js, WebGL, and a bit of Rust. https://boards.greenhouse.io/fluxai/jobs/4229679004

Hightouch | Engineering Leadership & Senior Backend Engineer | REMOTE (North America time zones) | Full-time

Hightouch provides a low-code/no-code (SQL/UI) tool that enables syncing of company data to nearly 100 different SaaS tools across use cases like marketing, sales, growth, and finance. Many business teams already use data visualization tools like Looker or Tableau, but now these teams can use Hightouch to take automated actions based on data, all in the same tools they already use.

We’re also growing really fast. We’re on track to *5x* our revenue this year, and notable customers already include Plaid, Spotify, New Relic, Retool, Calendly, Ramp, Blend, CircleCI, Zapier, Survey Monkey, Betterment, and over 150 others.

Current roles include:

- Engineering Leadership, Core Syncing Engine: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hightouch/jobs/4580317004 - Senior Backend Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/hightouch/jobs/4005835004

Bytebeam | REMOTE | https://bytebeam.io

Bytebeam is an IoT focused cloud platform. Bytebeam aspires to be a one stop destination for all the makers out there building new age smart & connected products.

Think of AWS but focused on IoT.

We are super passionate about solving the tough problems faced by the developers in this space. Some of the key use cases we solve for are:

* Collecting large volumes of data over unreliable networks

* Over the Air updates to improve device functionality over time

* Real time data visualisations and logs for insights and debugging

* Device and mobile SDK’s to sync data in real time between device and mobile

We have a highly skilled tech team with a collective experience of 40+ years working with startups & large enterprises like Flipkart, Samsung, Intel, Bosch, Juspay, Grinntech, Sandisk, Hasura, Ather Energy & more.

Bytebeam founders, in their last stint, built the connected & smart vehicle infrastructure at Ather Energy.

We are hiring for a bunch of roles: Senior Product Marketing, Embedded Engineers, Rust developers, Full stack developers to name a few. See our careers page for more: https://bytebeam.io/careers/

Elaborate | Senior Software Engineer (backend focused) | NYC or Remote (US timezones) | Full-time | https://www.elaborate.com

Elaborate empowers doctors to send modern lab results that tell patients what the results mean and what to do next. We integrate with doctors’ EMRs and analyze patient data with our proprietary clinical insights engine, providing a guided, innovative health experience.

We’re a seed-stage startup looking for someone who has built robust backend systems and can think deeply about interesting, messy data from real-world domains, whether that’s in healthcare, fintech, IoT, or something else. Elaborate faces no shortage of interesting backend challenges—I promise you will not just be implementing CRUD for the tenth time. Think scaling our architecture, solving entity resolution challenges, ensuring data pipeline quality and reliability, designing distributed task-based systems, standing up new infrastructure when needed, collaborating with non-engineers, etc. As our third-full time engineer, you will have a ton of influence on our engineering culture and the success of the entire business.

Tech stack buzzwords - Python, TypeScript, SQL, Postgres, Redis, NextJS, AWS, Docker, Terraform

Compensation and equity is competitive, and our fast-growing team is filled with talented, kind, and passionate people. If you think you’d be a good fit, apply at https://angel.co/company/weareelaborate/jobs/2464782-senior-... or reach out to me at alex dot sherman [at] elaborate dot com.

Templafy | Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin, Germany; New York City, NY | Hybrid (2-3 days onsite) | Full-time | Visa sponsorship | https://www.templafy.com/

Short pitch: Web app and Office add-ins for template management, document generation, email signatures, etc. VC-backed scaleup with ~350 employees of which ~75 in engineering. Long runway. Modern .NET stack, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD.

Job board: https://www.templafy.com/career/

Hiring for:

- Head of Cloud & DevOps (Copenhagen, Denmark or Berlin, Germany)

- Head of Data (Copenhagen, Denmark)

- Senior Pre-Sales Engineer (New York City, NY) - $150-170k base salary

Benefits: Equity, pension, health insurance, and vacation etc. as usual for Europe.

Full sales pitch: Templafy’s next gen document generation platform automates all business document creation across organizations to activate and protect brands, drive governance and enable better document creation at any complexity and scale. We uniquely leverage content enablement technology that intelligently connects content to users where they already work, when it matters most. From immediate access to on-brand company templates directly within Microsoft Office, to fully automated compilation of a sales proposal within Salesforce, to automating document classification at the point of creation, and every content workflow between and beyond, our platform enables employees to create compliant, on-brand, high-performing business documents faster.

Roboflow | Multiple Roles | Full-time (Remote) | https://roboflow.com/careers?ref=whoishiring1222

Roboflow is the fastest way to use computer vision in production. We help developers give their software the sense of sight. Our end-to-end platform[1] provides tooling for image collection, annotation, dataset exploration and curation, training, and deployment.

Over 100k engineers (including engineers from 2/3 Fortune 100 companies) build with Roboflow. And we now host the largest collection[2] of open source computer vision datasets and pre-trained models[3].

We have several openings available, but are primarily looking for strong technical generalists who want to help us democratize computer vision and like to wear many hats and have an outsized impact. (We especially love hiring past and future founders.)

We're hiring 3 full-stack engineers this quarter, a back-end focused engineer to work primarily on our APIs and SDKs, and we're also looking for an infrastructure engineer with Elasticsearch experience.

[1]: https://docs.roboflow.com/?ref=whoishiring1222

[2]: https://blog.roboflow.com/computer-vision-datasets-and-apis/...

[3]: https://universe.roboflow.com/?ref=whoishiring1222

SerpApi | https://serpapi.com | Senior Web Engineer | Based in Austin, TX but everyone is remote | Full-time | ONSITE or FULLY REMOTE (We're a remote first company) | $160k 1099 for US or local avg + 20% for outside the US

SerpApi is the leading API to scrape and parse search engine results. We deeply support Google, Google Maps, Google Images, Bing, Baidu, and a lot more.

Our current stack is Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, and React.JS. We are looking for a senior web designer, a senior Front End Engineer, and a Senior Backend Engineer. For the senior web designer position, we're looking for someone to give us a strong visual direction and experience in CSS, JS, or React are definitely plusses but not required.

We have an awesome work environment: We are a remote first company. We do continuous integration, continuous deployments, code reviews, code pairings, profit sharing, and most of communication is async via GitHub. We value super strongly transparency, do open books, have a public roadmap, and contribute to the EFF.

Apply at: https://serpapi.com/team

Enjin | Full-time | REMOTE (global) We are the pioneers in building product ecosystem that will help create advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology. We have full-stack platform including a wallet, marketplace, and Efinity (our flagship Polkadot Parachain). https://enjin.io/company Open Positions:

Project Manager Full description and link to apply: https://enjin.io/opportunities/project-manager

Communications Lead Full description and link to apply: https://enjin.io/opportunities/communications-lead

There are other Dev (Laravel) and Marketing positions that we're hoping to fill. Find them all here - https://enjin.io/opportunities#open-positions

Uncountable | SF, NYC, Munich | Full-Stack Engineering https://www.uncountable.com/hiring/hn

Uncountable accelerates R&D for industrial scientists across leading materials, chemicals, and life sciences organizations. With our SaaS solution, our customers get better products to the market in half the time. Uncountable was founded by MIT and Stanford engineers and has been profitable since 2016. Our team has grown from 12 to 40 over the last two years.

Full-Stack Engineers | $120k - $220k + Equity

---> Uncountable is looking for engineers who can spearhead the development of the Uncountable Web Platform. The position is heavily product-driven and comes with challenges across the stack.

--> Senior and principal positions are available.

--> Summer internships and working student positions are also available.

Learn more: https://www.uncountable.com/hiring/hn

Uncountable has offices in San Francisco, New York City or Munich. Remote flexibility is available for senior candidates within the SF or NY metro areas.

Contact our CTO directly at [email protected]

Cadet Portfolio | Mid/Junior Software Engineer | Atlanta, GA | Full-Time

Cadet Portfolio digitized the JROTC/ROTC curriculum and provides this platform nation-wide for all Army JROTC/ROTC programs. Our goal is to provide a simple tool to support the Department of the Army's mission and give our end user a seamless experience.

You'll work in a face-paced small-team environment, gain experience working on government contracts, and be a vital component to the companies growth. We push code to production frequently, and you'll be able to contribute day one. Candidates must be local to Atlanta, but position is 95+% remote (we have in-person meetings regularly).

A good candidate would have experience with AWS, .Net, and SQL-Server, but we are open to someone how can pickup new concepts quickly. A self-starting, energetic, developer who can make changes on the fly, and also step back to discuss system design will do great in this role.

If you are interesting in hearing more, please get in touch jacob at cadetportfolio.com

Estuary Technology | Solutions Engineer | Developer Evangelist | Remote or New York, NY | UTC-7 to UTC+2

Estuary (https://www.estuary.dev/) is the first real-time Data Operations platform for future-proof pipelines, including both historical and real-time data set up in minutes.

Our team is rapidly growing, VC funded and led by two successful, repeat founders.

Solutions Engineer: https://www.estuary.dev/about/#solutions

As Estuary’s first Solution Engineer, you will work directly with our founding team to help companies unlock the power of their real-time data. Working at the intersection of engineering, product and customers, your work will have a huge impact on Estuary’s product roadmap and help create a seamless experience for users.

Developer Evangelist/Advocate: https://www.estuary.dev/about/#developerevangelist

As we are gearing up to launch the open-beta of our platform, Flow, we are looking for a Developer Evangelist to join our team to help showcase the power of Flow through original content creation.

This is an exciting opportunity to make direct impact and shape user perception of a new product that brings a fresh experience to working with real-time data.

As this is a unique role, we are open to a variety of personas (data engineers, backend developers, Solutions Engineers and of course DevRel professionals).

Estuary offers full health benefits, competitive salary, unlimited PTO, 401K, equity, and a culture that values trust, transparency, and a flexible work environment to optimize your work/life balance.

To apply, send your resume and any questions to [email protected]

Messari | Senior Frontend Engineer &, Sr. Machine Learning Engineer | Full Time | Remote (US Only) https://messari.io/careers

We're actively hiring for Sr. Front-end Engineers & our first ever Sr. Machine Learning Engineer!

If you haven't heard of Messari, think of us like Bloomberg, but for Web3. We are the leading provider of market intelligence products that help professionals navigate Web3 sphere with confidence and make smarter and more informed decisions. We bring transparency and smarter qualitative and quantitative analytics to the industry by combining a global research database with a comprehensive suite of data visualization and asset discovery tools.

Front-end Tech Stack: Typescript, Next.js, React, GraphQL, REST, Node, Postgres, Machine Learning/Data Tech Stack: Python, spaCy, AWS, SQL, Git, NLP, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes (looking to evolve our ML tech stack as well!)

We believe in free people, big thinking, and open markets. Our culture reflects our faith in the power of passionate individuals who rally around a shared big vision.

If you want an engineering culture that fosters employee autonomy, professional development, communication, collaboration Messari is the place for you.

Our team is amazing and I mean that — we value exceptional pay, great work-life balance, career development, diversity and much more. If you're looking for a great, long-term opportunity with a ton of growth, this is for you.

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested, whether your interested in our open roles or even just want to learn more about Messari!

TandemAI | Software Engineer | Full-time | NYC/Boston/Remote (US, Canada) | https://tandemai.com/

Tandem AI is an advanced technology company dedicated to reinventing drug discovery infrastructure. The company integrates proprietary AI-driven, high-performance computation with its efficient, large-scale in-house wet lab operations to deliver a turnkey drug discovery solution.

We are looking for a Senior Engineer to join our growing Web Applications team. You will actively contribute to back-end and front-end initiatives for our cutting-edge computational platform with a focus on back-end. The candidate, will work to create a state-of-the-art client-facing molecular design web application that seamlessly integrates the Tandem AI molecular dynamics-based computational platform.

Our stack is React 18, Java Spring Boot, PostgreSQL and we use Slurm to manage our HPC jobs.

If you have a science background and strong engineering skills this could be an exciting opportunity for you!

If you're interested feel free to email me with subject "Hacker News TandemAI" directly at frederick [dot] parsons [at] tandemai [dot] com

Fueled | GLOBAL Remote Opportunities Available | Full-Time | https://fueled.com/jobs -- Who We Are -- An award winning mobile app dev agency. -- to Where You Fit In -- You know how to create jaw-dropping websites and web/mobile applications.

-- Open Roles – Engineering Manager, ReactJS/React Native | Remote | https://grnh.se/46c520cf1us

Chief Financial Officer | Remote | https://grnh.se/482779ee1us

Platforms Engineer | Remote (USA) | https://grnh.se/e994821e1us

Solutions Architect | Remote | https://grnh.se/da61a4861us

Senior Web Engineer, ReactJS | Remote | https://grnh.se/afc580921us

Senior Visual Designer | Remote | https://grnh.se/8033bd7f1us

Lead Product Design Manager | Remote | https://grnh.se/cbe259571us

Lead Product Manager | Remote US | https://grnh.se/e9dc37db1us

Please apply directly to the links but feel free to contact our Talent team at [email protected] with any questions.

Relay.club | Product Engineer, Tech Admin | REMOTE (Europe / Middle East / Africa / APAC ) | Full-time | https://www.relay.club/

LOCATION: Fully remote, within 6+/- hours of Singapore.

TECH STACK: Supabase, NextJS, React (req'd), JavaScript (req'd)

We're relay.club, an influencer management platform that connects brands with social media influencers. We're a small and growing startup that has raised over $350,000 in our first round of funding.

Workplace satisfaction and professional development are important to us. You'll find our company culture of empowerment and self-direction is more like working in California than many companies in Asia.

► Product Engineer (NextJS Supabase)

Our hiring process takes about three hours and consists of only interviews and a one-hour mock code review.

► Technical Team Administrator

An entry-level position to launch a career in tech, leading to software engineer, technical writer, or product manager.

Job descriptions: https://hiring-relay-club.pages.dev/. Interested? Email our COO, [email protected]

Clockwise | https://getclockwise.com | REMOTE first | Series C w. $76M+ in funding from Bain, Coatue, Greylock, Accel, Atlassian, Slack Fund, and other blue-chip investors.

Clockwise optimizes your team’s calendars to create more time in everyone’s day.

Using AI, Clockwise creates space in our schedules to be present when we’re collaborating and focused when we’re working alone.

We call it a time orchestration platform, the modern way to bring schedules together in harmony at the organizational level.

Want to learn more about the challenges we're solving? Check out our Fall Product Showcase recording: https://www.getclockwise.com/events/fall-product-showcase

Open Roles:

* Senior Product Designer

This position will lead the design on a fully staffed squad, researching, shipping and iterating a new product suite. The design of these products and features will be the focal point of our 2023 roadmap.

Apply here: https://www.getclockwise.com/careers

If you're having trouble managing your work time, get started using Clockwise for free at: http://bit.ly/getclockwise

Let's help the world make time for what matters! We look forward to hearing from you!

Ctrl F keywords: Design, Designer, Product, Senior, Lead, Visual, UI, UX

ActivityInfo.org | The Hague | Remote Possible | Java + GWT ActivityInfo is a platform for humanitarian data management used by the UN, NGOs and Governments in more than 70 countries.

It is a hugely challenging web application with an outsize impact in the world.

Some of the work you would do includes:

* Add new data visualizations to our analysis toolbox Work with our UX designer to build user interfaces that make complex tasks, like dashboard layout, simple for users

* Increase the performance of our system for large datasets

* Design and implement multi-level caching for complex analytical queries

* Improve conflict resolution during synchronization with our offline web client

* Extend and improve our formula language and its interpreter

* Develop a pipeline for automated analysis of user data sets

* Ensure that key tasks in the application are accessible to visually impaired users.

Our codebase is written in Java, both frontend and backend. We have high test coverage and use a highly functional flavor of Java to ensure that the compiler can verify as much as possible at build time.


Cambly|San Francisco,Ca,USA|Hybrid/Onsite|Full Time


About Cambly: Our mission is to bring high-quality English education to every English learner in the world at the touch of a button. Think of us as the Airbnb that matches English students with English tutors and come help us build the world’s largest English learning marketplace and school.

We are hiring: Engineering Manager Staff iOS Engineer Sr. Android Engineer Sr. Backend Engineer Sr. Frontend Engineer Sr. iOS Engineer

Life @Cambly includes... -Cash Flow Positive for over 5 years 60M VC backed but haven't touched any of it -Hybrid First Company (M, T, Th) -Catered Lunches -100% of Medical, Dental, and Vision paid along with matching 401k -Maternity and Paternity Paid Leave -20 days of true, unbothered PTO -End-of-year shutdown -Family-friendly environment with amazing WLB and Culture -Helping others around the world unlock economic opportunities by learning English

Stream | Multiple Positions | Amsterdam, NL and Boulder, US | Remote possible | Full Time | Visa Sponsorship

Stream's Chat Messaging & Activity Feed APIs are used by over a billion end-users, and are powered by Go, RocksDB, and Raft - with response times typically measured in single-digit milliseconds. We reached a new industry benchmark for scaling real-time chat as-a-service, with 5 million concurrent connections supported in a single chat channel. We’re currently one of the fastest growing startups in Europe and Colorado on our Series B round of $38 mln: https://tcrn.ch/3peCYXl

We’re hiring for the following positions:

* Backend Software Developers (Golang)

* Backend Team Leads (Golang)

* Front End Developer

* iOS SDK Developer

* NLP ML Engineering Lead

* Full Stack Tech Lead (JS+Python)

* Technical Director of Engineering

....and more!

As a part of Stream, you'll have a chance to make a huge impact on the product within a team of the strongest engineers all over the world (over 35 countries aboard). If you are interested in becoming a part of what we do, apply now! https://getstream.io/team/#jobs

PathAI | Boston/Memphis | Onsite/Remote(US or willing to relocate) | Principal Data Center Systems Engineer | Full Time

At PathAI, we're dedicated to improving patient outcomes with reliable AI-Powered technology and meaningful collaboration with biopharma, laboratories, and clinicians — aiming to provide patients with access to accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Openings include:

- Principal Data Center Systems Engineer: https://grnh.se/567337bf2us

- Senior Software Engineer in Test (SDET): https://grnh.se/a2b605902us

- Lead Machine Learning Engineer: https://grnh.se/3ff338852us

- Machine Learning Manager: https://grnh.se/5707cbd22us

I'm a Staff SE - happy to answer questions via email or put you in touch with the right person if I can't. My email address is in my HN profile. No recruiters or agencies, please.

Majesco | Full Stack Software Engineer | REMOTE (Anywhere in the U.S.) | Full Time https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3383144998/

Majesco sells software solutions to the world’s largest insurance companies. We help our customers predict & prevent losses, accurately price risk and handle claims. I lead the data science team for Majesco, and we’re looking to hire a software engineer who can work alongside the incredibly talented data scientists on my team. As our data scientists create AI/ML models, your job will be to help containerize those models as services, deploy them to our cloud-native stack and create front-ends to put the power of this cutting-edge tech into the hands of our users.

Most of our team is currently in Madison, WI, but we believe that great work happens whenever and wherever our employees are most comfortable. We are 100% remote friendly. (Must be eligible to work for a U.S. employer as a W-2 employee.)

Feel free to reach out -- f"@{my_username}@fosstodon.org"

Alma | Healthtech | Remote(USA)

At Alma, we’re making it easier for consumers to access high-quality, affordable mental health care by supporting providers in building thriving private practices.

We recently raised a $130M Series D and are hiring for many roles across the company.

- Analytics Engineer (https://grnh.se/1770d95f2us)

- Frontend Engineer (https://grnh.se/71c664f12us)

- Senior Platform Engineer (https://grnh.se/a57b66b62us)

- Senior Data Analyst (https://grnh.se/ceb2fb422us)

- Senior Product Designer (https://grnh.se/a3d15a3b2us)

- Product Manager (https://grnh.se/2afe5e222us)

All Open Roles (https://grnh.se/b453f6d82us)

Veridise | Multiple Roles | Remote (US, Europe, China, India timezones) | Full Time

Veridise (https://www.veridise.com/) is a security auditing startup focused on using program analysis and formal verification to harden the security of blockchain applications. We’ve developed state-of-the-art security tools such as static analyzers, fuzzers, and symbolic execution engines based on our research published in top academic conferences. We’re also building a SaaS service that makes these tools available to developers with minimal/zero installation or configuration.

* We are VC funded with a good runway and financials, as well as a 100%-remote, globally distributed team.

* Our daily work involves compilers, static analysis, fuzzing, formal verification, zero-knowledge proofs, distributed systems, and/or other hard and interesting problems.

* We offer opportunities to work on open-source projects (relevant to our work), as well as research projects that lead to academic publications.

To apply, send your resume to ( bryan [at] veridise.com ) and indicate which of the following positions sound interesting to you. Note: our Frontend and Backend Software Engineer positions have already been filled.


  - Software Engineer (R&D)
  - Compiler Engineer
  - Security Software Engineer
  - Operations Engineer
Tech stack:

  - R&D / Compilers: Racket, Coq, C++, Python, LLVM, some Rust, Nix
  - SaaS team: JavaScript (Vue), Python (FastAPI), Docker, AWS
CoinTracker (YC W18) | REMOTE (NA, UK, EU), Full-time | Sr. Infra Engineer, Data Analyst, Infra Engineering Manager | https://www.cointracker.io/jobs

CoinTracker is a portfolio assistant for cryptocurrency. Over 3% of the global cryptocurrency market cap is tracked on CoinTracker. Seamlessly track your crypto portfolio, investment performance, taxes, and more.

Some things we’re proud of:

Traction: over $50 billion of crypto assets synced to CoinTracker daily

Leading partners: Coinbase, TurboTax, OpenSea, Wolters Kluwer

Top tier investors: Accel, General Catalyst, Y Combinator, Balaji Srinivasan, Serena Williams, and more

Founders: Previously built TextNow (200M downloads), ex-Googlers

Our mission is to increase the world's financial freedom and prosperity. If this sounds interesting to you, come chat with us!

Apply directly (Sr. Infra Eng): https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/cointracker/12fa43a5-a89b-4bbd-80e2...

Apply directly (Data Analyst): https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/cointracker/c39f283f-e26c-43c1-a23d...

Apply directly (Infra Eng Manager): https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/cointracker/0e9e7749-d24a-438d-8b35...

Samsara | Multiple Roles | Full-time, 100% Remote OR Hybrid In-Person/WFH (US & Canada) | Apply here: https://grnh.se/766dab941us

Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows businesses and organizations that depend on physical operations to harness IoT (Internet of Things) data to develop actionable business insights and improve their operations. Samsara operates in North America and Europe and serves more than 20,000 customers across a wide range of industries including transportation, wholesale and retail trade, construction, field services, logistics, utilities and energy, government, healthcare and education, manufacturing and food and beverage. Learn more about Samsara's mission to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy at www.samsara.com.

Open Positions: Senior Engineer (Full Stack, Backend), Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Staff Engineer (Embedded, Telematics), Engineering Program Manager, Growth Engineer, Senior Product Manager, and more!

Zscaler Deception | Multiple Roles | Remote (role dependent) | Full-time | India

Zscaler Deception is a platform to detect highly sophisticated and targeted attacks against an enterprise. Our groundbreaking active defense technology allows us to engage the adversary to give itself up across the kill chain. This allows our customers to defend their cloud, network, endpoints or active directory in a future-proof manner. The adversary engagement team is a small team of highly talented A players where you have the freedom to implement the best solution and are held accountable for your decisions instead of just being told what to do. So if you're ready to work on unrivaled technology where your desire to be part of a collaborative team is met with a laser-focused mission to detect breaches and protect people globally, let's talk.

Tech stack: NodeJS, Python, C#, Rust, Postgres, Redis, Solr, Docker Compose, Terraform

We are looking for Senior Engineers to scale the product to an ever greater number of clients.

Email: rahul (dot) verma (at) zscaler.com

Abnormal Security I Engineering I Remote (USA, Canada, UK) I Full-Time I https://abnormalsecurity.com/

Abnormal Security is a well funded Series C startup with over $284MM in funding to date. We take a fundamentally different approach to Email Security, through our behavioral AI platform, we are able to profile known good behavior to detect anomalies and block malicious attacks. We have seen impressive YoY AAR growth since our launch in 2018. Our customers are incredibly satisfied, with a 99% renewal rate across all customers, with 80% of revenue coming from enterprises with 15,000+ mailboxes.

We are looking for talented engineers, within the US, Canada, and the UK that are seeking impactful work and iterating code quickly, here is what we are hiring for:

Backend Software Engineer - Knowledge Engine (US & Canada): Python, REST API’s, Django, Celery, Postgres, Airflow - https://grnh.se/dd12a6f83us

Full-Stack Engineer (UK) - Python, Django, React, AWS, Spark, Kafka https://grnh.se/f09d0c563us

Backend Engineer (UK) - Python, GO, Kafka, Spark, Map/Reduce, AWS https://grnh.se/6d4b298d3us

We are actively growing and are hiring across all departments, so if you don’t align with the positions above, there may be many more opportunities on our careers page to consider: https://careers.abnormalsecurity.com/

Jam.dev | Senior Fullstack Engineer | React/Typescript | Remote (+ in person in Austin, NYC, Denver and Krakow) | Full-time

At Jam, we're building a flight recorder for web apps so that anyone can report bugs to engineers in a way that's awesome, actionable and debuggable.

We've only been in beta for 7 months, but already we help 10,000+ people across thousands of companies from Fortune 500s like T-Mobile to startups like Ramp move fast and better serve their collectively millions of customers.

You can check out our product (it's free!) at https://jam.dev and if you like it, apply to join us on our mission to help one million teams ship better software faster.

More about the role: https://jamdotdev.notion.site/Careers-at-Jam-a7d631308fa84a9...

Apply here (we read and respond to every submission): https://8wvzuv0oszm.typeform.com/to/MNRVQWaa

TagniFi| 100% Remote (Prefer UK/Ireland) | Part-time | Full-Stack Engineer TagniFi (US based company) is looking for a part-time full-stack engineer. This position is remote, preferably based in the UK or Ireland.

TagniFi is building a modern financial data platform for finance and investment professionals. We deliver our data to clients via our API, web console, and Excel plugin. We're looking for a full-stack engineer to help us build new datasets, products, and features for our platform.

We are looking for an engineer that can help us with our entire stack. Our frontend is developed in Vue and Typescript and our backend is predominantly developed in Rust and Postgres. Some level of experience with these technologies is required. Extensive experience in Postgres and performance profiling is highly desired.

More info and application details here: https://github.com/tagnifi/job-descriptions/issues/2 and https://tagnifi.com

Kensho Technologies | ML and Software Engineers across the stack | Full-time/Onsite/Remote/Hybrid | (Cambridge/Boston)/NYC/DC At Kensho, we leverage S&P Global’s world-class data to research, develop, and implement leading AI and machine learning capabilities that drive fact-based, objective decision making. From deep learning speech recognition and transcription to advanced visualizations, entity recognition, state-of-the-art search, and an AI-driven research platform, the Kensho team brings actionable insight and order to complex data. Our products power S&P Global and deliver innovative solutions and capabilities to their clients.

Founded in 2013, Kensho is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with offices in Washington, D.C., & New York City. In 2018, S&P Global acquired Kensho for $550M, the largest AI acquisition in history to date.

We are currently looking for • Front End Engineers • ML Engineers • ML Ops Engineers • and more!

To see all open positions visit https://www.kensho.com/careers

StatsBomb | Multiple roles | REMOTE, or Bath (UK), or Cairo (Egypt) | https://statsbomb.com/careers

StatsBomb is a sports analytics startup, covering football (both the soccer and American varieties) and soon basketball. We sell data products as well as analysis tools to sports, media and gambling organisations, with a tech pipeline that includes web scraping, video ingestion, computer vision, machine learning, stream processing, and web-based dataviz. We count most of the biggest names in football as customers, and your work will have a direct impact on our ability to deliver insights to those customers, driving success on the field.

We're hiring a VP of Engineering and some Python roles right now. We're fully remote but have offices in Bath (UK) and Cairo (Egypt) for those that want them. We offer up to 35 days holiday a year. We organise regular team days and also run our own industry-leading conference each year.

- Apply at: https://statsbomb.com/careers

If you'd like to find out more about football analytics:

- Play with our open data: https://github.com/statsbomb/open-data

- Read our articles: https://statsbomb.com/articles/

- Browse our conference videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmZ2ArreL9muPvH49Gaw0Bw

Upduo (https://www.upduo.com) | Remote or Bay Area | Full-Time

Upduo is aiming to transform how the world learns and teaches. We’re growing rapidly and looking for a Senior Frontend Software Engineer! If you’re interested in joining a rapidly growing remote-first social impact startup that cares deeply about team culture, we’d love to chat with you.

Upduo provides a competitive compensation package, which includes salary and equity, health/dental/vision insurance, and an annual personal education stipend.

The ideal candidate has proven technical experience, resonance with Upduo vision, and desire for personal growth for both themselves and others. We are interested in strong candidates who love learning and are as excited to grow their careers as we are to enable that growth.

Technical opportunities at Upduo include:

• Developing for Upduo mobile and/or web apps (iOS / Android / React Native / React)

• Continued leadership and mentoring opportunities as Upduo rapidly grows

• Participating in technical roadmap planning (new products, backend architecture, etc.)

Please submit your resume to: [email protected]

Hallway | Remote/Columbia, Missouri, USA | Full-time joinhallway.com

Avatars are a reflection of our true selves, allowing people to choose how they present themselves to the world. We combine AI and ML with off-the-shelf hardware to empower 3D content and creativity for artists, fans, and creators. We believe this marriage between art and technology will enable an entirely new set of online experiences. We aim to radically democratize access to these tools and enable a customizable digital presence for a new generation of creators.

We are excited to announce that we have secured a round of funding and are looking for people to help take us to the next level. Broadly, we are interested in:

  * 3D artists intimately familiar with face-rigging and building environments for Unreal/Three.js/Unity
  * People who can work on our our ML/AI stack
  * Product Designers
More here, https://joinhallway.com/careers/ or email [email protected] directly!
Matician | Mountain View, CA | Full-time | Onsite |


Positions: iOS Engineer (gaming/graphics background); Electrical Engineer; Platform Engineer (Rust); Platform Engineer (Linux); SLAM Engineer; Mechanical Engineer; Sourcing Manager; Supplier Quality Engineer; Reliability Engineer; Firmware Engineer; Computer Vision/Machine Learning Engineer; Speech-to-Text Engineer; Controls Engineer

Matician is bringing Level 5 autonomy to consumer electronics for in-home use. We're a small team (just over 40 full-time) led by repeat founders (Mehul Nariyawala and Navneet Dalal, author of HOG paper with over 40,000 citations to date).

Our user-first mentality is bringing autonomous robotics into the home to solve existing, real-world problems. We're building products meant to be incredibly useful first, and cool second!

Apply via our website above, or send resume and a blurb to [email protected] and let me know you found us on HN :)

-April (Talent Lead, Matician)

Actively | Software Engineers (ML & full-stack) | Full-time | NYC | Onsite

I'm one of the founders of Actively — our vision is to turn every knowledge worker into a data scientist by building interactive ML tools that combine human expertise with machine intelligence.

Here's [more on us](https://www.notion.so/About-Actively-9dabd208d3a54d388ea6588...) + a demo of some of the core tech if you're curious :)

We're based in NYC and are well-funded by top investors; our (paying!) customers are analytical business teams (think growth, sales, marketing, etc.) at Series C through IPO companies who have tons of questions to answer but very limited access to data scientists. We think of our first product as a "metrics optimization platform" where business users plug in their KPI as an aggregation over their data and define their levers and we continuously optimize that business metric.

We're super small (our current team comes from Stanford/Google/Waymo/Microsoft) but are growing the team "actively" (!!) based on customer demand and looking for founding ML and product engineers (ideally senior and entrepreneurial and excited to dig in on product + across the business!) [on the ML side, any of ML research/quant experience/experience with explainability or causal inference are huge pluses; on the full-stack side, side projects and/or experience building real products with React and Typescript is great, bonus for data or analytics-related products]. I'd love to chat: mihir [at] actively.ai!

Keywords: AI, ML, machine learning, active learning, explainable AI, causal inference, data science, quant

Journee | Berlin, Germany, Europe | REMOTE, VISA | Full-time | https://journee.live


At Journee, we are building the platform to enable brands and creators to deliver high quality 3D virtual spaces instantly accessible to the world. Our clients are top global companies (BMW, Vogue, WWF, Siemens, etc.) and we are scaling fast to meet the demand.

If you are a reliable person, who would enjoy growing rapidly with our easy-going and high-performing tech team, please get in touch!

The tech team is remote-first and works 4 or 5 days per week within +/-2 hours of CET. We are currently looking to find the right fit for the following positions, but also general talents!

* (Senior) DevOps and Infrastructure Engineer

* Gameplay Engineer

* Senior Core Game Engineer

* Lead Unreal Engineer

* WebRTC Engineer

* Technical Artist

* Freelance Technical Project Manager

* UI/UX Engineer

* Senior IT Administrator

and more!

Our tech stack: TypeScript, AWS, Infrastructure as Code, React, Unreal Engine, WebRTC, C, C++ and C#

To apply, go to https://jobs.lever.co/JOURNEE?lever-origin=applied&lever-sou...

Channable - https://www.channable.com | Utrecht, The Netherlands | ONSITE or Remote EU (in consideration)

Join one of the fastest growing scale-ups in the Netherlands. We currently have several open engineering positions to join our team in Utrecht. We are a young company with a strong engineering culture and some unique data problems, which we are solving for our customers.

You can read more about our work on our tech blog: https://www.channable.com/tech

Our Stack: Haskell, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ember.js, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, Terraform, Nix

We currently process more than 100 billion products per day and offer technically interesting and challenging work. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled engineers to join our team.

Open positions:

- Haskell Software Engineer: https://jobs.channable.com/o/haskell-software-engineer-3

- DevOps Engineer: https://jobs.channable.com/o/devops-engineer-3

- Python Software Engineer: https://jobs.channable.com/o/python-software-engineer-5

- Frontend Engineer: https://jobs.channable.com/o/frontend-developer-utrecht

Hive | Senior Full-Stack Developer | Remote | Canada | Full-time | https://hive.co

Hive is hiring developers #3, 4, and 5 on our engineering team. Our business is healthy & profitable (& we're scaling off our profits) and we're growing as fast as a VC-funded company (with less of the downsides!). Our team is super talented and a ton of fun.

We're looking for experienced engineers to join our team, take on a ton of ownership & responsibly, and make a serious impact quickly. We write Python/Django on the backend and React/Typescript on the frontend. We don't care if you've used either before - we're sure you're a quick learner!

Full post/apply here: https://angel.co/l/2xRy8y or if you want to apply directly: please email patrick+hn [@] hive.co, include "HN" in the subject line, and tell me in a few sentences what specifically you're excited about @ Hive.

Raylu| Founding Software or ML engineer role| Remote or NYC

We're hiring founding Software Engineers and ML Engineers at Raylu.

There is immense demand for the next generation of software to be built with AI at every step - but only a small group of highly sophisticated ML engineers can build that future. Raylu is on a path to change the future of technology by putting ML in the hands of 30 million software engineers. Raylu is a development framework for creating machine learning (ML) based product features. Raylu is purpose-built for software engineers, translating the process and tooling of sophisticated ML into a familiar but powerful development tool.

Working at Raylu is a unique opportunity to join a small but exceptional team. Our true north is translating the rapidly evolving cutting edge of ML for the most difficult to please software consumers in the world, software engineers. As such, we’re looking for people who are technically fearless, ego-less learners, willing to wear many hats, and who are at their core entrepreneurial builders.

More about Raylu, open roles, and a link to apply: bit.ly/join-raylu

Decentralized Storage Researcher | Open Archive | Remote, Contract, FT, 100k/yr

OpenArchive helps human rights defenders to document and archive abuses. Our app, Save, empowers those capturing important mobile media to archive it securely. We plan to incorporate decentralized storage technologies into our portfolio of supported backends in the next year.

We want your help in deciding exactly which decentralized storage solution (e.g. IPFS, Filecoin, bittorrent...) we adopt and how to do it best.

This is a hard problem requiring the technical expertise to assess existing and emerging technologies beyond the "marketing hype" and to square what these offer with the needs of real people in unforgiving situations. Much of what you'll learn and document is interesting to a broad audience and we expect you to engage with the community at large via conferences, blogs, or articles.

Ideal candidates are great communicators who can share examples of their past research (posts, articles, etc.). We prefer folks with a related graduate degree and are open to hiring postdocs or funding academic research.

Anthropic | Core ML Systems Engineering Manager, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Senior Software Engineers, and more | San Francisco, CA or up to 75% Remote | Full-Time

Anthropic is an AI safety and research company that’s working to build reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems. Large, general systems of today can have significant benefits, but can also be unpredictable, unreliable, and opaque: our goal is to make progress on these issues. For now, we’re primarily focused on research towards these goals; down the road, we foresee many opportunities for our work to create value commercially and for public benefit.

We are a small, highly collaborative group of researchers, engineers, policy experts and operational leaders, with experience spanning a variety of disciplines. If you’re interested in working with us, please check out our careers section -> https://www.anthropic.com/#careers

If you have questions or would like to chat before applying, feel free to drop me a note: landon at anthropic.com

Spruce (YC W21) | Full REMOTE | Multiple Roles | Full-Time | spruceid.com

Spruce is hiring programmers to develop world-class open source products and libraries implementing open global standards in identity. At Spruce, we are reimagining trusted interactions by creating the world’s best software for packaging beliefs digitally, starting with web3.

We hire programmers who love technology and are committed to intellectual honesty, user privacy, and innovation. Our products are composed from a combination of industry-trusted frameworks, applied cryptography, new interoperable identity standards, and custom backend libraries.

Select roles:

Software Engineer, Mobile: Build software prototypes and product features from start to finish for Android and iOS.

Software Engineer, Backend: Implement reliable and performant features in Rust that is cross-compiled to servers, mobile devices, and WASM.

Developer Relations: Ensure our documentation is perfect, our examples are easy to follow, and developers never run into a snag.

See all roles here: https://jobs.lever.co/sprucesystems/

Nette: Research OS for the Web · https://www.nette.io/ tools for thought · future of work · human-computer interaction

Front-End Software Engineer at Nette (Remote, we're based in London)

Nette is a think space—a web app app for learning, understanding & sense-making. We're building towards a collaborative and programmable research environment. The goal is to give users expressiveness and agency over information!


Building Nette has been my dream for a very long time—now coming to fruition! If you’re interested in building tools that help people think better and feel better—tools for thought, future of work, human-computer interaction etc. — we’d love for you to join us!

You might just have found your dream job too and I welcome you :)

Flexpa | Remote (US timezones) | Full stack engineer | https://www.flexpa.com

Flexpa is making it easy for patients to share their claims, benefit coverage, medications, and other data from health plans. We're a developer-first platform with rich APIs, robust developer documentation, and other tools to help applications to build novel patient and provider experiences powered by claims data.

We believe in open standards, open source, and open, transparent culture [1]. We surround ourselves with excellent people who want to build the best products, with high independence, drive, and enthusiasm. We're building the Plaid for healthcare and we want you to join the team.

We build with:

* Fullstack TypeScript (strict mode) and ES2020

* Turborepo and a one repository monorepo

* NextJS, React, and Tailwind

* Fastify and JSON Schema

* PostgreSQL and Prisma


To apply see our careers page https://flexpa.applytojobs.ca/ or email us at [email protected]

[1] https://handbook.flexpa.com/

Interlynk.io | Engineers (Full Stack, Frontend) | Remote-OK | PST core hours | Full-Time, Contractors, NO Visa | Interlynk.io

Please mail us your interests at [email protected]

We are an early stage startup, looking to build the founding team.

In the last couple of years, the entire software industry (software, firmware) is waking up to the risks of composing software from open-source & vendored applications. Solarwinds attacks made it national security issue and log4shell is keeping infrastructure teams awake at night.

At Interlynk, we are imagining a world where including outside components or running someone else's application does not come with the risk of unknowns. We are building on top of the known standards for software disclsoure (SBOM, VEX) and our mission is to enable sofware disclosures across the entire software development ecosystem without comprimising privacy. We aim to become the backbone of software disclosures.

At Interlynk, we live and breath industry standards on software disclosure and participate in the community and groups. Because of its widespread application (Operational Technology, SaaS, Enterprise SaaS, Embedded Systems, Firmwares, IoT), you’ll learn about build and release processes across many industry and would evolve to become thought leaders on securing them.

We are looking for FullStack and Frontend Engineers

- Experience with languages like Golang/Ruby/Python/React/Nextjs. - Experience working with any relational databases like mysql or postgres. - Experience building and working with web-services. - Comfortable working with Git, Linux and containers. - Curious at heart and unafraid to dive deep into abstract problems. - Open-minded and inclusive in your work style.

Thank you

We are hiring various Engineering and Design roles at Mercury:


- Backend Engineer: https://mercury.com/jobs/backend-engineer

- Data Engineer: https://mercury.com/jobs/data-engineer

- Engineering Manager (Web Experience): https://mercury.com/jobs/engineering-manager-web-experience

- Frontend Engineer: https://mercury.com/jobs/frontend-engineer

- Full-stack Engineer: https://mercury.com/jobs/full-stack-engineer


- Senior Product Designer: https://mercury.com/jobs/senior-product-designer

Shape the Future of Construction Through Software @ Fieldwire!| Hiring Fully remote in the US and France | US - Remote, Fulltime

Fieldwire is a construction field management software building world-class tech to disrupt the $10 trillion construction industry! With 1M projects worldwide, we have partnered with over 5000+ clients in 100+ countries and 14 languages. We got acquired by Hilti in November of 2021! If you are looking to disrupt and modernize an industry that has been neglected by tech for years, feel free to apply!

QA Web Automation Engineer - 2+ yrs of of software development or QA automation experience. Apply here: https://grnh.se/238d4bde2us

Sr. QA Android Automation - 4+ yrs of experience, BS or MS inc CS or Equivalent experience. Apply here: https://grnh.se/cb766dfe2us

Sr. QA Backend Automation (France) - 4+ yrs of experience, BS or MS inc CS or Equivalent experience. Apply here: https://grnh.se/efd7c8ea2us

Fullstack Engineer (France) - 2+ yrs of experience, BS or MS in CS or equivalent experience. Apply here: https://grnh.se/b757a9e52us

Check out our other roles in our careers page: https://www.fieldwire.com/jobs/#51aB3ATIuTFOJMjCvmxTvP

www.Fieldwire.com https://engineering.fieldwire.com/

Geomotion Australia | Mid to Senior Software Developer | Remote but preference given to candidates based in Australia or Singapore

Geomotion Australia is a fast growing business working in the civil, resources and energy sectors. We are a leading provider of geotechnical and structural monitoring instrumentation and services across Australia.

Our projects include many of Australia's largest civil and mining construction projects. The instrumentation data is hosted on our in-house developed software; An integrated online software package designed to streamline critical data management for construction projects of all sizes. Find out more at https://www.geomotion.com.au.

The position is for an additional mid to senior level software developer to join a small team to assist with the development and maintenance of an in-house customer-facing application, using a modern and interesting stack - Python/Django/Javascript/Vue/Tailwind/Postgres/AWS. You will be working with a product manager and tech lead to scope out, implement, test and deploy code to deliver functionality necessary for the business operations.

What's on offer:

- A salary range of $110,000-$150,000(AUD) + super for the Australian role or an equivalent above-market salary range for different locations. This is negotiable and dependent on experience.

- Negotiable flexible working hours or shorter work week.

- An interesting problem space working on an application that needs to scale.

- Short hiring process because we respect your time.

You'll be joining my team so if you have any questions or would like to apply, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Make sure you mention that you're an HN'er.

Cisco Meraki | Software Engineers & Leaders | Full-Time Hybrid/Remote | VISA | US/CANADA/UK/INDIA/AUSTRALIA | https://meraki.cisco.com/jobs At Cisco Meraki, we know that technology can connect, empower, and drive us. Our mission is to simplify technology so our customers can focus on what's most relevant to them: their students, patients, customers, and businesses. We’re making networking easier, faster, and smarter with technology that simply works.

About Meraki? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvBFOLkQtJU

We're hiring across all departments!

- Technical Leader, Switching Platform (MS)- https://grnh.se/94ebf5ca1us

- Senior Director of Engineering, Switching- https://grnh.se/e17aa8df1us

- Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)- https://grnh.se/5e9512e31us

- Backend Engineer, Secure Connect- https://grnh.se/21e624451us

- Principal Engineer, Backend- https://grnh.se/2ebbe6b71us

... and many more positions! Please apply directly on our website. https://meraki.cisco.com/job-search/

LUCIO | La Palma, Canary Island (Spain), REMOTE OR VISA

LUCIO (https://lucioapp.com/) is a Social Gaming Experience that utilizes shared interests (geolocation matching algorithms), shared experiences (online games), and proximity (opportunities for offline exploration) to help people find the connections and communities that light up their lives online AND offline.

LUCIO is a startup led by a global team of people who share the same passion for helping others connect and create communities through some pretty amazing games.

We are currently building out the web app and social gaming platform and it is early stage. We have recently received a generous amount of funding and are hiring for:

- CTO/ Senior Software Developer (Remote/La Palma, Spain)

- Senior Unity Game Developer (Remote/La Palma, Spain)

- Front-end Software Engineer (Remote/La Palma, Spain)

- Back-end Developer (Remote/La Palma, Spain)

More info here: https://lucioapp.com/careers/ ... or email [email protected]

Next Kraftwerke | Onsite or Remote (Germany) | Full- or Part Time

As the operator of one of Europe's largest Virtual Power Plants (VPP), we network thousands of electricity producers, consumers and storage facilities to build a strong team of renewables. That's why we don't just define us as an electricity trader, an energy service provider, or a cleantech company. First of all, we are "the Power of Many" for the energy transition!

- Python Software Engineer: https://www.next-kraftwerke.com/job/python-backend-developer...

- Agile Coach: https://www.next-kraftwerke.com/job/agile-coach-scrum-master

- PHP Software Engineer: https://www.next-kraftwerke.com/job/php-software-developer_i...

EPSY HEALTH | Multiple Roles (f/m/x) | REMOTE (North America and Europe) | Full-Time | https://www.epsyhealth.com

Epsy is on a mission to give the world a better way to live with epilepsy. Epsy is the leading digital health platform empowering patients, caregivers and healthcare providers in their journey for the treatment of epilepsy. We are a startup, but operate under the umbrella of a multi-billion dollar corporate: you get the best of both worlds - move and learn fast, but get the solidity of financial backing and resources of a large corporate.

We're looking for Software Engineers and Leaders across a variety of roles, including:

- Senior Back-End engineers;

- Senior Product Managers;

- Data Scientists;

- QA Engineers;

We won a Google Material Design Award, two CES Innovation Awards, and were honoured for Best Apps by the Webby Awards and FastCompany Innovation by Design.

Enquiries and applications for all roles: https://www.epsyhealth.com/work-with-us or hiring =at= epsyhealth.com

Spring Discovery | UX/Product Designer and Senior Software Engineers | Full-Time | SF Bay Area | ONSITE or REMOTE

Spring Discovery is accelerating the discovery of therapies by empowering scientists.

We're an interdisciplinary team of biologists and technologists developing a new approach to scientific analysis – one where machine learning, great software, and cross-team collaboration is at its heart. We apply these techniques in partnership with other biopharma companies to search for drugs, and we also license our software / technology to other scientific teams.

We're looking for our first UX/Product Designer to help us build meaningful tools for scientific research. We're also looking for senior engineers with a bent on making a difference in the scientific space. Experience with scientific datasets/products is a bonus, but not at all required.

Get a sense of some of the technology we build and the promising results they've uncovered by reading our blog posts:

https://www.springdiscovery.com/blog/megamap https://www.springdiscovery.com/blog/multi-disease

We're fortunate to have great backing from top investors, including General Catalyst, First Round, Laura Deming's Longevity Fund, Felicis, Caffeinated Capital, Sam Altman, and more.

Small team. Tons of ownership. Hugely impactful space at intersection of ML + science. If this sounds interesting to you, head on over to https://www.springdisc.com/careers

SS&C | Software Engineers | Cloud Platform | Full-time | REMOTE

We're developing the SS&C Cloud. Our customers develop applications serving the financial and healthcare industries, and we're providing the tools, resources, and services that power their development process and allow them to scale.

We're looking for a Go developer who will lead the development of new and existing grpc services that manage core compute, networking, kubernetes, identity, and storage services for our platform.

Stack is Go, Temporal, Postgres, Kafka, but experience with Java or Python would come in handy for working with some of our existing services. If you have experience with cloud platform development that's not directly related to our stack, I'd still love to hear from you!


Vizcom (https://www.instagram.com/vizcom_/) | REMOTE

We're hiring a Founding Product Designer and ML Engineers.


Vizcom is building the next generation of creative tools for professional Artists and Designers with generative AI.

In the year since our inception, thousands of professional users from all over the industrial design industry have implemented us into their workflow (think Ford, Nike, Toyota, Adidas, and REI). We’ve raised funding from top-tier investors including Basis set, all with a team small enough to fit at a dinner table. Our team consists of creative, open-minded, caring, and entrepreneurial individuals from all walks of life. We aspire to build incredible things which starts with building an incredible team, so we’d love to hear from you!

Email [email protected] if you're interested

Character | https://beta.character.ai | Full-time | Engineering | Palo Alto, New York City

Character is an AI startup building the best conversational AI in the world.

Our co-founders are the people behind the Transformer and LaMDA, and the rest of the team includes AI pioneers from Google Brain and Meta Research.

Our tech will power the next generation of open-ended dialog agents with applications spanning entertainment, education, search, and far more. We have already deployed our custom language model (try it here https://beta.character.ai) and now we are hiring brilliant people for a wide range of roles, including front-end, data, infrastructure, ML, and product/operations.

If you want to make this sci-fi dream a reality, please apply through our career page https://jobs.lever.co/character with a resume and a short description of why you are interested.

Zeek | Senior PHP Developer | Remote | US | Full-time | https://zeek.com

Zeek Interactive is a small and highly focused group of talented people. We’ve been building great software and solving problems for clients since 1995, and we’ve been focused on the web from day one. As the web has grown and changed, our skills have expanded to match.

We're looking for an experienced full-time Mid to Senior Laravel Developer to join our engineering team. Someone who has a solid understanding of web technologies and wants to help architect, build, launch and scale major systems and user facing features.

You’re comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with a small and talented team where you're supported in your efforts to grow professionally. You are able to manage your time well, communicate effectively and collaborate in a fully distributed team.

We'd love to hear from you! https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/9118d06c

Pachama | Machine Learning Engineers | Remote | Full-time

Our mission at Pachama is to fight climate change by restoring nature. We aim to build a verified marketplace for high-quality forest carbon offsets using remote sensing and AI.

We're a scrappy distributed team taking on bold goals to reduce global carbon emissions and we are looking for more ML Engineers to build our core models to evaluate and establish quality conservation projects. If you like to build things from the ground up, run into unknown areas to learn, and are excited about using machine learning in the climate space, we want you!

To apply: Email me directly at [email protected] or check out our career page https://pachama.com/careers/

simplesurance GmbH | Berlin, Lisbon, Remote in Germany | Full Time https://www.simplesurance.com/ We are building one of the world’s leading platforms to make insurance accessible.

Since 2012, we are proudly “Made in Berlin”: we are very international with 150+ people from over 30+ countries working daily in our central Berlin office. Our internationalism is reflected also in our business since we are active in over 28 countries.

We are looking for:

- Senior Frontend Software Engineer (f/m/d) - Lisbon, Portugal https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#senior-frontend-softw...

- Business Intelligence Lead (f/m/d) - Berlin, Germany https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#business-intelligence...

- QA Automation Engineer in Mumbai (f/m/d) https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#qa-automation-enginee...

- QA Engineer in Mumbai (f/m/d) https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/#qa-engineer-in-mumbai...

Email: [email protected] | https://www.simplesurance.com/careers/

Position: Senior Front End Software Development Engineer | Company: ThinkReservations | Location: Remote, but candidate must sit in one of the following states - AK, AR, AZ, ME, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA, WA with a preference for a candidate in WA | Type: Full Time

Our Front End Developer is replacing our CEO/Founder so expert proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux is required. Familiarity with AWS is also preferred.

If you are very passionate about software and have an interest in the hospitality/lodging industry, view our openings and apply here: https://thinkreservations.com/company/careers

ThinkReservations is one of the leading cloud-based SaaS Property Management System (PMS) in the United States. With over 1,800 hotels using our property/reservation management system, channel manager, and booking engine, we are focused on bringing additional tools and functionality that will allow our customers to continue to save time and increase revenue.

Want to help 25,000+ small business owners clone themselves so that they can stop running out of time, and avoid burn out? Then join the 17hats team. Founded in 2014, we have built the largest all-in-one business management platform in the world. If you are a Perl wizard, we want to talk to you.

It's a remote position, so you can work anywhere in the world, though we do require some overlap with Pacific time in the morning.

It's a small team of 5 developers so you would make a huge impact, both for our team and for our clients.

Obviously if you are a Perl developer, you know it is a small market so it is kinda silly to list any other requirements. We are looking for a good personality fit, good work ethic, and the openness to learn. If that sounds like you, drop us a line at jobs-at-17hats.com.

We also have two remote positions for Javascript developers. Our front end is done with Knockout and Jquery. Experience with Knockout is required, and a preference for adding value to our members rather than the latest shiny Javascript framework. Drop us a line at jobs-at-17hats.com if interested.

Sparkwise | https://sparkwise.co | REMOTE (Time zones: UTC -7 to -4) | Full-time

We're on a mission to make the best learning accessible to everyone. We are focused on learning in the workplace (recognizing that "the workplace" now takes a lot of different forms) and offer a new type of online learning platform – based on multiplayer/collaborative active learning – to deliver impact at scale. Our vision is a world in which every organization and their people can access the best learning & development to unlock their full potential.

We're a freshly-funded seed-stage company ready to bring on 1-2 more full-stack product-centric engineers. https://sparkwise.co/about/

Stack: TypeScript / React / Express.js / Prisma / AWS


* Senior Product Engineer

* Product Engineer

* Founding Product Designer

Job descriptions: https://sparkwise.co/careers (Mention HN)

Ren Systems | (Senior) Backend Engineer / SRE | Remote (+-3h CET) | Full-time

Ren is an early-stage tech startup based in the US and Europe, backed by top-tier investors.

We build relationship intelligence technology for leaders and chiefs of staff. Using leading-edge Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning technology, Ren helps you stay on top of important moments in your network and makes it fast, easy and personal to reach out with the right context.


Stack: Python/Fastapi, TS/React/Next/Node.js, Terraform, AWS, Docker, Postgres, Celery, Gitlab, ElasticSearch

Read our job posting here: https://rensystems.notion.site/Senior-Backend-Engineer-56f71...

and apply via form: https://form.typeform.com/to/ZKB5R4om

Looking forward coding with you!

The United States Digital Service is a team of cross-agency federal technologists who work on some of the biggest issues affecting the American people, including: streamlining immigration, helping veterans get benefits, modernizing health care, reforming hiring, improving school safety, fixing procurement, and more. Check out our most recent impact report for examples of what you could be working on: https://www.usds.gov/resources/USDS-Impact-Report-2020.pdf

We're looking for the most empathetic, mission-driven, and tenacious technologists who are committed to untangling, rewiring, and redesigning critical government services. We hire folks from all walks of life who have demonstrable experience tackling complicated problems in the public, private, or non-profit sectors. We're hiring for:

  * Software Engineers (Frontend, Backend, Full Stack, DevOps)
  * Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and Security Engineers
  * Product Managers
  * Data Scientists
  * Designers (Generalists, Strategists, User Researchers, Interaction Designers, Content Strategists, Design Operations, and everything in between)
  * Procurement Specialists
  * Bureaucracy Hackers
  * and more!
With regard to remote work during the pandemic, health and safety are our top priority for all employees. During this time, all new hires will start fully remote, though the expectation is they will come onsite to the DC metro area when we are able to resume normal operations. We also understand everyone’s circumstances may vary, and we will work closely with each person to make sure their transition works best for them.

Come join us in shifting government tech in the right direction -- no prior government experience required! Read more about getting hired here: https://www.usds.gov/faq

Borrowell | Senior Mobile Marketing Specialist; Senior Data Scientist | Remote across Canada with office in Toronto | Full Time, Permanent, Benefits from Day 1, Opportunities to Work in Another Country for up to 90 Days

Borrowell pioneered free credit scores for all Canadians in 2017 and now we’re focusing on building net new products that will be the first of their kind in Canada (meaning you’re spending most of your time on writing new code, rather than being bored maintaining legacy apps). With more than 2.5 million members and $125 million in funding since 2017, Borrowell is one of the largest fintech companies in Canada. Borrowell has won numerous awards, including being named one of the top 100 fintech companies in the world by KPMG, ranking 4th on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ list of fastest-growing companies in Canada, LinkedIn Top 15 Startups 2021, Fintech of the Year, Most Impactful Companies in Canada 2021, CB Insights’ Top 250 Fintechs in the world, and more.

Borrowell places a high value on building a diverse and inclusive workplace and is proud to have a gender-balanced team, including our VP of Engineering, COO, Engineering Managers, Lead Developers, and more who are WOC. Borrowell was named one of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in Canada, as well as one of the Best Workplaces in Tech for Women, Mental Wellness, and Work-Life Balance.


Senior Data Scientist (Python, SQL): JD not up yet, message [email protected] for details

Senior Mobile Marketing (ASO) Specialist: https://apply.workable.com/borrowell/j/73C73E2D89


Contact: [email protected]

Trail of Bits | REMOTE | Corporate Security Engineer

Since 2012, Trail of Bits has helped secure some of the world's most targeted organizations and products. We combine high-end security research with a real world attacker mentality to reduce risk and fortify code.

We are hiring for a Corporate Security Engineer at Trail of Bits! Some highlights regarding the role: - This person will be surrounded by the industry's leading security engineering team across the world and lead corporate security for Trail of Bits - Work for a company that has been consistently recognized as "Best Places to Work"! - We offer top-tier benefits that include: 4 weeks of PTO, 15 paid company holidays, 4 months of parental leave, and more!

The application can be found here: https://jobs.lever.co/trailofbits/06569c4b-e128-4a9f-8fd6-7c...

Please feel free to reach out to our team with any questions: [email protected]

Adyen | finance | full-time / part-time | onsite hybrid 3 days/week at the office (Amsterdam, Madrid, Chicago, ...) | https://www.adyen.com Adyen offers End-to-end payments, data, and financial management in a single solution. We serve many companies most of you use every day like Spotify, Ebay, Uber or Etsy. We have open vacancies for many types of technical and non technical roles, and we're also opening 2 new Tech Hubs in Madrid and Chicago.

You can find them all here : https://careers.adyen.com/vacancies, but here are a few specific ones :

* Senior PM, DevEx : https://careers.adyen.com/vacancies/product-management/41694...

* Tech team Lead : https://careers.adyen.com/vacancies/development/4625404/team...

* Java Dev - Data : https://careers.adyen.com/vacancies/development/3864986/java...

Also, we don't plan on having lay offs any time soon -> https://www.adyen.com/press-and-media/pieter-note-about-long...

Don't hesitate to ping me if you consider applying :).

Cedarlabs www.cedarlabs.com | REMOTE | Junior/Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Remote candidates working within the U.S. are encouraged to apply. Diverse voices highly encouraged!

Minneapolis-based Cedarlabs provides real-time data integration as a service in K-12 education in multiple states and provinces in the US and internationally. Completely bootstrapped and well-funded, Cedarlabs is a small team of productive, kind, work/life balanced, and passionate developers who are excited to bring real-time data integration to the K12 landscape.

We are hiring for full stack developers in the following worlds: NodeJS, Javascript/TypeScript, React, AWS Services (Lambda, Fargate, and all the rest), Elasticsearch, Mongo, Redis, Java. If any or all of those things intersect your work life, please reach out. We value curiosity and drive more than any specific tech experience. We offer top-tier benefits that include: unlimited PTO, competitive salary, 401k matching, and more!

Please reach out with questions and send your CVs here: [email protected]


Commit | https://commit.dev/ | REMOTE (CANADA) | Full-Time | Senior Full-Stack Developers

We hire you directly into Commit AND

- Pay you to find the right startup from a pool of vetted opportunities

- Let you skip technical interviews

- Let you explore startups three months at a time until you find the perfect fit

Our Preferred Tech Stack

- FE: One/some of: Vue.js, React, Redux, Next

- BE: One/some of: Node.js, Go/Golang, Python/Django/Flask, Ruby/Rails, Java/Scala, Rust

Nice to Haves

- Understanding of DevOps: MongoDB, AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes/Terraform, CI/CD

- Understanding of RESTful APIs and/or GraphQL

- Understanding of cloud-native distributed systems and micro services

- Experience with relational databases, NoSQL databases, cloud infrastructure, product design

So, if you’ve got tons of entrepreneurial spirit, and 5+ years of experience in software engineering, apply to Commit’s Engineering Partner Program here:


Harness | Remote(US) | Fintech, Nonprofits | Full-Time | https://harnessgiving.com/

At Harness, we’re building a financial network that connects Payments to Purpose. We work with thousands of companies to make it easy for millions of people to program their payment cards to “do more with every payment.” Our products are used by everyone from local non-profits to global financial institutions and are supported by the world’s largest card networks, including Visa and Mastercard. Harness is a remote-first company with a mission-driven culture that values transparency, trust and teamwork.

We're hiring Senior Software engineers for our financial platform and full stack engineers for our product teams.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected]

Apply here! https://apply.workable.com/harness-4/

Persona | Remote (US timezones, NYC IRL preferred) | Full-time

- Full stack js engineer (w focus on react-native)

- Product Designer

- Product Engineer

We are at a critical juncture in the history of social media. Facebook is dying; Tik Tok is ascendant. The diaspora to Discord, Slack, Telegram, and Signal has spawned numerous new social platforms.

Users don’t capture the value they create on existing social media platforms. This has profound downstream effects: people are not properly incentivized to moderate & care for their digital communities, signal to noise ratio is high, and trust in digital communities is waning.

Persona is a private & encrypted social network, built for communities. It makes it extremely easy to spin up group chats with communal treasuries, light-weight governance & threaded async and sync audio/text chat.

Tech stack: Vite, react-native, firebase

Learn more at https://app.dover.io/apply/Persona/11749be4-5ff9-49b8-ba85-f...

HenryMeds| Las Vegas or Remote (US) | HenryMeds.com

In 2022 HenryMeds helped thousands of people get the care they need for chronic conditions! As a direct-pay platform, we work to simplify healthcare, making care accessible and easy... at a tenth the cost of the traditional system! Yet we've just scratched the tip of the iceberg - and we're building a world-class team for 2023!

Some key roles we're hiring for:

* Senior Backend Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3350448859/

* Senior Frontend Engineer: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3350452197/

We don't have positions up, but we'd love to hear from you if you're world-class UX or Product with relevant background. We're also interested in Ops and Finance roles with relevant background: [email protected]

Iterable | Remote (US) | Full-Time | https://iterable.com/careers

Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize campaigns to power world-class customer engagement across email, push, SMS, in-app and more with unparalleled data flexibility. We are an integrated, cross-channel solution — Iterable is built for marketers, trusted by engineers, and designed with intelligence. Learn more about our Engineering culture and interview process here: https://github.com/Iterable/how-we-work

Senior Software Engineer - Backend (REMOTE): https://iterable.com/company/job/?gh_jid=4634950

Macroscope | Infrastructure/Devops Engineer | USA (REMOTE or Boulder, CO) | Full-time


We're building tools for software developers to get a handle on managing AWS costs. Every billing disaster you've ever experienced or read about is, in our opinion, completely unnecessary. What's missing are the tools to understand what's happening in AWS and communicate it to the business in a way that actually lets you solve the problem(s). Basically we're exhausted with tools that are just another report or spin on the bill.

The ideal candidate:

* Has software development experience (Go & Python preferred)

* Understands AWS infrastructure automation with CloudFormation and/or Terraform

* Enjoys collaborating across all areas of responsibility to support every aspect of the software dev process

* Wants the opportunity to work on an application that has deep reach into customer AWS accounts and solve hard data ingestion and processing problems

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at: