Love to see a timeline of world history. I have no idea as to how that would work.

When you are "zoomed out" do you get clumped eras like "Victorian" or "Age of Enlightenment"? Or since those are region-specific, does it just give you the regular spacing and boringness of "centuries"? Perhaps region does need to figure into the timeline so for the European belt you could still go with "Industrial Revolution" or "Edwardian" — that would overlap in areas with "Meiji" for Japan.

It also occurs to me that art had its own "eras" as well. Perhaps banding by geophysical location alone is rather limiting.

You ought to be able to zoom in of course and Wikipedia links to major wars (for example) appear — zoom in further and Wikipedia links to specific battles...

But then there are people as well: scientists, monarchs, explorers, artists....

The whole scale of the thing makes my head hurt. But if done "right" it would be, to me, the perfect interface to Wikipedia.

Aren't timelines usually ordered? Maybe it's a rendering issue (Firefox 106 on a Mac), but I'm seeing 1992 at the top of the timeline, then, as I scroll down, dates from 2021, 2022, 2021, 2022, 2030, 2022, in that order.
Looks cool, but text is severely crammed (~10 characters per line) on mobile which makes it hard to read.
Love this concept!

Implementation seems a bit erratic, e.g. tried it on the Richard I page (Richard the Lionheart), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_I_of_England and get most random modern dates of research articles, and virtually none of the basic dates of his life (birth death, etc).

Interesting for me because the example on the page: "2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference" shows a neatly presented timeline that is full of sentences with dates attached that have no consistency with their importance or theme.

Confirmation bias for me is: the software doesn't understand anything so the summary (or transformation) is nonsensical.

Looks cool, but I get a like of CORS errors in the console. Doesn't work.


Oh nice. Check out this, it could be of your interest https://www.historytimeline.com/
I used winkNLP for text highlighting. Thanks for providing this in js. Link here https://www.castdop.com