Enjoying working on my open source 3D system written in Common Lisp.

Brief trailer: https://youtu.be/i0CwhEDAXB0

Been pondering the consequences of a "language-based" system (i.e. REPL-driven) as opposed to a GUI-based system for doing 3D graphics.

Also moving over from OpenGL to Vulkan...

I'm building Packj [1] to flag malicious/risky open-source dependencies. It offers “audit” as well as “sandboxing” of PyPI/NPM/Rubygems packages and reports hidden malware or "risky” code behavior such as spawning of shell, use of SSH keys, and mismatch of GitHub code vs packaged code (provenance). Found a bunch of malicious packages on PyPI/RubyGems using the tool, which have now been taken down.

1. https://github.com/ossillate-inc/packj

I'm doing the Advent of Code, in Pascal.

I've got a TruSDX radio kit to assemble and get on the low bands. (I'm KA9DGX)

I've got some PCBs coming soon to build parts to replace old CMOS battery packs and possibly replacement RTC modules from Osh Park.

Working on a game-based conversation platform for doing sensemaking on complex, urgent problems. Engineering prototype online; see https://sensecraft.garden/
Just spent yesterday making this gag project here: https://ihatescrum.dev