This Sparks Nevada presentation suggested that the Tesla mega-packs would play a role in delivering 1 MW in charging capacity (4X the rates of the newest Tesla cars).

The older (Austin?) introductory presentation (2017-2018) of the semi spoke of ridiculously low 7¢/kWh electricity availability (which even in Texas is a ridiculously low rate). I can't help but think that when you tack-on the added expenses of:

  1. Site acquisition and leasing;

  2. Permitting;

  3. Design;

  4. Trenching and installation;

  5. Charger manufacturer;

  6. Ongoing maintenance;

  7. Added feature of a giant battery to feed the semi batteries
I'm finding it hard to imagine:

  a) that 7¢ was even realistic for grid power backing in 2018;

  b) that the enumerated costs above;
will be cost-competitive with current diesel prices.

Lastly, if its 30 minutes at 1,000 kW to reach 70% state of charge, then the battery is 500 kWh < x < 714 kWh. I'm thinking my math must be wrong somewhere... But if this is the ballpark, then this is going to be one expensive battery.

Three years late or not, I wish it well. I for one cannot wait to see the demise of noisy polluting diesel trucks.
Has anyone else released an all-electric commercial Semi truck in any timeframe?