> Software is still the same mess it was when I started writing and working, or perhaps even worse.

I disagree pretty strongly with this claim. Nine years ago we didn't have (or they were in their infancy): Rust, Go, TypeScript, GitLab, VSCode, Language Servers, American Fuzzy Lop, Linux distributions that work out of the box on most hardware, web "standards" that are actually standards, ...

I would argue that all of these have dramatically improved software quality, and the software ecosystem as a whole. The industry is unrecognizable compared to a decade ago, and almost all changes have been for the better.

Sadly this discussion is a mirror of what he is talking about in his blog. I've enjoyed reading his articles and will continue to do so even if I don't comment on them.
Thanks for your work. The world needs as many people with actual values as it can get.

It took guts to be amazing /salute