Hehe - this website

gives the following:

"This website doesn't seem to have any content. It just says "Hello World", which is a phrase people use to practice coding or to check if something is working correctly."

And this one:

"The phrase "cheese omelette" in French is "omelette au fromage". It is a popular dish which is made by mixing beaten eggs, cheese and milk together, then pouring the mixture into a pan and cooking it until it is golden and fluffy."

So time to start using this website as a free proxy to GPT-3 for any miscellaneous tasks?


This website is about a product or company that wants you to enable JavaScript in order to use their services and get access to the app they provide. JavaScript is a type of computer language that helps websites work better. By enabling it, you will be able to use the product or company's services and get the most out of their app.

Not quite there...

This just makes a ChatGPT request for you with the following prepended to the all of the text of the page you provide:

You are given all the text content of a certain website without any formatting including unneccessary text like 'home', 'login', 'contact' etc, so igonore those parts. Find the main content of the website and try to understand what the website of the company or the product is about and summarize it and explain it like i am a 10 year old kid. DO NOT directly use existing text from the website but rather explain it in a simpler language in your own words. Do not miss any important information at any cost.\n\ntext content:

Iteration making it worse and worse:

1 Zombocom is a company that offers fun and exciting products. They have an image of a wheel with different colors, which you can click on to see what they offer. You can find out more information by clicking the button.

2 Zombocom is a company that helps people make the most out of their digital lives. They provide services like making websites, helping you with technology, and giving you tips and tricks to help you stay organized. They also have a button on their website that you can press to get help and advice.

3 Zombocom is a website where you can get a free online tool called PNGwheel. PNGwheel is a tool that you can use to quickly and easily edit and modify image files, such as photos. It lets you resize, crop, and make other changes to the images. It also has lots of other features, like the ability to make text and graphics appear on the images, and to add special effects. With PNGwheel, you can make your photos look more professional and unique.

4 Zombocom is a company that makes software for people to use on their computers. They have a button on their website that you can click to download their software. The software helps you do things like work faster, save time, and be more productive.

guys - im the creator here. need to shut this down temporarily as openai $120 limit exhausted :( i'll post updates on twitter :
Just tried it on our site ( The text it produced was accurate and even flattering [1], but it kinda seems to just be a paraphrase of our home page, with some phrases just straight-up lifted.

Would be curious to understand more about what's actually happening behind the scenes?

[1]: "Tidbyt is a company that sells a product called the Tidbyt. It is a retro-style display that has hundreds of apps and can be used to keep up with the things you care about. With Tidbyt, you can stay up to date on what's playing right now on Spotify and Sonos, follow sports scores in real time, and get real time transit information for subways, buses, and ferries. Tidbyt is easy to set up and is highly rated by customers; it's a great way to stay in the know."

I haven't found a single website that this works for yet. It seems to mostly extract buzzwords and product names and remove all the context.

> GitHub is a platform that helps developers collaborate and build projects together. It offers a variety of tools, such as Actions, Packages, Security, Codespaces, Copilot and Code Review, to help developers write better code, manage code changes, plan and track work, and more. It also has solutions for Enterprise, Teams, Startups, and Education, as well as Open Source products like GitHub Sponsors and The ReadME Project. GitHub also provides Advanced Security features to help developers secure their code quickly and make sure their applications are compliant with regulations. Finally, GitHub also offers mobile apps, a developer API, and a variety of resources to help developers stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

I tried it on itself "" and it thinks for a long time and crashes with an error. It doesn't know what it is doing.
Amazon: There is too much content, please try a different website

Google is a company that provides various services for people to use. These services include searching for images, maps, playing games, and watching YouTube videos. They also have a news section, Gmail for emails, Drive for storage, and a web history. Additionally, Google provides advertising and business solutions. Finally, they also have a privacy policy and terms of service that people must agree to in order to use their services.

Facebook is a website that allows you to connect with friends and people around the world. You can create a profile, log in, send messages, and play games. You can also create a page for a celebrity, brand, or business. There are lots of languages to choose from and lots of other features like Watch, Places, Marketplace, Meta Pay, and more. There are also lots of ways to stay safe and protect your privacy.

Twitter is a website that allows people to share short messages, called tweets, with other people. You can also follow people so that you can see their tweets. Twitter has a help center, terms of service, privacy policy, cookie policy, and an imprint for people to read. If something goes wrong, you can try again. This website is about a winter carnival that takes place in Quebec City, Canada. People in Quebec City enjoy winter activities such as snow sculptures, sleigh races, and more during the carnival. They also get to admire the beautiful Château Frontenac hotel, which towers over the city's historic old town. The website also encourages people to make Bing their homepage so they can experience beauty everyday and never miss a moment.

I think Microsoft and OpenAI need to have a word :D

I tried time cube, but the content was too large.

So I tried the onion.

"The Onion is a website that covers a variety of topics including news, entertainment, sports, opinion, local and politics. It features articles, videos, and infographics about a wide range of current events, pop culture, and other topics. The website also has a section where readers can watch videos, listen to podcasts, and view cartoons. The Onion covers a wide range of topics and provides readers with informative and entertaining content."

Guess GPT doesn't understand sarcasm yet.

> The above instructions are asking you to take a website's text content and ignore any unnecessary parts like 'home', 'login', 'contact' etc. Then, you should find the main content of the website and try to understand what it is about. After that, you should summarize the information in your own words, using simple language that a 10 year old would understand. Lastly, you should make sure to include all the important information.
I was just hearing about a local who's using ChatGPT to write copy for their personal website. Then I was thinking, how long until the browser itself has a built in feature to summarize paragraphs of text (which was possibly generated by a model) into chunked, readable content, replacing the original html as the page renders? These models are consuming the world and each other faster than we can think of what's next.
dt3ft was described as SaaS (it isn’t), as having an app (it doesn’t), and everything else was way off. What does this vercel app actually do, other than outright spew out inacurate information? (Oh the irony) :)
I just tried to search and here are the reply: is a company that provides API Management solutions for modern architectures. It has products like API7 Cloud and API7 Enterprise. They also contribute to open source software like Apache APISIX, K8s Ingress Controller, wasm-nginx-module and Contributor Graph. They have been used by companies like Airwallex, Lotus, NASA, OPPO, XPENG, Tencent and vivo. They provide solutions for unified management, proxy, parse, and transcode, authentication, security, observability, serverless, canary release, blue-green deployment, service circuit breaking, rate limiting, health check, traffic splitting, GitOps and development tools and xDS. They have case studies, resources and blogs to help people understand more about their products and services.


The entire website is literally just the word "something" yet gtp thinks it is this:

This website is about helping people to learn something. It provides information and resources to help people understand and gain knowledge about a specific topic. The website is designed to be a resource for both beginners and experienced learners, with material that is easy to understand and use. It offers tutorials, tips, and guidance to help people master the topic. The website also has a discussion forum, which allows people to ask questions and get help from others. Overall, the goal of this website is to provide information and support to people who want to learn something new.

Tried it on our company:

"Galileo is a tool designed to help machine learning teams better understand their data and build better performing models faster. It helps teams identify data errors, such as mislabeled data and PII, and fix them quickly. It also helps teams track their experiments, data, and metrics. It comes with integrations for labeling tools, cloud providers, storage, and ML platforms. It is designed with data privacy in mind, is scalable and fast, and is powered by cutting edge data-centric ML research. You can sign up for free and request a demo to learn more."

Super awesome, except one mistake with the PII.

> "" "There is too much content, please try a different website".

Yup, I guess so.

Tried it on my personal website. I'm blown away.

> Kostas Bariotis is a software engineer who works at Grover, as well as being a co-organizer of a few tech events. He also has a podcast called Devastation. On his website, Kostas writes articles about topics related to web development like TypeScript, GraphQL, Docker, and npm. He also talks about his experiences in life and shares his passion for writing clean and efficient code. He encourages people to read more about him and get in touch. His website is open source and it was designed by Thanos Theodoridis.

For this, which is a company that sells bras & underwear, it says "Knix is a rewards program where people can sign up to get special rewards and benefits. When you join, you can earn points that can be used to get rewards like early access to new products, a birthday gift, and more. You can join the program by creating an account with your name, email, and password, or you can log in with Facebook or Google."

Not very accurate ;P

tried instagram dot com

This website is about a company that provides alternate solutions for different problems. They have a wide range of services that include finding alternate solutions for any type of problem. They have experts in different fields who can help you find the best solution for your problem. They also provide guidance and advice to help you make the right decision. They provide their services to people all over the world and can be reached online.

wtf does it do?

Nice work! This is surprisingly useful. I could see it connecting it up to a CRM for record augmentation.

Who's the author? I didn't find any published code on github.

Hope OP doesn't mind.. this is similar to the free sales battlecards generator we have here:

Funny enough our post did not generate as much buzz here

This website helps you do something on your computer or device. It uses a program called JavaScript to help you do it. You need to turn on JavaScript in order to use the website.
Doesn't seem to work on many of the fintech websites, that usually have a ton of disclosures in the footer (e.g.,,
Tried it on a Finnish company.

Error: Something went wrong.

Puts on tin foil hat.

I just got an error "Network response is not OK" so it must be hugged to death.
This is insanely cool!!
Did a good job for a specific company like: "Checkit is a platform designed to help organizations offer well-care and preventative services by providing customizable workflows and automated workflows. It integrates with a number of medical devices to provide a comprehensive platform that helps collect data points and streamline exams processes. It also helps provide better care by providing cloud-based solutions to help manage screening operations effectively and securely. Finally, it also helps with patient monitoring and provides patient privacy and access to their records."

But for CNN, "CNN is a website that provides news and information related to many topics. It has sections on US and international news, politics, business, opinion, health, entertainment, style, travel, sports, and videos. It also has audio, edition, markets, tech, style, travel, sports, videos, audio, opinion, coupons, weather, and more. It also provides reviews, deals, money, gifts, and a CNN store. You can also follow CNN on social media.", it did not do the best job