This emulator resulted from basically combining two projects: an investigation into alternative architectural features for computer systems and an alternate history of Earth touching, among other things, the IT industry. I therefore personally call it a work of both fiction and research, a prototype of and glimpse into what else could have plausibly existed.

Its chief characteristic is its system architecture, which in particular combines capability-based addressing with an experimental interrupt mechanism. It does have its own ISAs and leans heavily towards a mainframe-style organisation (processors and channels), but it is intended to be extensible and adaptable to other situations and/or smaller systems. There is no assembler yet, however; I am implementing it, but a lot of details need to be laid down.

It builds with CMake and has been tested on Linux and Windows; on macOS using Xcode, the C++ standard might have to be set to C++ 17 to build (linked to an unordered_map in one of the includes using an enum class as a key).

Thanks in advance for your attention and feedback.

P.S. I am in CET so replies can take several hours, just a heads-up.