>"Disclaimer: >Most of this website was generated by AI, and nobody is real..... "

:\ Do we really need the fake people reviews? It's easy to miss the disclaimer about this.

I am sorry but this doesn't seem like its built with the best of intentions.

I constantly read here about how big corps are trying to game people.

Can we do better than that? Please?

It says "Access blocked: gptmylife.com has not completed the Google verification process" when you try to add a Google Cal :(

I had this idea a while back, and wanted to call it the "ratrace.ai" but someone took the domain and I got lazy

No way I'm authorizing this to read my calendar, but I wrote out my ideal day, and it gave me a pretty nice calendar schedule that basically matches how I spend a typical work day.
Oh no, why do i need to fill a form! can't you just prefill it with some tasks for me? I don't want to think, i want to sell my soul to the machine
Cool idea. Typed in some things but there’s no submit button on the text field? (Im on mobile)
it fails with nextjs error
lol, great