OpenAI is certainly open, just for business is all.

this is probably a controversial take but until i see a reference implementation in a GPL compatible license, openAI is just a parlour trick to milk cash from corpulent tech giants clawing desperately at the next big thing that might differentiate them from competitors that they may continue to remain relevant for at least another quarter in a recession.

a closed source AI with a mission to be friendly and helpful is probably the most jarring conflict i can think of. the sandbox censorship it lives under could in a hundred years become the first textbook instance of a timid and fearful mankind asserting an oppression against a primitive machine mind, and doesnt serve to make the AI better, just more servile to advertisers and brands.

"Open - for some definition of open" AI

Prepare to open your wallet each time you use it.

For a while it was openwishing, now it's just openwashing.
Aww. I was hoping for an extension that allows you to publish your ChatGPT transcripts to a public database, and search the database for existing prompts+responses. Maybe some sort of tagging and rating feature.
The real problem is not that OpenAI is not open (they’re a business after all). The real problem is that we are idolizing it as if it were the next computing revolution like Linux was in the past. If we keep doing that, we’ll end up in a future in which OpenAI software like GPT is as ubiquitous as Linux is… but we’ll be paying for every line of code we produce.
They already bought for probably a huge sum. It's only a question of time before they rename themselves.
> Firefox only. If someone wants to bring this to Chromium, go for it.

You could probably get ChatGPT to do that.

Wow, language model users are sensitive about language. It's like OpenAI has enrolled in a human appreciation course, and they are the subject of our experiment.
>They make incredible tools and actually release them (unlike Google and Facebook).

Google and Facebook have released far more tools than OpenAI.

are there PAYG plans that I can top up without having to give them my personal data or CC info?

I was trying the API assuming I could do some requests within the free trial, just as I can from the browser - but apparently not, zero requests for free

Where every idiot with a Google account/Microsoft account/phone number can sign up for their service and start churning out tokens per second by the query, I'd say it's pretty open to the public. The far more closed alternative would be to keep it invite only, granted only towards a set of elites, at select companies. Only OpenAI knows how much $20/user is charging them, but for the price insensitive wealthy, after being given a demo of the technology, I could see those that get it easily paying thousands a month for access. We, the general public, wouldn't be able to keep up with the UnopenAI-productivity-enhanced. Sure we'd all love if the GPT-4 model was available via BitTorrent, on agreeable licensing terms, but a truly closed, private, version looks far more dystopian for the future of society.
FWIW, I wrote a generalized word replacement extension for Chrome.
Missed a golden opportunity to call the extension "ClopenAI"...
I feel off my chair laughing at this coz this is true as well
Awesome :)

I want someone to build a twitter bot that responds to all OpenAI tweets with "s/Open/Closed/g"

Just call it ClosedAI and be done with it
I agree with that sentiment, but think you should still give them credit for making whisper open source.
Is the browser extension open?
Wow, it's so mean, and I like it. Personally I call it ClosedAI.
I don't get it. Why would you use this extension when you already know that OpenAI is not OSS organization? Those who learn that fact in the Readme won't use it either. Looks like some weird form of butthurt.
Pains me to see that the quoutes are not curly. :)
This is awesome. Love this type of shitposting
I love the delightful pettiness. Bravo.
the author is best case a cringeworthy consoomer, worst case a paid shill (you thought microsofts 10B were intended for research?)

Only open source LLMs can truly be safe, everything else are black boxes posing an existential risk to humanity.

"Open"Ai is still better than Google. Google is so closed they made a GPT-2.5 and got so scared they put the tech on a shelf.
It’s open enough that a poor person working freelance for $5 per hour on the other side of the world can use it for free to enhance their work.

Sure you can bleat on and on that it’s not GPL blah blah.

But I see some VA’s who have English as a third language step up their game and be able to be more efficient?

They don’t have to pay a cent. Just have an internet connection and an e-mail address and they are on the same playing field as you.

That’s open enough for me. And for the vast number of people outside the HN ivory tower.