65d ago
Hi HN!

Garm & Ralph here from TURF! We're thrilled to introduce our new cartographic art project that we’ve been working on. TURF is a unique project where each 2x2km square of earth is available for sale only once, creating an art experience where you can be the true sole owner of your piece of earth.

Each TURF piece includes:

1. A proof of ownership certificate, stored on the Cardano blockchain as an NFT

2. 2D HQ art file that you can use as you see fit

3. 3D digital interactive art for on your phone

4. The ability to order museum grade prints of your TURF on our webshop for yourself or for others

We’ve heard people wonder why we rely on NFTs to distribute TURF’s map art - we think it’s a great way to ensure that each TURF square has only one owner and transparently show this to everyone in a publicly verifiable way.

Furthermore, we believe that unlike other NFT projects the TURF art style has mainstream appeal among all ages. This could make TURF a great starter NFT for folks with latent interest in the concept.

That’s why we’ve invested in making the buying experience easy enough that you could recommend TURF to your non-tech-savvy friends and family. They can go to https://turfnft.com and use their credit card to buy the 2x2km square with their hometown on it. If you didn’t already get it for yourself, of course.

But that's not all - we've got some exciting plans for the future, including a royalties system for owners of TURF NFTs, which will allow them to earn a percentage of the revenue we make from selling merchandise featuring their cartographic art.

We're also looking to expand to multiple blockchains and work with even more event organizers to gift free NFTs to their attendees.

We can't wait for you to explore the world of TURF and see the incredible cartographic art of all the different places on the planet. Stay tuned for more updates from TURF!

Have been following your project for a while, I love the physical art form. For my nocoiner friends to be able to buy a TURF with a credit card is awesome, cause they don't need to setup a wallet yet and learn about NFTs right away
Congrats on the launch! Truly impressed by the design and user experience - the interface is not only visually appealing but also highly intuitive. The whole product feels like a game-changer, and I can't wait to see how you will evolve.

Kudos to the team for all their hard work and dedication in bringing this to life!

What’s the point of ‘owning’ this piece?