I am glad to see an example of a better-built API which has pricing terms attached. For someone working in a corporate setting who needs a great off-the-shelf API to get an integration working ASAP, it seems to be just at the threshold of needing a purchase order to get it.

For 'goksan, I'm curious what kind of research you did on the customer base for this, and how you thought through pricing? It feels attractive to me, but curious if there's more rigor involved there.

I've been using Airtable to run Demuxed (decently sized video conference for people that work in video[1]) since ~2016 and my interest is definitely piqued. We do talk submission, anonymized selection processes, reviews, sponsor management, everything. We've built some custom UIs around things like the talk review process and the API is workable, but things like types would have been a god send.

I was a little taken aback when I went to sign up for the free trial and got hit by a Stripe checkout, though. Yes, checkout was for £0.00, but still, it was enough to make me close the tab at that point. This project is interesting but probably still a long shot for our workflows, so that (admittedly fairly low) barrier was a blocker.

Best of luck!

[1] https://2022.demuxed.com (last year's conference site)

Airtable is amazing to use as a kind of combination of a Database and product Admin panel.

The API is indeed a little bit clunky, but it works fine.

I've had to write my own Airtable handler (e.g.: API response schema validation and type translation) codes for all my projects where I've used it, maybe this could actually be a great unified solution.

Edit: The Superinverse logo is nice.

Love the idea! Have experienced some of the pain points of working with Airtable myself. Keep building :)
Oh this is nice! I've written my own wrapper "Airfetch" around it to just... work, but it's so dirty I can't actually share it (ha) but it works super well, and I use Airtable for everything.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Have you thought of repacking your Edit&Replay capability into a stand-alone tool able to edit-and-replay any request? I've been at a number of enterprises that have been such a tool homegrown but with limited capabilities?
My biggest gripes with the Airtable API for a small project that has a couple of tables with > 100 rows were around pagination and joining the data between the tables which was super slow.
Congrats for shipping!

I tried to open your Terms and Privacy Policy pages but both are spitting a 400 error after timing out.

hey I love the work that you are doing here, I have been wanting to create dev oriented data table service, like AirTable but more dev friendly with a strong plugin system. Want to have a quick chat?
This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing