With the payments only being in Bitcoin, far less people will be willing to touch it, self included. It would also be nice to have other authentication methods, such as Passkeys, available as well. Looks pretty neat though, reminds me a lot of WeChat.
Are there any existing web-app stores? I always wondered why that wasn't more of a thing.

I like the idea of an all-in-one development platform and app aggregator. As a dev though I'd be concerned about feature parity with say firebase for storage and being limited to bitcoin for payments. I feel like the main value would be as a store front or app aggregator. Some UI feedback - the app sidebar covers a large part of the screen on vertical displays.

Apart from the crypto you are building the thing I wanted to build. I was thinking the same things you are saying. The closest thing so far is PHP shared hosting ala 1990s style and a platform that let you code and deploy in the browser (I forgot the name) but it felt limited.

We have this bizarre situation where github spaces, github actions and something like vercel is as close as you can get but it is complicated.

Well done on the launch!

Is there some kind of service out there that handles the Bitcoin automatically, so neither users or devs have to actually ever own any and deal. with all the manual tax data entry that can happen if you own any?

I remember buying a few dollars of crypto to test something, and spending an hour trying to figure out the taxes on it.

I made a comment on the comments app about accessibility and how cryptocurrency tips are not a real payment layer...

Message failed to post. Call me again when it works.

Any plans for supporting eth?
what happened to