Great work! I think the barrier to entry here is going to gradually become smaller and smaller (as models become better and we see more multi-modal models) and the big differentiator here is that you will have lots of open source developers building functionality that is relevant to them (vs keeping this closed-source like Vercel).

I am curious how much of the functionality in this area is "write code that does scaffolding and prompt engineering" vs "finetuning and model-level improvements".

Sounds promising but website seems to require a login which shouldn't be required for examples.
The hosted version doesn't seem to work at all. Any time I enter a prompt it just brings me back to login.
This is great, I'd love to see an explainer in the readme of how it works with OpenAI.
Same problem here as experienced by others.

When I try to use it it asks me to sign in with GitHub, but after having signed in with GitHub and I try to use it again, it still asks me to sign in again.

The hamburger menu on your page shows that I am logged in, displaying my GitHub username and my email address.

The prompt I used was not long either.

I think the future is about to have a fork: dumb content and smart content. dumb content will be all the ai created articles, websites, music etc. and the actual creative people will move to creating much more intelligent works.
Ok this is awesome.

First ux is pretty shitty. Taking time to create a prompt, getting redirected to login, login successfully, then lose the prompt. Surely you can preserve the prompt with a cookie or even in the url.

But the product is cool after that

How difficult would it be to feed in design system components to the AI? Design system building blocks could serve to improve the quality of outputs vs straight CSS/Tailwind
Congrats on the launch Murat. What types of websites is it most suitable for in its current form?
pretty cool to include xkcd for the loading screen :)
Type a prompt and then get asked to log in. I see this as a dark pattern because if I don't want to log in, I've put data and time into your site and not getting results. If you want to keep this workflow, I'd suggest maybe letting people try it once without logging in?

Curious if you measure this and how much drop off there is between fill out a valid prompt and not logging in to see the results.

This is amazing! Have been looking at this. First steps to get prompt to Ui