Some implementation details:

The whole app is built in Flutter. It was a first time experience for us. Everything went pretty fast and smooth and the Flutter documentation is amazing! There are tons of resources out there that helped us solving our problems. We just needed to be a bit careful about the plugins. Some were pretty outdated or even unmaintained. But we made sure we encapsulated every plugin so we can easily replace if necessary.

Dart is a language we felt immediately comfortable with. It didn't feel too dissimilar from Java.

For now, our app is client-side only. There is no server. Which is nice. Cause it removes complexity and we can leave all the data on our users' phones. Nothing is sent to us, or any other 3rd part. This is something we are pretty proud of and hope we can keep up for a long time.

Congrats on the launch!

What features are on your roadmap to make it more CRM than personalized greeting cards?

There's also https://www.monicahq.com/, an open source personal CRM that doesn't allow you to directly engage with people like elim allows.

I've been looking for automated help with the kinds of problems this app claims to solve for some time. I've done the usual HackerNews thing of finding imperfect solutions (currently a series of overlapping periodic tasks in todoist) and considering making my own service.

I understand this is very early, but right now this feature set feels like an anti-product. The idea that I would get "daily reminders" of every relationship I am tracking (At least twenty people, but perhaps as much as hundreds depending on how widely you cast your net) is less of a promise and more of a threat.

> * something to validate our ideas and get the conversation started.*

This potential user would like to hear your ideas for how to deal with this "at scale." The high points you describe here seem out of sync with even mildly busy adult lives.

Pretty app! I created something related, but more utilitarian. It's called CommuniqAI and may be found at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.mtc.ga.
Congrats on the launch! I love the focus on local data only.

I've tried several different CRMs to help remind me to keep track of friends, family, and acquaintances. The problem I have is I have thousands of contacts from tons of different sources and from over the years.

From Google, old phones, LinkedIn, Apple, and people in emails who aren't contacts. I would love an app that could consolidate all my contacts into one place as seamlessly as possible.

Then help remind me to get in touch.

My use case is keeping tracking of business contacts, but not as a salesperson, which is who business CRMs target. I have not seen many CRMs address this application, and I don't know if you care to. Here are some features I'd like:

* Make it easy to keep track of what I've been discussing with a person, and the last time we communicated. Set reminders for following up.

* Allow me to enrich information -- people, events -- with metadata such as tags, and query them with a conversational interface.

* Integrate with all my communication tools. Maybe create a plug-in system so users can help out.

Just downloaded it because I do struggle a lot with this problem. When I was single, I was better at keeping in touch with a lot of my friends. After getting married though, I feel like I need to put in effort to still keep in touch because life gets in the way and priorities change.

Feedback on the app - I really like the design. Very intuitive. Had no problem getting through my core flow and i’m all set. I do wish you ask for permissions for contact a little later in the flow when i’m actually trying to add people to my list. It will make more sense and it will be more intuitive. I was a little taken back by the permissions dialog right after opening the app even before I got a chance to check out the app. That’s the only thing I would probably change if I was you.

Congrats on the launch!

Something I would love to see is an integration with all my messaging apps where I stay in touch with people.

Beeper.com offers such functionality (can also be self hosted, which is something I did) and it’s amazing if you can see when you last messaged people, what the content was, etc.

Beeper itself is purely built for messaging, so an app like yours would be the perfect companion to give you all the CRM functionality and could then use beeper to send the messages out and log the interactions.

The disadvantage if you don’t self-host is though, that you need to trust beeper with your messenger connections.

Keep up, this is a super interesting area!

Does anyone receiving these feel like it's personal enough to be meaningful? I can't help but think that even with some cutesy text, if it wasn't exactly the tone of the person who sent it or it didn't contain some kind of inside joke, it would just come across as a cookie-cutter afterthought. It seems like the Bitmoji of greeting cards, all splash and no depth.

Is the goal to "exit" with a sale to Hallmark or something?

My number one “personal CRM” challenge isn’t getting reminders to call people, it’s remembering things people told me. I’ve taken recently to using the Notes field in Contacts, but something more structured would really be nice.
So how do you plan to make money? Do you want to move to a subscription based model, do you show in app ads, do you sell data? I cannot find a reference for such information on your website besides maybe your privacy policy.
Thank you for not including telemetry or other surveillance in your app. It's rare these days and appreciated.
Would love for connections to things like LinkedIn, FB Messenger, WhatsApp etc. As someone who lives in a couple countries, I do not use my phone's contacts much.
I wanted something similar so I made myself a list in the Reminders app. I recommend doing it, it’s made keeping up with friends who moved to another country easier.
This is a weird question to ask but why's your website German for me?

Edit: Oh, I got it. This submission links to the English version, but the "the next elim." link at the top links to a not specifically English URL, and going from there to any other page gets me to the German version. Huh.

I used to have an app that could display my iphones contact list in reverse chronological order.

That was very helpful for "what was the name of that guy I met yesterday at that conference?

The app I used has long since been abandoned, and the niche seems littered with scammy apps.

This is a great idea.

Also this would be very valuable for folks joining large organizations who need to keep track of who is good / bad and capture how happy they are with whom they work with.

Opening the page the first time it starts at the bottom and i need to scroll up. Opening it a second time it works fine (starts at the top). Behavior replicated with new private window.

This isnt an issue worth fixing, just wanted to mention it in case its directly apparent what isnt correctly initialized. I (and i think most others) prefer this over the site not working without javascript. Requiring to unblock a random site is a lot higher hurdle for accessibility then just scrolling up. In all honesty a non issue.

Why is the app categorised (iOS) as “Health & Fitness”?

Also: can’t find it if I search for “Elim” in AppStore.

Very interested is seeing where this app will go.

The lack of a web app is a deal breaker for me.
I appreciate more takes in this space and what elim could be. Best of luck!

That said, I find Fabriq to be more inline with what I (no affiliation) think about an app to help cultivate relationships: https://ourfabriq.com/fabriq

Assuming this works, I’d assume I’d want to have for decades right?

So what’s the plan to ensure this service does not degrade over the next few decades?

elim is mile backwards?
Any plans for a web version? For those who are keeping an eye on the space, here are some others:

- https://MonicaHQ.com

- https://Clay.earth

- https://GetDex.com

- https://Humans.io - A little side project of mine since 2015. PWA, works offline, will likely open source soon and add E2E encryption.

I've been using Monica [1] for the personal CRM and it does what it is supposed to do. It's a basic web app and lacks the sophistication moderns apps have, but it hasn't died for 5 years at least. Just FYI.

[1] https://www.monicahq.com/

I like this! One request: if you ever go for pay, please don’t get greedy. I don’t mind paying for things, but take Dex for example. I like it, but I’m not paying $145-$240 per year for something I can reimplement badly with Reminders. I just want something to say “hey, don’t forget to say hi to your friend every once in a while” without paying an arm and a leg.

For contrast, 6 years ago I paid $80 for Things 3 across all my devices, and it’s still being developed and updated. I’d have a hell of a time paying twice that per year for a vastly simpler app.

Great looking app. Though I'm curious of the origins of the name Elim. It feels like eliminate, but you don't want to eliminate people. So maybe you had a different meaning in mind.

Beautiful looking app. I'll download it when I get a chance.

I'll be launching an MVP app in the mental health/anxiety space next week (currently in TestFlight), so I'd like to connect and find out a bit about how your experience with your launch, and distribution plans if you're up for it (my linkedin is in my profile).

If "relationships matter" and you need an app to remind you of that, I'd posit you have a larger problem than any app can solve. Consider putting down the device and connecting with your peeps in the real world every once in a while.
Ok but why call it "eliminate"? Sry the bluntness
Great app! I built bravoboard.xyz to celebrate friends and loved ones and build a culture of gratitude!
As someone who puts way less effort than I should into maintaining lasting relationships with people I don't see on a regular basis, this is a great product. Having said that, I feel that "Dear Jo, thank you for being part of *MY* story" (emphasis mine) is the most narcissistic/solipsistic wish imaginable.