This is fun! Since you asked for feedback:

- I couldn’t find a way to clear pixels after drawing them, short of using the trash can icon to clear the whole glyph. Especially since I’m on a phone, an “eraser” tool would have been handy for those couple of stray pixels in an otherwise happy tracing.

In Pentacom BitFontMaker (which, as a sister comment points out, Karektar seems to be based on), it looks like they avoided an explicit “eraser” tool by causing strokes to clear pixels whenever the stroke started on a filled pixel.

- My phone has a relatively small screen, and the fixed footer text covers the bottom row of controls such that I can’t use them.

Fun! I took my exported font over to to have a quick look at some lorem ipsum.

Had some trouble figuring out what the "Submit" button was for. Wasn't until fontdrop revealed I was missing capitals that I went back and experimentally added an uppercase to the sample.

"Submit" on mobile doesn't seem to work. I assume it's supposed to update the preview, right?
This reminds me that I made a way to create love2d fonts using pico8 files and ended up coming up with a 3x4 font that I absolutely love and hope to use in a homemade game one day.
Thanks, I like it! Would love to be able to see a live preview with some custom text. Also, I miss the uppercase chars but maybe I just didn't see them.
it doesn't really vibe with quick (hell, just fast-ish) strokes across the screen, trying to just write with a pen on screen results in a bunch of dots (strokes with missing pixels inbetween), so one has to move really slow. (maybe it also has to do with the canvas and strokes on it being a bunch of squares as is, and not like a (thinner? smoother?) stroke underneath, that gets aliased into bigger pixels) (ability to move and reposition stokes would be useful as well)

nonetheless, very cool thing that can quickly just give you a font file. that directness and immediacy is commendable

also, maybe there could be a 'toggle pixel' mode, instead of separate draw/erase modes. intuitively i'd just want to click on pixel to flip it, and that'd be quicker than 'switching to erase - erasing - switching back to drawing' again and again.

I'd love for this to also allow for shades of gray (the Fallout 1/2 bitmap font is antialiased). It would likely mean harder OTF exporting process for you though. Color fonts are still not supported everywhere, my last attempt ended up with PNG-in-SVG in the OTF.
It would be great of this could also do more symbols, umlauts and such.
Howmany pixels are each cube? Bitmap usually assumes one pixel each cube, can't find that info anywhere on the site
How do I preview what I created? The sentence at the top doesn't seem to fill any function or what am I missing?
Cool! Would be nice to be able to design fonts for different sizes too!
Very nice!

Can we add numbers and basic punctuation to the list of glyphs?

Nice! I'd built something similar to make fonts for the Adafruit GFX library.

Its export format is C code that defines GFXGlyph and GFXFont structs.

Doesn't work well on mobile and multiple size/style variants doesn't work yet. This was mostly the result of yak shaving after I set out to make a watch face for my SQFMI Watchy.

This looks way too much like the editor in Pentacom' BitFontMaker
This is literally their entire site. I am so depressed right now.

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="./favicon.ico" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" /> <title>Karektar</title> <script type="module" crossorigin src="./assets/index-f8e9a3f5.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./assets/index-90296a42.css"> </head> <body> <div id="root"></div> </body> </html>

edit: I'd rather look for similar offline tool, written in C and working not just in latest browsers.