Legitimate top traders would not need people to follow their trades. In fact, the best ones would advise you against it.

Trading is a redistribution of wealth from the bad traders to the good ones. You might make this idea work but it sounds shady. I don’t see how this has any value to legitimate traders. Let me know if I misunderstood though.

Cool idea. I was looking for something where if I find a top trader and they use thinkorswim or IB and they say trade, I want to get in and out at the same time as them. Like synced through their API/account and that it would get in when they enter and exit when they exit.

Is that the goal here also?

There's already a platform that does this well, integrated with the huge trading community on Discord. It's called Trade Hub, they actually just released "v2.0" and named it NVSTly.
How is this any different than public.com?