Maybe it would be helpful to list what you can or cannot contribute to a startup…
I am looking for a CEO for a legal tech startup idea I am working on. To frame my idea more technically than I normally do: I want to build devops for lawyers. They need a whole CI/CD pipeline. I experienced pain points in this area personally while working as an associate at a major international law firm. I don't think most other legal tech companies, particularly the ones utilizing generative AI, are actually hitting real pain points. They are building handwavy shit with buzzword technology.

The discrete pain points I want to work on first are very practical.

My background: I have a JD from Columbia Law School and spent some time in biglaw. I was also a software engineer for about 5 years prior to law school. Thus, I have both technical ability and domain knowledge.

I can elaborate further over a video or phone call. If interested, email me at [email protected]

Yes, looking for an AI/ML software lead
Or wait 6 months?