Every time I see one of these positive reviews for autonomous taxi rides, I think about how many people were having sex in it...

It was even predicted...

> The crowd response significantly improved my experience

lol, I was picked up by a Waymo outside the Filmore a week ago to a crowd of boo's.


     The vehicle started to cautiously roll forward, then
     the people got impatient and cut in front of it, and
     this caused the vehicle to think it was doing something wrong.
"Think"? There's no "think" involved here; rolling forward when there are pedestrians on the road isn't legal no matter how much they're "jaywalking".
Wow! This still feels like science fiction to me. Thank you for the report! Without question on-topic, IMO.
Personally, I wouldn't pay more money for an autonomous ride than a regular one. I will go with whatever's cheapest. So to hear that Waymo was more expensive is disappointing.
When we hear from a man that a mechanized world would not be a pleasant one in which to live, quite the contrary, it should be true. And it can be true, if the fine minds which have accomplished so much in the realms of applied science would unite with the same enthusiasm to control our creation against social misuse.

Obviously, research regarding technological unemployment is as vital today as further refinement or production of labor-saving and comfort-giving devices.

The demise of the carbon based driver has been greatly exaggerated:
Great report, thanks! Details were all the ones I hoped to learn.