Wow. Thank you for making this. I'm frequently have to zip and unzip ~100GB of zip archive and I have to waste 10 minutes of waiting on a fast NVMe and 32 cores workstation. I know about ZSTD or pigz but the format must be zip.
Note that even when not considering the speedup due to the compression happening in multiple threads, the libraries used for compression here use much less CPU (user 3m33s) than "the standard zip utility" (user 13m13s i.e. 3.7 times the former -- if I understand correctly, this "standard" is Info-ZIP) which is a little less surprising knowing that the source for the later hasn't been updated for 15 years, while, if I understand correctly, this new go version depends on the compression routines maintained in

I also don't see the comparison of the resulting compression sizes of the two programs.

Can't find out if this supports encryption, or streaming from stdin and/or to stdout. I haven't found one zip tool that does the above.
How does this compare against pigz? [1]. Afaik pigz comes bundled in some modern distros, I’ve also personally used it in some backup operations reliably


pzstd := parallel zstd