From another Obsidian junky to another. This is great! I will for certain try it out. Thank you for sharing.

Edit: Would it be feasible to have this setup as an Obsidian extension as well?

Very cool, I just spent 15 minutes manually formatting some chatgpt responses into Markdown. I should have just checked HN instead.

I used in firefox, which had a bulk export option.

Do we know any projects that are capable of exporting AI conversations from other sources (Claude, Poe, Phind etc..) ? I was planing to start a personal project that will get the data from all these conversations (as HTML) and then build a static site that will index them (so I can search) and also tag the conversations (source, main idea etc.). The idea is that not all AI are created equal and sometimes asking the same question to multiple AI engines will generate different answers. When one answer seems better I continue the conversation there (with that particular engine). This is how you get info spread all over the place and if you want to revisit a previous discussion ... now you have to remember all the details so you can find it.
Any tips/ideas on what you could do with these exports?

I bet Code Interpreter could give some good scripts to analyze and visualize these.

Haven't tried it yet but it sounds like exactly what I need. There should have been an option to export an entire chat to Markdown, not just "export all the data". So far I have been copy-pasting to LibreOffice to preserve bulleted lists etc.
I've been looking for a solution to easily search through prompt history, any good extensions? The ones I tried were extremely bloated with unnecessary features.
How do you reuse your history? Is it used only in Obsidian? Is there any option to load it as context to ChatGPT?
Things like this needing to exist are one of the reasons we are working on - the ChatGPT interface is really sub-optimal for work and keeping track of interactions over time. We have been building a much better way to organize LLM interactions, even basics like splitting things into projects and search make it a much better experience.